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The problem with internet marketing – no one knows the truth

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Nobody knows how Google’s search algorithm works. They are keeping it as a close guarded secret.

The Google search mania

You don’t know if page rank means anything. Google guys claims that page rank has nothing to do with search rank. Nobody believes them. “Then why the heck they should have page rank,” is the question.

Meanwhile there are claims that content is king. Stuff your site with content and presto, the search gods will smile on you. But there are doubts.

Keyword seems to be the mantra. We are all running over each other trying to find the right keyword. Actually there is nothing such as the right keyword. While we wonder aloud, Google is raking in the moolah like no one’s business. AdWords may or may not work for you, but it sure does for Google.

The real world

Do you know that no one believed Newton, when he shouted from the rooftops that an Apple falls down because of gravity? In fact, Galileo was sent to the gallows because he said that the earth revolved around the Sun. We are all essentially skeptics, who never believe anything, till it hits us below the belt. Then how is it that we are ready to believe all that Google has to say – or doesn’t have to say? Isn’t there a contradiction out there?

The backlinks conundrum

I usually don’t use words like conundrum, unless I am angry like mad. The backlinks stuff does this to me. You are supposed to have as many backlinks as possible, from high ranked PR sites, if you want to appear on the first page of search results. Looks like an appearance in Oscars. But since page rank itself is in conundrum, does this logic make any sense. I know guys out there feverishly experimenting with backlinks. I know, because I used to be one of them, till realization dawned on me that ultimately it is all a question of fate.

Does internet marketing work?

Here is the mother of all truth. Internet marketing works, but not because of the Google logic, but in spite of it. It is a question of options. You, as a customer, a potential buyer have to Google the keyword or whatever you are looking for. Unless you go for Bing which seems to be copy-pasting Google search results anyway. When there is no option you would call it a monopoly. In a monopoly (against which there are draconian laws) the seller is king. Had it been a traditional business, Google would have been sent packing by the Federal agencies.

It is content which is king

Never get carried away by the SEO hoopla. It is finally content which matters. If you are promoting Medifast coupons or Nutrisystem discount, a health blog would be best bet to find your target audience. Building your content around it and giving value to your customers will get   results you are looking for.


You just can’t conclude anything from this mess. As far as I can see, we will keep trudging along the Google map, till we reach nowhere. Meanwhile Google will make money.  Of course, content still rules the roost.

This is a guest post by S Srinivasan. He is a techno-philosopher who likes to delve on the other (hidden) side of moon. S Srinivasan also blogs, for a living, on diets and weight loss program and offers newest promo codes for Medifast and discounts for Nutrisystem


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  • Thanks for a nice post. I have a lot of confusion on exact SEO altime. people always talk about SEO but not on content. Well said 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  • precision of Global Monthly Searches in keyword tools.
    What is the accuracy?
    by my analysis of the present large inaccuracies in the data.

    Eg for the keyword “adaptacije” serbian lenguage results for Global Monthly Searches is 2900.
    My site is first on the google search ( english and serbian) and with information with google analitic I have 17 visitors by one month. This is a huge difference, I understand that 50 – 70% but this result for Global Monthly Searches is 2900 to 17 . I have this difference with other keywords.
    What’s the problem,Global Monthly Searches too imprecise ?

  • If we sit down and study all myths and still combine them we would still repeat them just because such traditional facts have become the initial baby steps so that each baby falls down once n learns to move on..

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