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WiFi Configuration and Security Settings of D Link DSL 2730 U WiFi Modem

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We have already published an article on the Configuration of D Link 2730 U WiFi Modem for BSNL and MTNL broadband connection. Now here the WiFi configuration and security settings of this Modem. You can very easily configure the WiFi with associated security features through the web interface. Remember – You have to configure the Modem in PPPoE Mode (Always ON mode) to get Simultaneous internet connectivity in all your PCs Laptops and other Smart phones.

Connect the Modem with the Ethernet cable to your PC/Laptop and power ON it. Open your browser and type . Now Enter “admin”  in  username and password fields to enter the Modem configuration page. In the page Click the Wireless Menu. Select Enable Wireless.  In the SSID field you can type anything to identify your network- The default SSID is “DLink”. You can change it to your Name or something like that. Select your country. Then Click the Save button.


Now go to the Security Menu


In this page you can Enable and configure the WiFi Security. Let the WPS in Disabled Mode. Select your SSID. Set the Network Authentication – WPA-Personal –Auto.

in WPA/WAPI Passphrase field enter a non guessable complex strong password- This is the password of your Wireless network. You have to enter the same in your WiFi Devices for getting connectivity. Select the WPA/WAPI Encryption TKIP+AES or AES. Apply/Save your settings.

MAC Filter (Optional for added security)

mac filter

MAC filter is an added security feature to safeguard your WiFi network from unauthorized intrusion.

MAC (Media Access Control) address is a unique number of each network hardware. This is actually the id of a machine . There will not be two network cards (Any type) with a same MAC address. It is a manufacture set hard coded one.

Through the MAC filtering, you can optionally allow or deny a specific WiFi device in your network. You need to enter the MAC address of the client machines in the Modem to permit or deny a specific machine. For instance– You have four laptops in a network and you want to enable MAC filtering. For this the MAC address of each machines to be typed in in the Modem for connectivity, means you have to save the addresses of all four machines in your Modem.

How to find MAC address

For Windows PC go to start > Run ant type cmd
Then type ipconfig/all and you will get some values as displayed.
Note down the physical address of WiFi adaptor – This is your MAC address.

Save your Settings and Reboot The Modem.

Now You can connect the Modem through the WiFi adaptors of your Laptop, PC or Smart Phones. While connecting it will ask the password which you have entered in the Modem.

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  • Hi,
    I have a broadband connection of BSNL connected to my desktop through a modem supplied by them which works fine on my desk top. I have bought a D_Link DSL-2730-U model wireless 150 ADSL2+ Modem Router. I have connected it to LAN port 4 of BSNL modem. Though the wireless signal from the D-link is shown as strong in my laptop or nexus-4 phone. It displays that it is not connected to internet. When I tied to follow the instruction manual for installation on inserting their set up wizard CD in the desk top, the screen do not go beyond the page where it keeps repeatedly ask me to ckeck that ethernet cable is connected and modem is power on. How can I activate the wireless router function of the D-Link modem connecting it to LAN port $ of BSNL broadband modem? Raghuram

    • You should use only one modem. Connect wireless modem to the CAT5/6 from the LAN card of PC to any of the four outputs from the wireless router. Go to chrome or any browser and type in the address bar and press enter. The router setting page will open. Default user name and password both are ‘admin’ follow the procedure given above and you can connect.

  • Videshi Rawat

    How To Lock Wifi (dlink Modal no. DSL-2730U )

    • Pavan Kumar

      There is a button called wireless on/off near power button. Press it continuously for some 5-10 seconds , Wi-Fi will turn off/on

  • Divya

    I have connected with DSL-2730U by Wire but why i cant without wire ?? How can i connect in easy manner Answer me plzzzzzzzzzzz….

  • vinay

    why this is not opening what to do.
    also tell me whether i can use by bsnl 3g data card as an input source with my dlink 2750u or not so that i can use it as wifi.

  • G.CHAK.

    Sri Videshi Rawat Ji as well as Divyaiji I’m sure your problem concerns non working of OTHER WiFI devices like laptop(usually wifi provided),smart fones, phablets etc.wirelessly for net connection with wired Broadband of BSNL.
    From my personal experience U will definitely find result if U follow the process described in the write up above. I have tried it on DLINK2730U MODEM and it worked incredibly good on first attempt.Of course I didn’t try for Mac filter for addl.safety.

  • shivakumar

    sir i configuration new d-link adsl wifi router ,but now wireless network and local area network not communicate and not pinging, how to fix this problem

  • Rajesh

    Divya you can connect D link modem without wire. With the help of Wifi you can connect easily. first switch on the wifi button then you can easliy access wifi facility on your laptop or any other system.

  • Rajesh

    You can lock your wifi easily. just open modem page by type on browser and give user id and password, after open page go in security and change password in WPAPASSPHRASE column

  • santosh

    thnks D -link for information sir what difference between Modem & Router or Lan extender. This devices How to Working.

  • pavithran is not working d link modam which code plz replay any one friends??????????

    • sudeep

      thats or

  • moe

    Why this router is slowing down my connection when im connect by wirless ??

  • Panasonic ceo700 mobile not able to connect wifi , there is WPS faild shows what to do for connect with wifi please guide me



    sir i configuration new d-link adsl 2750 U wifi router ,but now wireless network and local area network not communicate and not pinging, how to fix this problem

    • Saurabh Jain

      untick “Enable MultiAP Isolation:” in Wireless Network Setting>Wirless Basic. I hope that should solve your purpose

  • ranajoy

    Please tell me how to sst first time password in my dlink wireless router using router

  • Anupam Chatterjer

    The name of my previous modem is BSNL ADSL 2+CPE/Wireless Router. It supports 4 fast Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) Interface. But I was facing some problems with its Internet speed some days ago, so when I saw the new D LINK DSL 2750U modem at amazon I decided to buy it. But before buying it I’am confused with it that it will provide connection in my desktop computer as well as provide a WIFI network to my android phone simultaneously or not. I would also like to have an advice from you that like my previous modem this new one supports 4 fast Ethernet Interface or not ? So please give me a perfect answer for my questions.
    What are the difference between dlink DSL 2750U & DSL 2730U modem ?

  • Rajesh

    Hi all.

    I have a new dlink modem. I have done all the setup. Now its working on my mobile but unable to connect it to my laptop. I am getting the wi fi signel but its also showing the sign of !.
    Please help me how i can setup it.


  • samar das

    Sir, i got my mac address but its doesn’t support….. It’s shown invalid mac address

  • aradhana

    Hi all.

    I have a new dlink modem. I have done all the setup. Now its working on my mobile but unable to connect it to my laptop. I am getting the wi fi signel in phone and could browse,but same is not working in laptop and wired internet is also not working. The firmware of the modem is also IN_1.01
    Please help what is the issue.


  • Murugesan

    Hi All,
    i am using D-Link DSL-2750u ADSL router, internet working thru wifi in my mobile and TAB also but wifi signal not detecting in my Dell laptop. in the Laptop wifi signal can detect other network, only not detect in my Wifi signal.i have changed router and power adapter. pls help me of any one have a solution.

  • aamir

    I have forgot my password of my wifi router DSL-2370U… How can i reset it??pls help me….

  • Senthil Kumar

    I used HUAWEI WiFi modem. i forgot the password .how can I open the modem.

  • what username and passwork i need to open the wireless menu

  • Naveen

    My mobile is getting connected to D Link Wireless.But EVen after connecting,no use.No Internet in my mobile…how to Solve this issue..plz..


    I connceted my router , “D Link DSL-2730 U Wireless” to my pc.
    But when I type in browser it can not open. What is the problem of this so send me details..
    I used bsnl another router. I changed my router then it open in browser, but” D Link DSL-2730 U Wireless” not open. Then what will be the problem with my router and computer setting..

    • Give manual IP Address in your network adapter
      ip 192.168,1.3
      gateway :
      alternate dns

  • I wat to sat my password .so please tall me how we are sat these

  • Ajaysingh Thakur

    Mr Vinay : {why this is not opening what to do.
    also tell me whether i can use by bsnl 3g data card as an input source with my dlink 2750u or not so that i can use it as wifi.}


  • Vikrant

    I have a mtnl modem. I have purchased another Dlink router and connected it to Port-1 to extended the network to different floor.
    The Dlink Modem is not password protected.

  • jsaifi

    password not show ..d-link modem … anybody please tell how can i see my password….. i forget my password.. now d-link active only my mobile.. i use this and go security option my password not shown only star show and no option to see my password please tell how can i see because i want use another mobiles and laptop

  • k.hari krishna

    i have dlink wifi dsl-2730u modem . my computer was connected internet fine.
    But mobiles are not connect dlink wifi dsl-2730u modem.
    how to connect moblies my dlink wifi dsl-2730u modem.

  • Ankit

    I have a wifi connection and dlink modem. I have to tell my password to my friends, but i want to restrict them from using my wifi connection. Is there any way to block their phones from using my wifi and sill keep my phone use the same.

  • How to connect wifi directly from a modem for smartphone without using an pc or laptop

  • k ravi kumar

    I have dlink wifi dsl-2730u modem

    my mobile and laptop not able to connect to wifi

    please help me to connect wifi

  • abhinav tiwari

    i have model no. DSL-2730U .i have reset my router but on the wifi it is asking for password which it should not be asking as the did the reset pls reply what to do as the previous password not working.

  • sai

    Hi I started using D link 2750u n300 modem for my bsnl broadband,internet connection is good on wifi in both my laptop and tab but its very poor in my samsung S duos mobile how to resolve this,also while configuring wifi basic setting wheather i have to set 20M or 40M in Bandwidth field

  • guyzz tell me how to connect d link wifi to mobile phone
    if thre iz security…

  • rosani

    im not able to open the brower by admin as password it is repeatedly showing wrong password

  • Saurabh Jain

    Is there a way to enable WPS only mode on D-link DSL2750U

  • Mainak

    Is dsl-2730u compatible with windows 7 or not?


    I have Reset my Dlink 2730U Modem and i have inserted the username and password provided by the ISP (BSNL) yet after all the confugurations the connectivity led is still not blinking it was showing red mark few moments back but now it’s only the DSL link stable led is on. what to do.

  • Narashiman

    Am using bsnl modem dsl.-2730u model…I can’t connect pc or laptop… Am connection In smart phones.. If I connect laptop it’s asking pin number it’s 4 or 8 digit no… I don’t know the pin no erase or don’t have.. How to solve this pbm frds

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