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Visalini – IT Wonder Kid from Tirunalveli- Tamil Nadu

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Another IT wonder kid from India- 11 Yrs old Visalini from Thirunalveli made impossible things possible at this very younger age. She is the only daughter of  Sethu Rakamalika and Kumarasamy  born with birth defects vishaliniincluding the speech problems but recovered gradually.  Visalini successfully passed the online certification examinations like Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Cisico Certified Network Associate(CCNA), Cisco Certified Network Associate Security, Oracle Certified Java Professional (OCJP). She become the youngest person who completed the CCNA examination with 90% score. Visalini has the highest IQ in the world(Her IQ is around 225). It is higher than that of the Guinness record holder, Kim Ung-Yong, whose IQ is around 210.  However she will be eligible for an entry in the Guinness only after she turns 14.  Remember the IQ of Albert Einstein is 160 Only.  Visalini is able to read a 100 pages book within two hours and can answer any questions from that.

Nowadays this wonder kid is a special guest for IT seminars and delivers classes to Engineering students on Computer Science. NITK of Mangalore and Kalasalingam Engineering Collage are welcoming her but her parents wish Visalini to enjoy her childhood for another three years before entering a collage life. She is not so different from other children her age – she loves watching cartoons, riding her bicycle and playing games.

Visalini is currently preparing for  MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist), MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer) and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional).

The bitter fact is that Visalini’s great achievements are yet to be recognized at Govt level as usual.

Visalini’s website

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  • from our state a girl is like this so amazing tamilan rocks

  • really amazed by her IQ and talent

  • Mohit

    Fake information regarding IQ. Again, Google results zero search result for her name. please confirm the correct name whether it is visalini or Vaishalini.
    The one who got Microsoft Certification from Pakistan ( a place where girls are treated badly) got a huge name. Government had not done anything but Bill Gates had called her for a personal meeting. Why none is calling her?
    This rumor had taken birth just after the death of that Pakisatani girl

    • Her correct name is Visalini.. Media and Google changed her name to “Vishalini”.. Just go through her official web site visalini.com
      Visalini is not the youngest MCP. But she is the youngest Cisco certified.

  • Mohit

    Guys are sharing your this note & spreading a lot of rumors about it. The Pakistani girl became MCP at 9 years & not at 12 years.
    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/?wiki/?List_of_child_prodigies

    • I’ve never mentioned Visalini is the youngest MCP.

  • Mohit

    I am proving my intention from genuine links. First, a human’s IQ is measured in the range of 50-180.

    Gary Kasparov, a real genius who was the first person to win a match against computer on Level 10 in the lowest possible time.
    Unofficial data says that he pose an IQ level of 190. Superb but there is no genuine proof regarding. It could be a rumor but we can believe due to his superb performance in chess.

    So, your definition of 225 is just out of imagine.

    Next, please click the link.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_child_prodigies; you will find numerous name who had proved themselves that they are a real genius before the age of 10 years. So, your information regarding “However she will be eligible for an entry in the Guinness only after she turns 14” is completely false if you look at the link (Tanishq Mathew Abraham)

    Next step to prove my words:
    You had written, Google had changed her name to Vaishalini; please open a page on any browser & type http://www.google.com; in the search box, type Visalini; Google will not say, DO YOU MEAN XXXXX.
    Well, that is not a point of discussion. Next open a seperate tab & type Arfa (the Pakistani girl); now compare the results, for Visalini, it’s just 4 or 5 links (no genuine one) but for Arfa, it’s completely filled up with genine links. This shows that Visalini is not popular among media also.

    If you will say about her poorness; I will say one name, Dhoni, Indian Captain; he was from my school, born in a very poor family whose monthly income was Rs. 3,000 but from his real talent, his home in Ranchi costs more than 30 crore. That time, there were a lot of politics in the state but still he crossed everything & got his name on top 10 influential people on Forbes list.
    will continue soon……

  • Mohit

    Regarding her so called official website; it’s not an approved one. You have to pay just 15K for getting such sort of website designed & hosted. There are more than 50 million websites in the world & many of them are fake one & it is one of them.

    Well, India media is very much interested in such sort of uniqueness. I will this in later part. But, except younews, a local channel, none had said anything about it. It is spreading a rumor for its popularity.

    Information from any website cannot be taken as a genuine one. Such information is not called SOURCE but OPINION. If I will publish on our company’s website that we had touched 100 crore margin this year with more than 20 new projects. Can it be taken as a genuine one! Again, some video on youtube & again advertisement on 99 acres.com, magicbricks.com (We own a construction company). Untill & unless, we provide a genuine data sheet, none will believe.

    I am elaborating, what I had said in the second paragraph. You may assume that I have a lot of information regarding Child Prodigy. Well, I want to tell you about my youngest cousin; just due to him, I made a lot of research regarding this case in the past 2 years. He will turn 9 years in next few months. He is an exceptional Mathematician. I noted about the same at the end of 2009. He poses unique characters from starting (noted first at 4 years).

    Before, he completes his class 2nd, he had solved NCERT mathematics book completely till class 6th level. Last year, due to his extreme performance, I had contacted “The Association of Mathematics Teachers of India”. Mr. Mahadevan, gen. sec., AMTI had taken interest in his case & had send a free book for him. The book had really helped him in boosting his mathematical ability. He will enter in class 4th in a few weeks’ time. But, he had completed half of class 9th mathematics. Once a day, a reporter from Dainik Bhaskar had come to give him recognition in front of the society but he had denied it. It was his school’s Principal who had initiated such sort of things.

    But, we are not presenting the same in front of the society due to certain reasons. We will file for him, when he will be comfortable with calculus. The major hindrance in his interest in the Mathematics is his physical health; he used to remain ill all the time. We had consulted many top level doctors of the country but nothing had happened. He still weighs only 22kg & was unable to cross 4 feet height. His physical health creates a lot of tension in our family.

    He still looks like 5-6 years old kid & by the way, if we had converted his talent into business & into nature’s miracle, present him like a god; we can earn a lot & 100-crore margin which is our dream, would be fulfilled in no day time. If we use my lovely brother in our business, giving his talent the name of GOD, every low-profile people in the area will purchase land & flats from our company.

    Again, we can use his physical fitness for rumors as we can easily present him as a 5 year kid who is able to solve class 9th Mathematics.

    What’s your opinion, should we do such sort of things? Before the time, I want to prove him in front of the society. But on guidance of Mr. Mahadevan, gen. sec., AMTI, we had not done anything. One should focus on long term cases & not just the short one. If he gets a lot of exposure from society, his performance will be hindered in the long term. A truth, child prodigies, who got recognition in their early life was ruined in their later part & had not done anything in their future life. Consult link that I had given on Wikipedia.

    It was due to the fact that they started feeling among the superior humans & thus their performance in the long run declines. They feel that none can beat them & this thought leads to fall.

  • Mohit

    Well man, that’s just a claimed one & not proved till the day. I infer this thing from the lines presented in the Hindu newspaper, the link that is provided by you. The sentence was
    “which is being claimed by the girl’s parents as a new world record.”

    Well, I am agree that it’s not a publicity stunt but could be a hoax. Such type of things are too common in India. You may not agree with my words. For that I had developed a simple solution.

    If Vaisalini is really a genius, time can prove this. So, we will re-open this thread after a month time, then 3 months time, then 6 months & finally after 1 year.

    If she is really genius, she will get popularity in this amount of time. Isn’t it? I had bookmarked this page on my browser & most probably, you have my E-mail ID. So,
    we will next re-open this discussion on 17th March & then on 17th May.

    If a genuine source is found, then you wins else me.
    Genuine source will include a proved article from anything that can be considered as popular & reliable website, nationalized newspaper article, news channel’s video etc.

    What’s your opinion?

    • Sure Mohit, It’s interesting. 🙂 I appreciate your stands. Will certainly followup. Not as a challenge ..to unveil the truth..

  • Mohit

    One more thing, I am not fighting for the CCNA & MCP exams but on the claimed IQ level. Posing an IQ level of 220 is next to impossible while CCNA & MCP can be cracked with a lot of hard work.

    “Speaking to reporters here on Monday, the girl’s father Kalyana Kumarasamy said”
    Regarding her IQ, it’s written that her father said & not a genuine person from XYZ had said.

  • Mohit

    Agree with you, we will not take it as a challenge; so no chance of wining of losing. Let’s fight for the truth.

  • Muthukumar Ponnambalam

    Thanks for sharing this info. I appreciate her skills, shrewdness. But I’m a little skeptical because we’ve seen many such kids in the past who can recite all the 1330 Thirukurals. I’ve heard some kids who can tell the Kural by it’s “adhikaaram”, the number of the same in that “adhikaram”, its meaning etc. Similarly, I’ve read about kids who can tell the day and the day of the year if you tell the date.

    These skills are due to the sharp memory power that they have which were identified in the early stage by their parents and who continue to nurture that.

    In Visalini’s case, all the certifications can be passed, if you go thru’ the online question banks. If you google, you’ll find lots and lots of materials that help you pass these exams. Being an Oracle professional, I can tell you that, Oracle Corp. itself publishes books for passing Oracle Certification exams. All you need is to go thru’ them and appear for the exams and I can vouch that you can pass them with much ease.

    Mind you, I don’t deny her sharp memory power, which I really really long for. But, memory power alone doesn’t constitute brilliance.

    The important thing I really really liked about her is this :

    “…. but her parents wish Visalini to enjoy her childhood for another three years before entering a collage life. She is not so different from other children her age – she loves watching cartoons, riding her bicycle and playing games.”

    If her parents don’t deny her the childhood and the childhood pleasures and properly motivate her and nurture the creativity, that’ll take her to new heights.

    That’s exactly what I pray for.


    • Thanks Mr Muthu Kumar for sharing your views.

  • rajasimhan

    Mohit : I appreciate your view of appreciating everyone’s talent but i see that to find the legitimacy of the issue u have quoted Wikipedia for many facts, but unfortunately Wikipedia is not that reliable as I have personally witnessed for two are three articles Wikipedia’s stand kept on changing as it is updated by unreliable sources and even Wikipedia itself gives you an option to inform if the information is wrong! Just wanted to make you aware of that!

  • Mohit

    I am agreeing that Wikipedia cannot be considered as a genuine source of information. It’s applicable in the cases where articles are under dispute. But, from my experience, I had seen that informative articles on a topic are rarely wrong. You can verify these articles by pointing to the references. Again, I prefer the articles which are written from neutral point of view!

    Well, there are few hundreds of articles which cannot be considered as proper in Wikipedia. That doesn’t mean that you can deny all its articles.

    Again, I treat Wikipedia as to consider basic information & opinion about a topic. For instance, if have no idea about the types & qualities of wood present in the world, we can refer to Wikipedia to take a basic idea about it.

    My one question from everyone who generalizes that data in Wikipedia is improper every time!
    Well, there are many occasion in our life, where we use to ask someone about something. Just take example of the wood, you use to take consultation from your carpenter. Can you authenticate his word? Can it be consider as reliable?
    Most of you will say, yes as he’s an expert in the department of wood. But, I had seen that local carpenters however proficient & rich, they will abuse the MDF (Mid density Firewood) saying that it’s not strong. In reality, some MDFs are stronger than Teak! Actually, they are limited with the information.

    Again, I had seen that every computer shop use to say that Core 2 Duo was better than Intel Core i3. I don’t know why they use to say this? But, they were completely wrong in this scenario!

    Most of the guys will believe these people thinking them as expert but why not Wikipedia??
    Well, Wikipedia is meant for basic information & again rely on those articles which are written from neutral point of view!
    For instance, there’s an articles comparison of web browser & browser wars. These articles are written in pace of advertising the Google Chrome.

    For your words, Wikipedia gives an option to edit the article. Well, I recommend you to add some useless data in any article. You will find that the same had been removed within 2 days of time. If you had not provided proper reference, you will find that it’s written at the top of the article that no reference had been provided!

    One I had edited an article related to Maruti 800! Well, my words had resembled that I am against that car. Just in a day of time, I had seen that someone had changed my words & had written that article in a neutral way. Data had been verified from Maruti Suzuki’s website & it’s regularly updated. (I had provided the reference)

    Well, there are people who use to add useless data on a subject by citing unreliable sources. Such type of cases occurs to make something better & other things look dull. But, in case of a scientific topic like Partial Differential Equation, Intelligence Quotient, microprocessors; none has interest to change the article.

    But, regarding the cities in India, famous people, product or services; people use to add useless contents in order to show their things better & others dull.
    Well, my list regarding the child prodigies can be wrong. But, regarding IQ, it’s 100% correct

  • Mohit

    I am back after 111 days. Can you remember our deal on 17th February! Well, I forgot about the same in the meantime. But, comments of Muthukumar Ponnambalam and rajasimhan helped me recall about our deal!

    So, what’s the genuine source of information, you have to prove her intelligence level i.e. IQ?? I am completely agreeing with Mr. Muthukumar Ponnambalam that cracking these exams doesn’t prove one’s intelligence!

    In general sense, IQ can be tested via aptitude exams. But, I don’t have faith on this mechanism of testing the intelligence. It can be achieved via hard work & practice.

    I scored 98.9 percentile in CAT 2010. In aptitude section, I had scored 99.6 percentile & in Data interpretation, 99.4 percentile. But, truly speaking, I had achieved such a high percentile with hard work only. When I had started the preparation in 3rd year, I was able to solve only a few questions & again large calculations were out of my mind. But, with extreme hard work of 1.5 years, I was able to solve these questions. Now, I am not in a regular practice. So, if I will appear for CAT 2012, I cannot score more than 90 percentile!

    Exams can never evaluate one’s intelligence. After spending an year of time in IIM-Ranchi, I had concluded just one thing, training cannot make anyone intelligent or dull, and it’s just for a time constant that the person performs. But, the real intelligent can be framed by GOD only. Well, Mukesh Ambani had not completed his MBA degree. But, students passing from IIM love to work for his companies. Similar thing is applicable for Warren Buffet, Bill Gates & others.
    Again, Dhoni is an idol of IIM-Ranchi for his managerial skills but he had not even completed his graduation!

    We, Indians think that passing a great exam means intelligence but it’s not true! Exams can be cracked by looking at its pattern & working hard for it!

    By the way, Vasiline had cracked CCNA, it’s not great! Provide a genuine source of information regarding her IQ of 225. We had a deal that if your words are true, then in a few time constants, we will come to know about her from genuine sources. But, still no information from recognized & trustable newspaper/magazines/News channel about her!

    What’s your opinion about her??

  • She doesn’t look very happy.

    Where I come from, MCPs from India aren’t valued since there was a spate of people buying their qualifications. A qualified Indian will sit the test for you for a few hundred bucks and put your name on the paper. Shame really, but I’m sure this little girl will be very successful in her career and hope that the things she is learning will get her far.

    Good on her!

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