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Google Page Rank update is going on

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Today Google has rolled out a new PageRank update. Techlineinfo was a PR 7 blog before this update and now downgraded to PR-6. I am not going deep into the importance of the Page Rank because thousands of such articles are already available.

After the previous update on Jan, guest bloggers flooded to this site and I  struggled to go through all the articles and edit them. As a part time blogger it is a tough task for me however I always tried to satisfy them. I couldn’t write more articles during this period.The traffic of my site didn’t affect through the recent Google Panda.1 and 2 updates (Actually doubled). I understand the ratio between incoming and outgoing links is one of the  major deciding factors of PR.

Anyway I am not going to do anything to get back the PR other than the natural blogging. It was a gift (?) from Google 🙂 for a while and it was really unexpected too.

How this PR update affected you ? Do you really think PR is one of the most important SEO measures?

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  • I don’t think so…

    In my point of view, I will consider the PageRank as least factor as far as SEO is concerned.

  • I only think that PR is important for link selling nothing else. You have made a wise choice to keep blogging normally since the PR will not mean any damage to an established blog like yours … great attitude ! 🙂

  • For business Sites, which coustmer check site PR before making a order online? or our customer really know what is Google PR?

  • yes pr updated. I can see many of my sites getting pr3.

  • Page rank is nothing..its just a rank.. as you said early 😀 people are eager and hungry to submit their articles on high PR blogs. But PR won’t effect the SEO at all

  • Just noticed it.. My site jumped to PR4.. great new for me though.

  • I’m happy I got PR2 status.

  • I got PR2 from 0… thanks to you, if you remeber that you told us the way to put feed in google central for getting a PR

    I dont think it is too big or small a thing… It just is.

    I personally am not concerned a lot about SEO and monetization, so I continue to provide articles that I feel about and hope for the best!
    Wandering Thoughts

  • Page rank is important for those who has 5.

  • Most of the Blogs got PR0 to PR2 and in that one of my blog techntricksonline was one which PR went to 2 From 0.

  • As usual – there’s up and down but as you say, I think that the update is fair this time and it gives me impression of how my blogs are going on. And yeah.. I need to improve some blogs while maintaining others.

    Good luck everyone and congratulations for those with increasing pagerank!

  • How can develop malayalam support in joomla 1.6
    i tryed your malayalam support in joomla 1.5,good work…

    • Hi, I am already on that job to make Malayalam Language Pack for Joomla 1.6. Thanks.

  • Hello.
    Yes PR updated. One of my friend’s website jumped from PR 0 (zero) to 4 and mine jumped from PR 0 (zero) to 1.

    Yours PR 6 is still awesome.. as yahoo India is still at PR 5.

    Navneet Singh Chauhan.

  • my new website(3months old) fro pr0 to pr1.

  • Hey buddy…sad to see your PR drop a bit, but hey, 6 or 7, its still pretty darn awesome!!
    Just wanted to share with you, our site too has finally got a PR2, nothing great but a nice start.

    All the best buddy, thanks for your tips, they really help 🙂

    • Hi Rajan, Congrats for PR-2, Take care of the external links

  • My sites gained prs in the last update. Most people don’t care about pr and care about the SERP. But I do somewhat care about the pr. It’s kinda cool right?

    • Good Congrats. As per me SERP is more important and PR is one of a small factors supports that

  • My blog has more than two months still PR 0. How to increase PR?

  • I remember the last update when techlineinfo.com jumped to PR 7. At the time my site remained at PR0, since it was so young. But now it jumped straight to PR4! I’ld be a liar if I said I’m not happy…

  • It was just a good timing for me. My blog is just 1 month old and went from n/a to PR0. I’m happy with that 😀

    • I have seen these n/a . It’s found at the beginning of the sites. Possibly it means that the site has no pr information yet.

  • How frequent google updates pagerank?

    • usually every 3-4 months (as they say). But the update before this one was way too longer than that. If I’m not mistaking they delayed more than a year.

  • i have a problem with my PR domain. if i check “mydomain.com” on PR checker, the result is 3. But if i check “www.mydomain.com” on PR checker, the result is 2. Can you help me how to fix it. i use wordpress. please respon…thanks

  • Google PR update today :D, check your new page rank.

  • It looks like Google has made a PR update today (6 feb 2012) and i just got an unexpected PR1 for my new directory.

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