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Google Plus- A Facebook Clone?

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Another social networking experiment from Google after the flop shows like Orkut, Wave, Buzz etc. Today I got my Google Plus account activated and spent the whole day played with the brand new Social network. First impression shows that, plus is almost an imitation of Facebook in terms of appearance and features.  Just see the comparison of Google Plus and Facebook home page screenshots. I’ve marked the clone portions.

google plus

You can see the clones of Wall, Newsfeeds, Notifications,Facebook like, Share menu (Link, Video, Images, Places) etc in Google Plus. Facebook list is cloned as Plus Circles

Google Plus is more emphasized on Circles (A clone of Facebook lists) and Privacy settings. An easy to use drag and drop interface makes the categorization of contacts comfortable. Now the pages are advertisement free . By default, your Google contacts are linked with Google Plus account and you can also import the contacts from other email services like Yahoo, Hotmail etc. Privacy setting is much simpler and comfortable than Facebook. One can very easily decide what to share with whom. Your Picassa account is linked with Plus profile to share the albums and photos with your friends and circles.

A new Hangout Feature is a noticeable difference from Facebook . Facebook permits simple text chat only, but with the power of Google Voice and Video Chat, Plus Hangout feature  allows  to do Group Video Chat and streaming.

Google Plus Hangout


It is too early to reach in a verdict that whether it will beat Facebook or not. Facebook has changed the face of social networks and now it’s a synonym of social networking. Google knows this fact better than anyone and I feel that they’ve launched this product by learning from their past flop shows in this field.

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  • That’s a nice job of comparison. Plus looks fascinating all the same. Hopefully, it doesn’t disappear like Wave and the like

  • umesh derebail

    Sujith nice to hear a first hand experience of Google + i hope it succeeds after wave and buzz went bust for google.

  • It definitely is a clone of facebook
    like google buzz and google wave, it will go down like anything. Nothing can beat Zuckerberg and his team in my opinion!
    Google+ = Facebook.clone( ); lol 😀

  • these are lot similar. But i do not think it will stand anywhere in the comparison of Facebook. FB has won this many fans and appreciation because of their originality and the sites like google plus and orkut cannot claim success based on their framework

    • Hi Tushar, agree with you . Now we have a Facebook to compare, but I think Google has learned a lot from the past.The new interface shows that. They’ve done enough home work and integrated Google plus with their established products. Now without logging in to Plus you will get the updates in Gmail window, this feature was not available in any other Google’s social networking experiments. If Google is successful in canvasing their customers..no doubt , it will be a biggest threat for Facebook

  • umesh derebail

    Tushar don t underestimate google, they will succeed after 3 failures, it is high time they succeed. I believe the hangout feature can become a hit, with audio and video bites.

  • Hi Sujith, nice article. I think Google + is bound to make an impact on the social networking scenario. They already have created a huge buzz on the net. A lot of forums, websites are talking about it.Going by that, I think it will be successful in gaining users. But will it be able to convert them to loyal fans, that remains to be seen. But thats just my opinion. thanks for the comparison.

    • This time Google will win because they way they are marketing and integrating this with their products is really impressive.

  • Harvs

    Yea, Google+ is as much a facebook clone as facebook is a myspace clone.

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