Top reasons why people hate the iPhone


iPhones have received a mixed reaction form the customers. This article enlists the top reasons why the iPhone is hated by a lot of people. It explains in detail the drawbacks of this device and what are the primary reasons why non iPhone users prefer to stay that way Although many people claim that the [...]

It doesn’t take a genius- Samsung’s new ad campaign and Apple fan boys reactions

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Samsung’s latest ad campaign- “It doesn’t take a genius” got widespread attentions through social networks and blogs. Through the features and specs Samsung proves their flagship smartphone Galaxy S3 is far ahead Apple’s new iPhone-5. (A comment on GSM Arena Blog) Totally different plug   :- That's gonna cost you money! and its not universal 720p [...]

How Tactile Touch screens works- The rumored feature of iPhone-5

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Conventional keypad to touch screen- It was a revolutionary change in smart phone evolution especially after the big success of Apple iPhone series. However we can experience the practical difficulties while using the touch screen devices. Absence of the “feel touch” factor makes touch screen devices more prone to typing errors. Without looking into the [...]