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Samsung [email protected] 350 Review and Specifictaions

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This is a guest post by Rez, who is an avid blogger and writes on Technology and Games. Rez operates a Mobile Prices portal, which lists details about mobile specifications, prices, themes and games. He also writes detailed and in depth mobile reviews, the review below lists Samsung [email protected] 350 Specifications and features and elaborates on its functions.

Samsung [email protected] 350 Review

Mobile phones have become such an essential part of our lives. Without them, it is hard to think that we can still function in today’s day and age. Teenagers especially have started to rely on mobile phones for both entertainment as well as necessary contact. After all, parents have this one way of knowing where their children are, at all times. Nowadays, in the market, companies have expanded to huge levels and today there are a large number of them competing to come out with bigger, better and newer models of mobile phones to appease the public and generate income and profit. In such situations, it can sometimes be hard to see which one is making the best of them.

Samsung Ch@t 350 Review
Samsung [email protected] 350 Specifications:

Among other companies, Samsung has become a household name for many. It is a Korean based company that has made billions over the years with its huge range of products. One of these includes mobile phones. They have been making mobile phones for quite some time now, and they are known to keep up with the requirements of the present day and age, and what the public wants. It has branches all over the world and customer satisfaction is one of their primary goals. With over a hundred different models for cell phones, Samsung is still manufacturing many more new ones, some already out, some on their way to come.

Display and Input Features:

Samsung [email protected] 350 is a fairly recent model brought out by Samsung, one of the series of phones that combines both touch screen as well as buttons in the form of a slide out keyboard. What makes this aspect of the phone special, is the fact that many people do not feel comfortable when touch typing, and giving commands through buttons. Repeatedly pressing on the buttons of any phone results in early damage and in some cases even the warranty does not help.

The new Samsung [email protected] 350 has features that make the model comfortable and unique, especially for teenagers. The capacitive touch screen display allows the user to type or give out commands using the touch interaction system. Whereas the slide out keyboard gives the user a second option to simply type out the message using a normal keyboard, in case they are not comfortable using the touch system. This aspect makes the phone ideal, since it appeals to two kinds of people.

Samsung Ch@t 350 Specifications

Camera, Media, Memory and USB

With a 2 mega pixel camera, the phone can take high resolution, high quality pictures as well as videos, for your entertainment. It also has photo editor, for editing and enhancing your favourite pictures and even clip- art options if you are in the mood for some fun. Talking about entertainment, you can now party it up with the Samsung [email protected] 350, with its spectacular speaker sound, surround audio and a 3.5 mm multi purpose audio jack.

With the jack, you can plug in your phone on speakers, woofers, car audio system and almost anywhere and listen to all your favourite tracks without any hassle. The Samsung [email protected] 350 also comes with the option of having Stereo FM Radio when you are tired of your own play list. This particular model is boosted with memory and space for all those tracks, pictures and videos that you want to store in your phone.

With an 8 GB memory card, you have the capacity to store almost anything you like and still be left with extra. It also has the Bluetooth v2.0 gateway that allows for exchange of files with all your family and friends. Also stay connected and use the Bluetooth gateway to directly connect to your home PC and transfer files, whenever you feel like.


The Samsung [email protected] 350 supports JAVA versions and update which makes it ideal to download and transfer all your favourite games and have fun, playing them whenever and wherever you like. The Samsung [email protected] 350 has a whole lot of features that appeal especially to teenagers due to the enhanced messaging qualities available. The keyboard is said to be comfortable to type messages on, otherwise there is always the touch screen to work with. Teenagers are more likely to have this text frenzy and so will definitely enjoy this mobile phone. Last but not least, the price for this mobile is around $ 113 USD, however, it might vary from retailer to retailer.

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