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Yahoo answers a best way to promote your new blog

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yahoo_answersPromoting the now blog and building link to get the traffic is not an easy task. To get traffic from search engine (Especially Google) it will take time. Don’t expect that people will come your site automatically, you have to tell the world what you have written till you get a good page ranking. I  experienced yahoo answers is one of the best method to tell the world about your content.  The absence to strict moderation rules make it most suitable for this purpose. Millions of people use Yahoo answers to get a personalized solution for questions in different fields.

How to promote

Login to Yahoo Answers with your Yahoo id. In the search box enter the keyword related to your site and refine the search for open questions.

If any open question related to your content, answer the question with a link to your blog post. The asker will certainly visit your blog and you will get some more visitors through other yahoo answer users. Moreover Yahoo search results gives much more importance to Yahoo Answers.

Try this and post your feedback

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  • Ya surely i will appreciate your quote,me also getting traffic through yahoo answers! community.

  • Truly I have never visit yahoo answer before. Due to a decrease in my traffic lately, so I will try your suggestion. More over, I intend to build a new blog.

    By the way, thank you for sharing this.

  • I think Yahoo Answers is not only good for new blogs but also can bring traffic to blogs that have been existed for a long time. It has been proven.

  • yahoo answers is one of the best method?
    Sometimes none of the answers get it just right

  • There are many ways to attract website traffic and add links to your website. Yahoo Answers is a clever way of doing it — if you find people with a problem and you have the solution on your blog, well there you go, its a no brainer. 🙂 You can also try to promote your blog and website by signing up for forums that relate to your information/service/product and becoming an active member of each online community. Online marketing definitely is a full time job and to do it right you really need to devote your time and efforts. In the end it will all work out as the links stay active and others follow the question to the answer — you!

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