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Why SIM Cards have a Unique cut shape?

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It’s a common doubt that why the mobile SIM cards have a unique cut shape??. Before going to answer this question let’s discuss some basics of SIM card.

Subscriber’s identity Module (SIM) card is a removable electronic chip which is used to identify the subscriber in a mobile telephonic network. SIM card is basically an electronic chip with an embedded micro controller with a memory. Sim cards having eight contacts embedded on the card. The  SIM card used in mobile phone  has a width of 25 mm, a length of 15 mm, and a thickness of 0.76 mm.


International Organization for Standardization(ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission are the agencies standardize the SIM cards. The cards are standardized as per ISO 7816-1  describes the physical characteristics of  cards and ISO 7816 part 2 defines the dimensions and location of the contacts(for  details- visit).

simcard Let’s comeback to our topic. The main reason for the     cut mark on the corner is to avoid the misalignment of the contacts of SIM card and mobile phone cardholder pins. Pin number 1 of the SIM card to make the contact with the corresponding pin of the mobile phone. The cut mark serve as a guide for proper placement of card in mobile phones. As it is internationally accepted by ISO,  being followed by all the mobile phone manufactures.

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  • Thanks alot Sujith you have solved my query which i have in my mind since sim cards are introduced in Pakistan.because of shy i was not able to ask such a question. thanks alot once again Sujith.

  • vicky anand

    Thank you sujith for answer of my question………It’s really good and conceptual question…

  • sathwik.j

    thank you sir for providing us the information regarding sim card…………

  • sujyosna

    thanx a lot sir!! it iz really so nice.

  • yasser

    my cell phones wifi doesnt work without sim card inside wether the sim card connection is available or not ..it only works when there is sim card chip is the bigger one ..it doesnt work with smaller chip

  • sonu kumar

    not agreed…..what you people think about memory card, it also placed like sim card and have same slot for placing but it has no cut shape…??
    pls revert…!!

  • sonu kumar

    i think no need to cut only we can asign a arrow sign if alignment is concern

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