WordPress plugin to Display your Klout Score

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Klout score is an index of social media influence. Klout was introduced in late 2011 and now over hundred million netizens have Klout scores. Nowadays internet marketing professional are extensively using Klout score to measure, manipulate and analyze their social media presence. Klout collects the statistics from your connected social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked in etc. Mainly three factors affect Klout score

  1. True Reach- How many people you influence
  2. Amplification- How much your influence them
  3. Network Score- How influential they are

WordPress Plugin to Show your Klout Score

I’ve developed a WordPress Plugin to display a Klout Badge with your Klout profile image and Score. The badge is linked to your Klout profile. Just completed the preliminary steps for adding the plugin to WordPress Plugin repository, it will take few hours more . Now you can download the plugin from here .

WordPress Klout Score Plugin – Installation and configuration

Just follow the conventional WordPress installation procedure. Configuration part is also simple. After installation and activation go to WordPress dashboard> Appearance> Widget section.

klout badge

Just drag the Kloutbadge widget to your sidebar. Enter Widget title, Klout ID and save.




You may be wondering why I am not using the plugin in my blog…  Not yet reached that level to show off Winking smile.  My Klout Profile

  • Prashant 04/21/2012, 11:16 PM Reply


    I had send the article to the given ID please have a look and reply.



  • pratik 04/22/2012, 11:11 PM Reply

    their is a lot time to go for me too show this plugin on my blog,
    We can only Hope that we should get that much authority and popularity one day.

  • E.J. Padero 06/18/2012, 11:09 AM Reply

    Hi, Sujith. I tried your plugin on WP 3.4, but it causes the rest of the page to not load completely. So instead, I used simple iframe codes. Will you release a version that will work on WP 3.4? Thanks.

  • Lady_Briggs 07/11/2012, 3:54 PM Reply

    I have had the sames isse as E.J. Padero, any plans to update the plugin to work with 3.4? Thanks :)

  • jeremy Henry 09/10/2012, 11:55 PM Reply

    I am having issues with finding the klout id any one know where to find this… it was not added in as detail of the steps to install this plugin.?

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