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Tips to select a suitable BSNL Broadband plan

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BSNL, the national internet back born offers a bundle of Broadband packages as per customer choice. Here a review of BSNL  Broadband plan to select the most suitable one as per your needs.

Some important Facts

Download and browsing These two words are quite confusing for a common man. Considering the usage there is no difference whether you are downloading or browsing. For example if you are watching a Youtube video of 4MB or downloading it , the net bandwidth usage is same ie 4 MB.  An average browsing of one hour (depending of the sites) will consume a bandwidth of  approximate 20 MB.

Browsing speed Taking Google home page as an example (without cookies and offline data)The size of Google home page is  approx 40 KB .A 256 Kbps connection it will take 1.25 Second to display the page. A 2 mbps connection will take 0.16 Second.

Now let us discuss the selection of  a BSNL Broadband plan

Basic limited internet usage : Home 125 Plan is the best.

Average internet usage : Basic 250 Plan- This plan offers good bandwidth (Max 2mbps) and 1 GB data transfer per month. For average browsing (20MB per hour) will get 50 Hrs per month ie  an average of 2 Hrs per day. No night free download facility is available. If your exchange coming under urban area then 500 C combo plan is a better option considering the rental for land phone.

Average net browsing, download and Telephone usage: Home combo plan 500 C is the best. This plan offers good bandwidth (max 2mbps), Average free usage 1.5 GB per month and night free usage between 1 AM to 8 AM. No additional rental and an added advantage of 175 free calls (can talk local calls for 525 Minutes or STD calls of 175 minutes per month)

Good web browsing and download: Home combo 500 C plus- This plan offers Good bandwidth (Max 2mbps), Free usage of 2.5 GB per month and night free usage (between 1AM and 8AM). No additional rentals but offers only 50 free calls.

Heavy internet browsing ( can compromise with speed) and an average download of 20 to 30 GB per month: For this 750 UL or 750UL plus  is the best. This plan offers a bandwidth of 256 Kbps (Sufficient for normal browsing, but not suitable for watching Youtube video and video chat) and unlimited usage of round the clock. No additional rental.

Heavy internet usage with good speed and an average download of 50 to 60 GB per month : For this category UL 1350 is the best. This plan offers considerable bandwidth of 512 Kbps. This is most suitable for video chatting, watching online streaming movies and you tube videos.


Considering all the factors its very clear that Home combo plan 500 C is the best for an average user. Unlimited plans are also attractive because of tension free usage (regarding heavy bill).

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  • I think I will try to recommend this post to my friends and family, cuz it’s really helpful.

  • atul

    sir i have 250 basic plan.i have downloaded 2GB data.does downloaading mean same as browsing?

    • Hi Atul no difference between downloading and browsing. While browsing also you are practically downloading the data. For example you are watching a you tube video. As a thumb rule your usage will be 1MB for a one minute video.

  • Shajkumar

    I am using BSNL BB Combo 500 plan . When I am using skype or video talk it is exceeding 1.5 GB free always and paying more. Kindly tell me about other plans especially unlimited with good speed to down load video and video talk.
    Best regards

  • kumara swamy

    Thank you very much Mr. Sujith for your all information you are giving to all. After reading your instruction or guidance, i wanted to go back to my UL 750 Plan, very recently i migrated to the BBG FN 500 which looks bills will be more charged than 750 plan. what do you suggest ?

  • kumara swamy

    Dear Mr. Sujith, please help me by giving proper guidance regarding broadband usage. i am small business man using broadband for my business purpose also. by way of up-loading free adds in net and checking emails and replying. I do not down load any movies or songs. occasionally i down load some documents and pictures. Please guide me in this regard

  • Hy sir,
    I have android phone and I want to do vedio calling by using phone.
    Is it possible to do vedio calling by using RS. 500
    Plan of bsnl broadband?
    Because RS500 plan provide only speed of 256kbps and is this speed enable vedio calling by using phone?

    • You mean to say video calling through Skype, finge or similar applications? For that 256 kbps may not be adequate. If you want to subscribe 3G video calling plan, it is not concerned with that bandwidth. Video calling plans and bandwidth are separate.

  • Thanks sir
    But, I want to know that is 256kbps speed can enable vedio calling by yahoo messenger?

  • Nax chaudhary

    For vedio calling by yahoo messenger I use 3g services of bsnl but here no coverage of 3g. So can I do same thing by using 500 combo plan?

  • Sahaana

    hello sir,

    your explanation is useful.

    now am planning for online tuitions. could u pls suggest me d best or better plan in bsnl

    tk u

  • Jiju raj


  • Is 512kbps speed of BSNL lab broadband is good for online videos streaming and downloading movies. Pls suggesest.


    Internet Connection of 4Mbps= 512KB is sufficient. But BSNL or others do not provide speed according to plan.They provide 10 KB to 200 KB speed only.It means only 1/2 speed of your plan is the maximum speed if your ISP is pleased very very very much though they OFTEN are fond of cheating their customers. NO ISP is honest.

  • smartboy

    I just wanted to ask that which bsnl broadband plan I should use for downloading havey files for example I download most MAX 3 TO 4GB files not often. sometimes say like twice a week so should I go for BBG ULD 545 CS89 OR 795
    plz suggest
    thank you

  • Vimal

    Tell me more about night free download in 750 plan

  • syam

    I have bsnl 750 plan. is there any additional charge for watching you-tube ????

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