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Ten tips to improve your Google Page rank

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Google’s technology overview says about Page rank

“ Page Rank reflects our view of the importance of web pages by considering more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms. Pages that we believe are important pages receive a higher Page Rank and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results.”

Page Rank cannot be directly co-related to web site traffic. A high page ranked site with targeted key words will always top in the search results.  Hence Page rank with good content always matters. Page Rank of a site can be checked real-time through the Google toolbar. Toolbar update usually takes places after every 3-4 months.  Last page rank update was on 03 Apr 2010. The next update is expected shortly.

Back links plays the vital role in Google Page rank algorithm. Back links are the links to your sites from other sites. A single link from a high page ranked site can skyrocket your page rank. Then who will give you the back link? Ask this question to yourselves – Examine the links from your sites. How they came in your site? Through comments on your blog posts?  Credit to an article source? Credit to your blog theme? – Yes, you also need to do all these things to get the back links. Remember- back links with a “no follow” tag will not be considered for Page ranking. You can check the back links to your site with  http://www.backlinkwatch.com/.

Here see some proven tips to increase the Google Page rank of a site.

1.            Blog comments:  The most common method to increase the back links. This is a very major advantage that you get when you comment on other blogs. Make sure that majority of blogs on which you comment are DoFollow blogs.

2.            Extensions, themes , plugins development : This method may not be suitable to all, but one of the most powerful and fastest methods to increase the page rank. See the page rank of sites offer free WordPress themes, plugins etc.  A little bit technical skill is required to develop the themes and plugins but it is not a tough task. Do some tweaks and hacks, it can give you better results.

3.            Article directories: Write some good quality articles and submit them in popular article directories like  Ezine articles. You can re write your published old articles also. Hundreds of blogs  take these articles from article directories  to use in their site,  in return you will get a back link also. Article submission will increase the traffic of your website also.

4.            Site update frequency: If you update your pages regularly, Google will crawl your web site more often. A website with a high crawl rate get  the opportunity to introduce content more frequently in Google. WordPress users can install the Google XML sitemap plugin, which submit the site map to Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask.com automatically to better index your blog.

5.            Blog directories:  Blog directories are search engine friendly and have a large number of incoming links. Submitting your site to a do follow directory can help you to increase the page rank.  You need to pay some nominal charges for some blog directories but that is also worth. Do a google search “blog directories” You can see loads of free blog directories.

6.            Forum posting (Signatures):  Normally forums get very good search ranking by Search Engines due to  the continuously updated contents. A  signature anchor text Link to your site from a high traffic do follow forum of similar niche can improve your site Page Rank well. It is needless to say that your active participation in a forum will improve the visibility of your site.

7.            Guest blogging: You can see that many high page ranked blogs are “no-follow”, means commenting in these blogs only for the sake of page rank will not cater any result (can increase your traffic), but these blogs accept guest posts. Submit guest posts and place one or two links (As per the Guest posting guidelines ) in your article. Take the dual advantage of guest blogging- Back links and traffic from high ranked blogs.

8.            Internal linking of pages: Like back links, smart internal page linking is also important for page rank. You can use the Link to Post WordPress plugin to search and link the relevant articles within your blog, this will  increase the number of  page views also.

9.          Page load time: Use a SEO optimized fast loading theme for your blog. Disable unwanted plugins and scripts  to improve the page load time. Show post excerpts on the homepage instead of full article.

10.        Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking sites like Twitter, Facebook , Orkut, Delicious, Mixx, Reddit, Digg, Stumble upon, LinkedIn etc are with tons of traffic and huge popularity . When you bookmark your articles you will automatically get a link back to the article on your blog.

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  • Hey , can you tell me ,what are the things needed to change after installing ‘Link to Post’ plugin ?

  • After installation need not to configure anything. All default settings will work

  • Thanks for clearing my doubt and for a wonderful post 🙂

  • Sarah

    I’ve been getting a really good response in google rankings thanks to guest posting. It has boosted me more than any other method.

  • This is very useful information…Because i am working in seo ..now i gather more idea from this useful article……

  • I like this article very much ….It’s very useful to everyone , particularly
    who are doing seo…

  • Hi Sujith,

    thanks a ton for a very informative article.

    will try and implement at least some of them.


  • i always submit to article directories to gain backlinks, most of them are free anyway ~

  • Hey sujith, nice writeup, i got a few questions.

    Does the number of do follow backlinks affect the PR of a site or how much traffic is coming from each link (i.e quality) , Which would be better, 10 backlinks from a PR4 site with little traffic or 1 backlink from the same site but with good traffic.

    I have heard that people pay to buy links from high PR sites, have you ever considered selling links 😀

    • Hi Rajan Thanks for the comment. In terms of traffic the back link from a high traffic site or page is good. The do follow back links from a site with Good page rank and nice traffic are like “Gold with fragrance”.

      I never considered selling or buying links. There are other legal and easy ways for link building.

  • These are great tips..Something I will rely on very much considering that this site has become a PR6 site in a matter of an year…Probably should take these steps more seriously now 🙂

  • does page rank and domain has any link?
    is free domain like blogspot ranked down than that of paid domains?

    • No connection between the domain and Page Rank. Blogspot blogs can also have good page rank.

  • useful infos, thumb up

  • Great Article there Sujith.. Quite informative. Thanks.

  • Its one of the interesting and informative post. This information is more important for those users who work in SEO firm. Thank you Mr. Sujith. Good Job.

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  • hey good points 🙂 and how abt backlinks ,,, it is very imp too 🙂 and comment love should be done in all blogs to get a backlinks and do follow blog too

  • Great Article. Loved to read some more advanced tips.

    Does Strong or tag help to gain more higher ranking ?



  • Very good information Thank’s for your information, i try to implement it to my sites

  • If you want to improve your page rank then 1st thing modifying keywords in content, title, description, header tags etc., after that you should get back link with good PR sites by directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Article & PR submission, Link exchange etc.

  • I had 6 for some months.. then slowly it decresed to 5 then 4 and now its 3 from almost 1 and a half years 🙁

    anyways nice write up 🙂

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  • Lovely article, Sujith. Thanks for writing this.

  • hey hi everyone..
    get google page rank is very hard and long a way
    You have to keep write and write or add some good contents in your web site and ofcourse get nice qualty backlinks from out or inside website !!
    inside backlinks are first class backlinks in web world. That means search enginees looks your web site like this ” oh yeah this website is working on hard, let we check and visit often ”
    try it and you will see whats difference..;) bye

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