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Google Plus-How to import your Facebook Contacts

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The whole blogosphere flooded with the news and articles about Google’s brand new Social Network – Google Plus. Invitation offers, invitation requests, reviews etc. Now Google Plus is in Alpha phase and the access is through invitation only.

In Google Plus, Gmail contacts are linked by default and you can import the contacts from other email services also. However there is no direct option to import your Facebook contacts to Google or Google Plus. Don’t worry here the solution.

Facebook and Google have ended mutual cooperation months back  and one will not be able to import the Facebook Contacts directly to Google Plus, but you can indirectly do it that. Facebook can be integrated with Yahoo and Hotmail (Live). If you have a Yahoo or Hotmail id, you can very easily import your whole Facebook contacts to Google Plus. For that do the following steps (Here I am showing the import option via  Yahoomail)

Go to the login page of Yahoomail and In the “Contact”  Tab click the “Import Contact” button


Click the Facebook Button to import the Contacts from Facebook


If you are not logged into Facebook, first login with your Facebook id, password and grant permission to get the contacts. You can see the progress.


Your Facebook Contacts will be imported to Yahoo within few seconds. Now Leave Yahoo and come to Google Plus.

Go to the “Circles” page of your Google Plus account. In “Find and invite” tab you will be able to see the Import contacts from Yahoo, Hotmail options.

plus 1

Select the Yahoo option and Give Permissions. Now Your Facebook Contacts are in Google Plus. Occasionally this process can throw some errors and you may not be able to import the contacts successfully. In that case go through the following additional steps.

Come back to Yahoo Mail Contacts. And Select the “Export” option from the “Actions” Menu


Select the Yahoo CSV Export option and Download your Contacts in CSV form.


Now come to Your Gmail Account and Go to the “Contacts” Page. In the “More Actions” menu select the Import option.

import to gmail

Uploaded the Previously downloaded Yahoo CSV File.  Now your Facebook Contacts are uploaded to Gmail, and by default Gmail contacts are shared with Google Plus. Select the contacts, organize it by circling  and send invitations

Inversely you can export your Google Contacts to Facebook also. For that go through this article

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  • Thanks for this trick sir,.. I have used this method to import all my contacts to google+ .. Thanks..

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  • Great find ! I haven’t got the chance to explore all this +1 frenzy, but I know I’ll have to soon.

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  • But if i have indiatimes eamail id, how can i import Facebook contact in google plus, pls suggest

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  • kannan

    I am using android mobile. If I do this all my 200+ contacts will be reflected in my mobiles contact and it will be annoying and it will take another two three days to organize that itself. So is there any work around to import contact to google+ only without importing to the main google account?

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  • I started to work on Google Plus for the past weeks. So, I wanted to share my knowledge about Google+ in this article. I found that Google Plus did not support the feature of importing contacts from Facebook. Currently, Google Plus supports importing contacts only from Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts. I know that most of the readers want to add their Facebook contacts on Google Plus. To do this, you need to have a Yahoo ID.

  • Unfortunately this system is often revoked by Facebook’s open ID as they do not want people to export their contacts from Facebook.

  • Thank you very much sir ji @ I searching a such option to import my facebook contact to Google+ and your tutorial has solved my issue ! [ mein app ki fan ho gayee ].

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