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Techlineinfo, me and the period between Two Page Rank Updates

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Google Page Rank is always a hot discussion among webmasters. Just do a Google Search “Important of Google Page Rank ” . We can see articles, interviews, discussions, case studies, analysis …and many more. Now if I say something in favor of  PR people may think “This fellow has a very high PR that’s why he is supporting it “. If I oppose “Ohh he is very tricky and don’t want to share his secrets ” . However I will publish an article on Google Page Rank with some case studies and statistics.

First of all let me say one thing- I am neither a professional blogger and nor blogging is my primary job. Just doing blogging as a passion and learning from other professional bloggers. Reading more..and writing less , Listening more and Speaking less :-). After the recent PR update on 20 Jan 2010 ,I am getting a number of queries  about my magic stick .

Last PR update was also an unexpected one. For a small blog PR6 is too big and almost a final target, but my traffic was not proportional with that rank. At that time this blog’s PR was at par with the most popular tech blog labnol.org ( Where Amit stands and where I am) So I didn’t take PR into account and continued blogging as usual.

Many  bloggers approached me for guest blogging opportunity and finally  decided to open the blog for other writers also. I didn’t do much screening and published almost all received guest articles.

Within a short time I could see considerable increase in traffic. Several keywords topped in Google search results. But the paucity of time and laziness stopped me .

In May 2010 a disaster happened with my blog. My web host suspended the account because of a heavy spontaneous traffic and the site was down for three days (At that time I was in a tour). Then I switched over to another powerful shared host , but It was also not much powerful to cater the demands. After few months another shift-Now this site’s host is HostGator and satisfied with their customer support also.

Mean time I walked into the popular Web Master Forums like Digital Point, V7N, Warrior Forum etc, my introduction as  newbie was a surprise to many  professional webmasters and SEO specialists. Now also I am not much active in those forums, occasional visits and updates only.

Six months back I joined Indiblogger community- A most popular Indian blog network and directory. There I shared my online experiences with other bloggers and tried to help those who are in trouble. I developed a FireFox addon for easy navigation through the menus and submenus of indiblogger. That was my second attempt to make a FF addon. The first one was for my friend’s forum .

Last month I switched over to the most popular premium theme Thesis. I will write an article shortly on what and who prompted for me that.

As an experimental basis I created an account in Ezine Article Directory and  submitted some articles, result was good in terms of traffic. Now I have 9 published Ezine live articles.

Now coming to guest blogging- Tried only once and got published in Harsh’s blog. I know the power of guest blogging as a “multi barreled gun”  to target multiple bulls but  couldn’t do more.

The first PR update of this year was really unexpected because even for bigger blogs, PR-6 itself  is a saturated rank. Now what to say about PR-7 ? Just a fancy or….Will update soon with some facts !!!

Now ball is in your court,  analyze and decide:- Above mentioned things can affect Page Rank?

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  • Sujith, thanks for sharing with us your “recipe”. Actually what you did was to go on blogging as usual and you ended up being rewarded with merit.
    I think at least one thing I did right from the start was to get an Hostgator account.
    Some articles on Thesis will be highly welcome!

  • Hi Sujith,

    Thanks for your valuable insights particularly with regard to number and quality required from a Page rank. Have you any ideas as to how the “age” and “number of visitors affects Page rank? I started my web site recently and the Page rank remained at “0” for months then I was pleasantly surprised when it jumped to a “2” in Jan.

    As my niche is limited and I operate in a small market should you still expect to gain a high Page Rank in time and given quality backlinks.



    • Hi Claire,
      I can’t see any direct connection between number of visitors and Page Rank”. Actually all these things are inter related. There must be something in a site to attract the visitors, more visitors means it is the indication of quality. If quality is more more people will link or quote that site.

      • Thank you for your prompt response. I understand whether you are coming from on the quality issue and visitors. Many of my competitors generate traffic via Ad Words as do I. However, because my competitors don’t understand the basics of SEO despite generating traffic and having age they don’t appear in searches or have good Page ranks.

        Therefore I would also conclude that traffic doesn’t have much impact on a quality Google rank and search, as you have stated.

        never get to rank in Google search and have to generate

  • You are lucky as well a good blogger.
    Stay like that and keep on writing posts helping people and bloggers.
    have a nice time and again congrats for Good Google PR

  • Thanks Sujith for sharing your experience..I guess when we try to have a target of getting a PR it doesn’t happen and if we do not have it and focus on quality blogging you get PR naturally ..I don’t have any PR today..but I will continue to blog with the same passion as long as I can..without an intention to get a PR..

    Also people say “Climbing the ladder is easy but to stay on top for a long time is a challenge”, I am sure you will overcome that challenge..Man if you get PR 8 you will be at the league of the sites like TOI maan that would be really cool..One good thing about you is that you connect with your readers very well which really means a lot.

    ~Harshad Sonaje

  • smartin

    I think the real reason behind your Page Rank is the PR8 backlink from Joomla Malayalam translation page.

  • This is really a nice article and very motivating

  • Great sharing of article. And never underestimate, yourself. I think you’ve worked hard all the way to this point. When you have joined PR 7 club, forget previous things and think the most that matter. Good luck!

  • Sujith – Thank you very much for sharing your experience, Good PR always improves your brand among the webmaster / bloggers and most importantly on SERPs and achieving such a high PR ethically is very much appreciated. The main factor for getting a higher PR is backlinks and if you are linked by highly ranked PR sites, then there you go. You should now utilize this PR correctly to boost your traffic – Great going – Wishing you all the best.

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