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Windows live Writer crashed and System restore failed.

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Windows Live writer is one of the best desktop blogging tools with awesome features. I have been using it extensively for last one year. Few days back it stopped working. The update and re-install options were also failed without throwing any error message. Finally tried to use the system restore option, found that system restore was also not working, only displaying a blank screen. Rest all programs were working fine. I suspected a virus attack. Scanned the complete PC with my anti virus software but nothing found unusual. Before going for a format and OS re- installation, just Googled about this problem but nothing found related to Live Writer but the search term of  ” System restore blank screen” brought some results. Found that the problem may be with the bugs related with Microsoft security updates especially in connection with Internet explorer.

I use Firefox or Chrome for browsing so never bothered about IE. Actually the problem was with my Internet Explorer -8. It was not functioning properly. There are several Windows  applications including Windows Live Writer and System restore are based on Internet Explorer. Downloaded the IE-8 again and repaired the bugs with the current installation. It cleared all the problems in connection with Live writer and System restore.

Moral of the story is that we should not completely ignore IE because many Windows applications are  based on Internet explorer. If your internet explorer is  corrupted these applications will not work.

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  • ‘…If your internet explorer is not corrupted these applications will not work. ‘

    Don’t you mean, if Internet Explorer is corrupted, Windows Live Writer and other applications may not work?

    This is a ubiquitous issue in the Windows Live Writer support forums… It’s funny that most users, that use Firefox and/or Chrome, they hit these issues because they don’t use Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is a horrible browser, but with the logic of Windows Live Writer dev team, the application itself isn’t self supporting; relying on other applications, dll’s and so on… I speculate this is just another reason why Windows Live Writer can’t be portable.

    I hope this helps…
    I hope you have a nice day!

    Until next time,
    Larry Henry Jr.

    • Hi Henry,
      Thanks for pointing out the mistake, corrected.
      ” Internet explorer is One of the most amazing tools for downloading Firefox.” 🙂
      It’s not a joke, most of the internet users use IE only to download Firefox , Chrome or Opera after the Windows installation.

  • Oh..
    Is Live writer is good. After seeing your post, I am going to try it.

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