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An easy method to search and add your Gmail contacts in Facebook

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Gmail -the most popular email service provider, Facebook- the most popular social network, but due to professional and business rivalry, last year both of them have ended the co operation and the Gmail service  blocked  Facebook’s  “Find your Friends” feature.

Google was irked that Facebook allowed users to discover new friends based upon one’s contact listing within a Gmail account, but Facebook itself didn’t allow the procedure to go in reverse. By that,  there’s no way to populate your Google Contacts listing with any information that’s associated with Facebook, means that there’s no method to populate your Google Contacts listing with any information that’s associated with Facebook. In response, Google denied Facebook the ability to pull in information from Google Contacts.

Then how to find your Gmail friends those who are using Facebook? Check out following steps.

Step 1

Login to your Gmail account and go to the contacts. In contacts  expand the “more actions” menu and click on the “Export”option .

gmail contacts


Step 2

Select the contact groups (if any) and Select the Export format “Outlook CSV format”. Export it and save the CSV file.


Step 3

Login to your Facebook account and go to the Friends Page. In the friends page click on the” other tools” and select the “Upload Contact file” option.Upload the the previously stored CSV contact file. Once the upload is completed, Facebook will display a window to show your Gmail friends those who are using Facebook. Select “All” or filter as desired.

Step 4 5




Send the request by clicking “Add as Friends button ” and look forward for response. Why to wait, find your Gmail friends in Facebook Smile

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  • hey man awesome find 😀 coz i find the gmail finder is not there 😛 and you found it,..coool info thanks sujith 😀

    • Through this I could find 100 Gmail friends in Facebook. I think this method was existing but couldn’t find through Googling and finally discovered myself 🙂

  • Really a nice trick! I was looking for the same from past few days. Actually Facebook’s Android app has this feature of searching for gmail contacts on facebook by default. From there this was clicked in my mind. I searched facebook.com for any such option. But didnt find any. Hopefully this trick will do the required thing now. Thanks and Cheers. 🙂

  • awesome friend finder

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