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Configuration guide of ADSL WiFi Modem D Link DSL 2730 U for BSNL and MTNL

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D Link DSL 2730 is a reasonably good ADSL WiFi Modem prized around Rs 2100/-. Apart from WiFi Four Ethernet ports are also available. This Modem can be configured very easily through a user friendly web interface.

Features and Specifications of D Link DSL-2730 U Wireless N 150 Modem

D Link DSL-2730U

  • Latest ADSL /ADSL 2 standard Speed up to 24mbps Downstream and 1Mbps upstream
  • Wireless N 150 Technology supports 802.11n/g/b standards
  • Advanced Security options like Firewall, User access control, WPA/WPA2 etc.
  • Four Ethernet Ports
  • Factory reset button, WPS button and Wireless On/Off switch.

Modem Configuration

Now let us configure the Modem for broadband connection. Here we are basically discussing about the configuration part for BSNL and MTNL connection.

Connect the Modem to the Ethernet port of your PC/Laptop with the supplied Ethernet cable. Power on the Modem and follow the steps .

  1. Open your web browser and type in the address bar of browser. Then enter the user name “admin” and password “ admin” in the popup box. Now the first page of Modem Configuration page will be displayed. See the screenshot

2.   Click the Advance setup menu on the left sidebar. Now the following page will be displayed.

3.  In that page click the add button as shown in the screenshot. Now in the next page we have to enter the VPI/VCI values of ISP. Here the VPI value of BSNL and MTNL is “0” and VCI of BSNL is 35 and MTNL is 32.

  • Select the DSL Latency: Path 0
  • Select the DSL Link Type: EoA
  • Select Connection mode: Default
  • Encapsulation Mode: LLC/SNAP –BRIDGING
  • Service category : UBR Without PCR
  • Select the IP QoS Scheduler Algorithm  to Strict Priority

4. After the above settings click the “Apply/Save” Button. Now the following page will be displayed.

5. Now click the WAN service Submenu under the Advance Setup.

6. In the above shown Wide Area Network (WAN) Service Setup page click the Add button. Now the following page will be displayed.

7. Click the Next Button for next page.


8. Here you can decide which configuration mode of your Internet connection. That is PPPoE mode or Bridge Mode. In PPPoE mode the user id and password supplied by your internet service provider is stored inside the Modem itself. Here internet connection will be made through as soon as you switched ON your Modem. PPPoE mode is essential to share the internet connection with multiple PCs, Laptops, Smart phones etc.

In Bridge mode Modem will work as a bridge and you have to setup a dialer in your PC. In this modem internet connection sharing is not possible through Modem. To configure the Modem in Bridge mode just select the Wan Service type to “Bridging” and keep rest all settings default, then go to the final steps through clicking the “Next” button.

9. Now let’s configure the Modem in PPPoE Mode

Select the “WAN Service Type” – PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) then keep the rest settings default and click the Next button. See the screenshot of next page.

This is the important step where you have to enter the broadband userid and password supplied by your ISP (BSNL/MTNL etc).

  • PPP Username – Username supplied by ISP
  • PPP Password – Password supplied by ISP
  • PPPoE Service Name – You can type anything for reference ..Say BSNL
  • Authentication Method – Auto
  • Enable Firewall
  • Now Keep all the other settings Default. You need not to set anything

Click the Next Button

In this page Select the option “ Select DNS Server Interface from available WAN Interfaces” and click the Next button

Click the Apply/Save Button.

Now you have completed all the configuration steps. Just reboot the Modem by Switch OFF/ON. Open the browser and start browsing .

WiFi Configuration and Security settings of D Link 273o U .

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      any luck? I have been facing the same problem. the isp(BSNL) isnt helping either. they have a standard set of procedure which doesnt work for 2600u

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    I got a D-Link DSL-2730U Router , By Some Accidental Inputs i ended up changing the LAN ip address of the router to and subnet mask to . Now I cant access the LAN Interface of the router, Is there any option to reset it to its Default value, Here is the screenshot http://i.imgur.com/WyOskt6.png . Please Help me out here

    • DADAW

      reset the modem using the reset button on the bottom of the device

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      at d bottom of router there is reset button you have to put something inside to press that button , press it for 3-4 sec while router is on.
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    For dlink 2750u you need to manually set the dns server ip and then Disable the DNS Proxy you are done.

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