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Tips to select a suitable Modem for BSNL broadband

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BSNL-WA-3002-G4-Wi-fi-ADSL-ModemBsnl offers following plans to select a Modem for their broadband connection

  1. Rent a Modem from BSNL
  2. Modem outright purchase form BSNL (one time payment)
  3. Modem purchase from BSNL (Through installements)
  4. Use your own ADSL Modem (purchased from open market)

There are four types of  ADSL Modems

  • Type 1: Type -I Modems are with one Ethernet Port and One USB Port (Eg: Nokia siemens C 2110, Utstar UT 300R, Smart AX MT 882 Utstar UT 300RTU, DLink GLB 502, 802 Etc)
  • Type 2: Type -II Modems having one Ethernet and one Wi Fi port each (Eg: Quidway WA 1003 A, Utstar WA3002-G1 etc)
  • Type 3: Type-III Modems are with four Ethernet ports (Eg: Smart Ax MT 841 type 3)
  • Type 4: Type-IV Modems are with Four Ethernet ports and with WI FI (ZTE ZXDSL 531, Siemens SL2-141, Smart AX MT 841 Type 4 etc)

Note: Most often Type four modems are termed as Type two by BSNL

Following  will help you to select a suitable Modem for your BSNL broadband connection.

Cost: BSNL providing ADSL Modems for very cheap rates. The rates of BSNL Modems

Modem Charges

Modem Type

Modem Sale Price (One time charges)









Monthly Rental





Monthly Rental after 24 months

Rs. 25

Rs. 40

Rs. 25

Rs. 40

If you purchase a Type -IV or type II  Modem from open market, it will cost around Rs 2500/- to 3000/-. BSNL is providing the same for Rs 1600/-.

Quality: The quality and reliability of BSNL Modems are average. BSNL supplied Modems often fail to work properly in poor signal to noice ratio conditions, means frequent disconnection problems are predominant for BSNL supplied Modems.

Rent: If you have heavy internet usage and your Modem runs round the clock, then it is a better option to rent the Modem from BSNL because the Modem will be replaced by BSNL on failure. If you purchase the Modem from BSNL or outside, the warranty will be only for one year.

Limited Internet usage: If you have a limited internet usage, then  it is better to purchase a Modem from BSNL (either one time or through installment scheme) because it is very much cost effective .

Purchase from open Market: The Modems like D link, Netgear and Lynk Sys   perform exceptionally well even in poor signal to ratio conditions also. That means if your house is at considerable distance from nearest BSNL exchange, naturally the line attenuation will be more and the cheap quality Modems fail to perform reliably.

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  • Dhanush K.S

    Dear Sir,

    Few months back I had asked you procedure to configure my Netgear Wireless Router JNR 1010 and you had asked me to follow the instructions on this link

    Here you say you have to change the ADSL routers connection type to BRIDGE MODE.
    I request you to provide me step by step procedures on how to change my ADSL routers connection type to BRIDGE MODE?

  • Dhanush K.S

    Is the method shown in this video the right way of doing it?

  • Dhanush K.S

    Is the method shown in this video the right way of doing it?

  • Anil

    Hello Dhanush.

    I’m Anil from Ernakulam. I plan to take a BSNL broadband (wired LL) and the Plan is ULD950 (BB Home Combo ULD 950) http://www.bsnl.co.in/opencms/bsnl/BSNL/services/broadband/BB_home_only_unlim.html

    Please suggest a suitable and reliable modem for this. I am a heavy internet user and will have reasonable downloads. At my native I was using Nokia Siemens Type II modem, but it’s performance was not healthy as frequent disconnection occurs.

    Please revert back with your valuable suggestion

    Thank You

    Have a nice day

    Mob : 08122210629

  • Shreyas

    I want to have wifi at my home.wil Dlink wireless router serve good for me in Bsnl broadband

  • Gnana

    Sir, I have BSNL Type -I Modem with one Ethernet Port and One USB Port. Which wireless modem will be suitable for me to set up wireless connection at home.
    I need to connect 4 devices with wireless.
    Please reply soon
    Thanks in advance

  • Saju


    I was using a BSNL WA3002G4 Modem for last few years. Now it has got a problem and the device is not working at all. When I contacted the BSNL office, they updated me that, BSNL is no more providing modem and I will have to buy a new one from the market.

    Could you please suggest the best alternative for WA3002G4. I am not a tech savy, so the product name with model number would be really appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards,

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