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Track Hurricane Sandy using Google Crisis Map

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Google has created a tool to monitor and track the super hurricane Sandy. Through this online tool you can gather as much as information required about Sandy. The tool created by Google’s Crisis Response team tracks the progress of storm and keep you updated in real time. Google Crisis Map tool Sandy2012 gives the following updated information in detail.

cyclone Sandy Google tool

  • Summery of power outage information
  • Details of emergency shelters
  • Current location of the storm
  • Storm forecast track
  • Storm three days forecast cone
  • Storm surge probability over 6 feet
  • Cloud imagery
  • Related webcams and YouTube videos
  • Weather and observations
  • Public Alerts
  • Traffic conditions

If you select all the details in right sidebar of the tool, it will mess up the map, so select the required information only and zoom it. For example if you want to know the current location of storm only check the Storm: Current location and zoom to the area.

sandy current location The data is a combination of resources provided by various authentic sources such as National Hurricane Center, American Red cross, US Navel research laboratory, Weather.com etc. A separate tool is also available to track the Sandy at New york.

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