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How to use your WiFi ADSL Modem cum router as a Wireless access point only

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Due  to prolonged serviceability of underground cables, recently I was compelled to change my BSNL broadband connection to WiMax . In WiMax connection the output of CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) is an Ethernet port, which can be directly connected to PC for accessing internet. To share the connection for multiple PCs you have to use an additional Wireless Router (For WiFi) or LAN switch. I’ve used my spare  D Link 2730- U WiFi router as a Wireless Access Point to convert the WiMax connection to a WiFi .

D Link 2730 U is an ADSL Wireless router with one WiFi port and four LAN ports. If you want to use this router as a WLAN access point only, the first step is disabling DHCP. For this connect the router with your PC with WiFi or Ethernet cable. Access the Modem Admin page by entering  in browser address bar. Use the default user id “admin” and password “admin”.


Go to the LAN sub menu under Advanced Setup.  By default the DHCP server is enabled. Here you have to Disable the DHCP server. After disabling the setting save it and reboot the router.


Now you can connect Ethernet input cable to one of the four LAN ports of the router. Internet connection on this port will be bridged to other three ports as well as WiFi port. Now the device is converted as a simple WiFi access point. You may be required to enter the IP to your WLAN/Ethernet adaptor of PC/Laptop to establish connectivity (If the network shows “Limited Connectivity”) See the image. In my case the default IP address of the WiMax CPE is which is used as default gateway.


Here I didn’t changed the default IP address of the ADSL router ( just used the router as a bridge only. The same method is applicable to other routers also. Here the points to Note:

  • Get the IP range of the connection which you want to extend. (Connect to network, in command prompt enter ipconfig /all. You will get the IP address and the connected default gateway).
  • To avoid IP conflict, change the IP address of your WiFi router in the same range.
  • Disable DHCP and NAT settings of WiFi Router
  • Connect the input to one of the LAN ports.

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    thank you so much sir, it is a very useful topic. now I am able to use my old ADSL BSNL teracom router for my new ACT Fibernet connection. everything is working alright but the problem is that when i connect over wifi my desktop net connection gets disconnected and in similar way when i try to take net over wifi on any second mobile phone the first mobile net gets disconnected. Any way I can connect only one device at a time. how it can be rectified. my broadband connection is high speed net. pl help me..
    with regards.

    Jayan A P

  • Sumit

    Why are You not giving answer of this question–
    I am able to connect my laptop to the router turned ADSL modem, but unable to connect my mobile phone. Is there any setting to change for connecting mobile?


    Can you suggest mea wifi equipment which can be used for both Asianet & Bsnl broadband connection at my single storied house of 1200 sq.ft

  • Thanks for sharing the steps i am able to connect wifi but using mobile i am unable to connect could you please suggest how to connect to mobile also


    kindly help

    I have been using Airtel broadband with D Link cable Modem, now i want to convert cable broadband into wifi for additional use with smartphone , can D Link cable modem be used with wifi router OR i have to purchase wifi ADSL2+ Router

    If D Link cable modem be used with wifi router,which company router i should purchase

  • Arun Alphonse Sunny

    Great man, it workssss!! Even IT dept. fellows doesn’t know this trick. All you have to know (for those who doesn’t understand the jargon used in IT) is that your device which is in use is the one which is indicated by “default gateway”. So you should not provide same values/numbers to two devices in the range of the said Wifi in the column “default gateway”; instead you can try like this: put the values exactly like what you have put in the “IP Address” column, also in the “Default gateway” column, but the last digit should be, say for example 1, in your laptop wireless adapter properties, whereas it should be 2 or any other number in range, for your tablets, 3 for you smart phone, 4 for another Wifi enabled device or smartphone, etc. Since this is a static IP address, you have to enter the network configuration individually to all your devices, that you intend to use in the range of this particular Wifi network. So if one of your friends want to connect to this network, he must use the same values in all fields, except the last digit in the default gateway.

    Cheerios for the good soul who posted this money saving trick, other wise I may have to spend ?.700 or more for a LAN Wifi Router.

    • Anime Decoder

      Thanks bro for your support. But still I am unable to use my modem as a wifi router. The funny part is that I am using the same modem as the example. Can you provide me step by step instructions. Thanks.

  • Madhav

    Thanks Sujith. This is exactly what I was looking for.
    I didn’t know that disabling DHCP would configure a ADSL modem+router as an ethernet WIFI router.

    Guys, this is so simple. Do this and save yourselves from buying a new wifi router

  • Madhav

    This procedure worked for my airtel model (binatone 845W)

    • Aakash

      Hello madhav i also have this router in acl there is an setting of lan wan or both whats that do you know and for which isp it worked?

  • Durga Prasasd

    we have running two router one is TP link and second is D link, TP link is main router and D link is use WiFi ADSL Modem cum router as a Wireless access point only, but when run D-link router, internet not Run in TP link wifi , Lan running Properly- What Do Please Help……………….Thanks

  • Ahamed

    Can you please help me in configuring railwire broadband which is connect through ethernet port only

  • vipin

    i have a iball 150 ADSL Wireless router. please tell me how to configure it as a Wireless access point only???

  • HERO

    How can I use my WiFi broadband router as WiFi catcher

  • Bagga

    Could you provide a brief on how to factory reset Pointmax 2500? I have accidentally blocked access after checking some options in the security section I think and can’t login I can’t find any factory reset button on the cpe.

  • gaurav mehra

    thanks for saved my money

  • Piyush

    thanks for saved my money

  • Gaurav Idnani

    Hi Can you call me can’t configure this could you help me over the call my number is 9987944453

  • navin

    A week back i got Relience broadband connection with wired modem. How can I replace wifi BSNL supplied modem? what are the settings required? I want to use my wifi devices. (with relience I have to load the page and login with the User ID and password provided by ISP. with wired modem it is possible, but on connecting wifi modem, relience broadband page does not open. OR can I buy simply wifi-router and connect with the modem? if I connect only wifi router, what are the settings required? please reply me on my email ID.

  • I have got dlink router 2750u with DSL port and need to connect it to Hathway modem with RJ45 port.
    I was halfway able to follow the above steps and connect the Modem to Port 1 of router and port2 of router to PC, and get very good internet. But unable to setup the Wifi and hence connect my phones and ipad.
    please help. If I need to update any ip addresses, please let me know what and where should I update.

  • KeV!N

    Thanks for the help! But have a query … By disabling DHCP .. I can’t to the WiFi using any device… Help needed!

  • Is it possible to connect Wimax cable (Rj45) to ADSL +modem wifi router using any converter.

    Since I want to remove the modem provided by the BSNL.

  • Sujahit Panda

    Sir can we do the reverse process means i have a wimax connection.I want to migrate from this to ADSL Broadband connection.I have the WAN port wifi router.So can i use in case of ADSL connection ?Thank you.

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