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Run your Bike without Battery

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The battery of motor cycles are usually used to power horn and indicators. If you are not using the bike regularly, then  the battery will be under charged and get damaged easily. Here on simple technique to power the horn and indicator of the bike.

For this you need to purchase one electrolytic capacitor of rating 2500 micro Fared 16 Volt (More rating can also be used). This is available at all electronic spare parts or repair shops for approx Rs 15/-

Remove the faulty battery and connect the capacitor’s positive lead to Red wire and negative lead to black/ green wire. The lead identification of capacitor is as show.Aluminum_Electrolytic_Capacitor

Now start the bike…Your bike’s horn and indicator will work. This is tested with Hero Honda, Bajaj and TVS bikes.

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  • Husein Shaikh

    i have a yamaha Ss125 my button of passing current was broked so i turned that connection to automatic… after that and before also (when buttone broked) its not passing current tho its diretly wire… after a week when tried to start my bike it started in few kicks but next day again it is not starting. what is happening to my bike.
    shall i change or charge mybattery.
    local repairs in my area cant fix it any solution guys plz help me out

  • Balaji

    How to add self start electronic type in Hero Honda cd dawn. It is old one. 2005 model

  • Kanaram Dhayal

    My bike cd deluxe model 2005
    Whose main light is very low light

  • Raja sekhar

    Thank U….It works for my Platina 100cc….

  • Vijay

    I recently read about super capacitors and have seen it on youtube where a car owner replaces the chuncky battery with super capacitor and uses it successfully.
    Kindly suggest if that can be done with my pulsar and unicorn bikes.


  • Mohit Kashyap

    Sir , i want to modiphy HERO HONDA CD DELUXE 2007 Model by self start .is it possible? how much cost?


    I am Prakash i am using hero honda splendor plus model:2009 i love my bike very much.I decided to fit 12volts horn it’s name mocc imported horn to my bike. but my battery gone away. I need your suggestion to use these capacitor for this type of horn.my id [email protected] please reply as soon as possible i am expected your reply every second……

  • Abhilash Darbastwar

    Can i connect the ultracapacitor in parallel with battery of my bike??? Is it possible?? If yes…then wat rating of ultracapacitor i should prefer for my bajaj discover 125ST?
    Pleas reply as soon as possible…


    I am using Cbz Extreme i placed new battery 5 month back which is a cost of nearly 4000/-, now self starting is not working.. some times it working if i am going on bike if bike is going on crests and trufs the indicators are working ,, in remain they are not working.. please intimate me the problem and now what i have to do

  • raj

    sir, does it can be possible in pulser 150 cc dtsi plz help me

  • May I use 2500 micro farad, 16 volt capacitor in Hero Honda splender kick start, model 2002. Can u assure me that the capacitor does not harm to electronic system as bike capacity is 12 volt whereas capacitor is of 16 volt.

  • sanjay bhandari

    will i concet capacitor my 100cc bike…& start the horen & light… plz tell me…

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