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Finally Google has updated the Page Rank- Now Techlineinfo in PR-7 club

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Finally after a long gap Google has updated the Page Rank . This is the major update after April 2010. Many webmasters were thinking that Google has dropped the PR concept. Now Techineinfo is with Page Rank 7. Actually this was an unexpected rise. This site’s earlier rank was PR 6. It’s very  difficult improve the rank above this level. Anyway it’s happy to see the update.

What is your status. Please update.

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  • Nice PR!

  • Seems, Google Like your blog alot, I dont find any other reason for getting PR7, even Labnol, DNAIndia dun have PR7,

    Good luck with it.


    • 🙂 Ankit, I am a simple part time blogger. No big targets..Just rowing according to the flow..
      PR is a fancy number.

  • wow, really great man. Pr 7, awesome. Congrates

  • nice… good job. Keep your PR.

  • arun


  • I personally don’t believe in page rank. While it doesn’t hurt, as long as your site has good content and attracts both good comments and return users, your value to Google is probably much higher.

    For example, I have sites with PR4 right now that get 50 visitors per day since I don’t keep up with them. But this site gets far more traffic than 50, for sure

  • Well congratulations, our website http://www.enjoyscandinavia.com also had a pagerank change and has a pagerank of 3 now.

  • But I lost the PR of my blog in this last update , I parked one more URL to my blog, Which made my blog accessible from that secondary URL also. So Google Kicked on my ass for duplicate content and grabbed the PR of my blog. 🙁 So we should never park domains to display the same Blog/website in more than two domains. 🙂

  • This PR update came so soon. I wish it didn’t happen, but once again PR are not important other than Google’s power over us.

  • Sujith ji, when do u expect the next PR update?

  • Congrats Sujith.My blog got PR1 but it is sufficient for me.Do you know when next PR update takes place?

  • U now get PR 6 again, why?

  • yes why u now Get PR6 again?

    • Don’t know..Even Google’s home page PR is now one down … 🙂

  • good man,,,,, why Now PR6?

  • To day (10/2011) google update PR ? All my website PR=N/A. I really do not understand!

    • Don’t worry.. something is cooking there at Google Lab. Today Google home page is also showing PR N/A

  • I really hope Google will keep the PR update frequency. It is good for all, site owners have more ideas about how they should develop their sites and advertisers know which site will be suitable and credible enough for them. Do you have the same opinions with me?

  • Good news for you guys. I know what a PR 7 really means to a webmaster.

  • 08/2011 google PR updated , today google PR ?

  • To day google PR updated, my website update 1->5 . happy !!!!

  • I can’t wait another PR update, your PR 6 is my goal 🙂 Keep up your excellent work.

  • Looking forward to learn some more from you. Keep it up.

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