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Sakshat-The Indian 35$ Dream tablet is a dupe of Chinese gadget?

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Sakshat, the much proclaimed 35$ cheap pad computer is going to be commercially available by the beginning of 2011. Reports say the leading Computer manufactures HCL  got the contract to manufacture this prestigious tablet computer of India. It is quiet incidental that now a shocking news is  spreading over the net. “Sakshat is a copy of Chinese manufacturer Hivision’s SpeedPad PWS700HA .” Hivision had displayed this product at CeBIT 2010.

Sakshat is developed by the premier scientific institutes of India like the IITs and IISc . This is the main reason to make this news unbelievable, but  after going through the pictures, videos and features of both the devices, a second thought will certainly come into your mind also.

See the pictures and videos  of Hivision’s PWS700HA  and Sakshat.  Not only the appearance, Features are also similar. Both the devices are Android based, 3G and WiFI enabled, Display is of  7 inches, Touch screen, Web Cam  etc. The market price of the Hivision’s product is 100$ . One  similar model model PWS 700FS is  showcased in Hivsion’s site, which is powered by Windows CE OS.

Video of Hivision PWS 700 HA at CEBT 2010

Review of Sakshat in NDTV Gadget Guru

Now it is too early to reach in a conclusion that who copied what.  Hivision or the developers of Sakshat have not yet responded to this news. Let’s wait for their comments.

Via Androidos.in

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  • This is certainly a shocking revelation for sure. After Tata Nano we got much wooed by the tag of manufacturing stuff at economical price tags and now it has become a matter of shame if that turns out to be true.

  • Ravi Shanker

    Whats the unnecessary buzz about. The biggest problem with we indians is that we don’t believe that we can do anything ingenuine. Also since both use android platform its very natural for the controls also to be the same. If we are discussing about the buttons on both the gadgets remaining on the left and if thats considered to be a copy, then we must rethink of our judgement. Nokia mobiles have the similar number of number keys as of chinese mobiles, doesnt mean that chinese are copying nokia. Its just that to run any mobile we need atleast as many number of keys. And going by this logic Nokia too is a copy cat of Motorola… eh!

    Instead let us all appreciate that we could produce something better at 70% lesser the price.

  • raj
  • Rajesh Narwal

    hello guys all this done by Chinese is fake. they always wants to turn India down. Do u think if thats there innovation then they remain kaap quit after knowing that India is calming on that. They never remain quit they definitely creates a big political esshu on that but they have.nt done that. also go to thinkvision website there are no products at all that website is not looking a website of some tablet manufacturer company its all looking like fake. Indians are the real inverters

  • COoL!!

    I think this topic is a waste of time coz, we all know that India has developed it!!
    Otherwise, how could it be possible to make the same thing at 75% lesser price!!

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