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Responsive Social Share Button Plugin For Joomla!

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After a long while, back into Joomla! extension development. This Highly Responsive Social Share plugin displays a beautiful bar of Popular social share network buttons in your Joomla! site. The plugin is very light weight , easy to install and configurable.  Go through this Demo site to see the Extension in action. This Extension is compatible with Joomla 3.3.x versions only.

Responsive Social Share plugin joomla

  • Very Light and fast loading. No images are used to display the social share buttons (Thanks to Fontawesome Fonts).
  • Highly Responsive– The plugin output is highly responsive, fits to any containers and adjusts automatically with any type of devices (Credit goes to the awesome  Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Button script by KNI Labs ).
  • Email, Google Plus, Facebook Share, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked-in and StumbleUpon buttons (More social networks will be added shortly).
  • URL shortening for Twitter. You can optionally enable Bit.ly URL shortening feature for Twitter.
  • Social Share links opens in Popup Window.
  • No need to use Separate Open Graph Plugins- Open-graph Meta Tags will be added automatically.
  • Button can be optionally displayed above, below or above and below the articles.
  • Option to disable plugins in Home Page articles, Specific Categories and Articles.
  • This responsive social share plugin is compatible with all Modern Browsers such as Internet Explorer 9 and above, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc.


Download The Social Share Plugin from Here. Go to Extension Manager and install the extension. Go to Extension >> Plugin Manager and Activate the “Techlineinfo Responsive Social Share” Plugin and Configure it.
admin1-responsive social share
  • Maximum Width: You can set the maximum width as per your Theme, and the button will span across this width.
  • Show on Featured Page: If you want to show the button in Featured articles, Select “Yes”
  • Position on Featured Page: Position of buttons on Featured Articles (Above the article introduction text or below)
  • Position : Position of buttons on article pages. You can set Top, bottom or both top and bottom.
  • Exclude Views : You can exclude the plugin from displaying the social share buttons in Category Pages, Archive Pages, Search Pages etc.
  • Exclude Categories: If you don’t want to display the social share buttons in a specific category, or categories, the same can be set here.admin2-responsive social share
  • Exclude article id: You can set the ids of articles where you don’t want to display the social sharing buttons.
  • Button Selection: You can optionally enable/disable  Email, Facebook, Google Plus, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Linked in  and Pinterest Button.
  • Bit.ly URL Shortener: It is a nice option to use short URLs for Twitter Sharing. You can signup for Bit.ly (https://bitly.com/) URL shortening service for your website and get the user name and api keys. Bit.ly user name and api keys can can be accessed from https://bitly.com/a/your_api_key after sign up.

The Extension is 100% free and you can use the same in your Joomla! sites without any restrictions. Please spread some love by sharing this in your Social Network. Don’t forget to Rate this Extension in Joomla! Extension Directory

Download Techlineinfo Responsive Social Share Plugin Ver 1.0.0


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57 comments… add one
  • Boris

    Download link of Download Techlineinfo Responsive Social Share Plugin Ver 1.0.0 is broken

  • Clifton Stuckey

    This is a fantastic Joomla Extension. Unlike pretty much every other social share button extension, this one both looks good and actually works.

    Thank you very much!

  • marco

    Dear Sujith,

    For me these are the best social share buttons at the moment but… how to use your plugin on k2? Please, help me to configurate it with k2 and I will be really happy to share an awesome review on your plugin and on your support!

    Best and thanks for your help,


    • Sure, I’ll try to include K2 support also. Stay tuned

  • Marco

    Dear Sujith,

    I look forward to hearing news about it! I will stay tuned for sure 🙂


    • Have you tested this Plugin with K2? Please try once.

  • Rohaa

    Hey, I’ve been looking through piles of social share things and tried a few, and so far I like yours the best! Thanks!

    However, I was hoping you would look into a display issue for me. On my blog (http://everydaymeta.com/index.php/blog), in column layout, your icons appear strangely cut off. Is there something you might be able to do about this?

    • I thinks its a theme specific issue. Can you send your theme to admin(@)techlineifo.com. Let me check

  • Hello,

    thanks fpr the nice plugin!

    Unfortunately Techlineinfo Responsive Social Share Plugin Ver 1.0.0 in Joomla does not show the correct full article image.

    What can I edit, e.g. in the code?

    Kind regards Axel

    • If you are using some other Extensions which inserts Opengraph Meta Tags, disable the same. In this site (regio-news.de) “og:image” is not specified. If it is not explicitly specified, Facebook may pull wrong image .

  • Hello,

    thanks for the nice plugin!

    Unfortunately, Techlineinfo Responsive Social Share Plugin Ver 1.0.0 in Joomla does not show the correct full article image. Instead is shows some other image of the homepage Sidebar…

    What can I edit, e.g. in the code?

    Kind regards Axel

    • The plugin automatically insert Opengraph Metatags for social networks like Facebook. Here the first image of the article is pulled as “og:image”. Can you specify the social share network? or the URL that you are facing issue?

  • Hello,

    i downloaded installted the plugin again. No difference, sorry sometimes no srticle fulltext image sometimes shown in facebook popup window. Or a wrong one.

    Then I tried in line 36 of the php file:

    $pattern = “/]*src\=[‘\”]?(([^>]*)(jpg|gif|png|jpeg|JPG|GIF|PNG|JPEG))[‘\”]?/” ;

    No egffect either.

    This is an article:


    At the moment this plugin is enabled (only) in Category:


    Yours Axel

  • marco

    Hello, I’ ve tried it many times, but it doesn’t work with k2. Have you some news about that?


  • Happy

    I have tried with k2 but always why the content and the image does not appear as well as on the share url like this https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=http://domain.comhttp://domain.com/package/item/11-paket-tour-lombok-3-hari-2-malam.html

    Warm Regards

  • Aria

    I wish there was an extension of this beautiful buttons as well
    i need the extension not the plugin

  • Just today 27.03.2015 I have tested the plugin on my site and working perfectly for K2 articles!
    Check it at the bottom of this K2 article:
    Thanks so much to the developer 🙂

    • Hi, Thanks for your comment and happy to know that the extension works well, there is a small bug as specified by other users. Now fixed it. Please download and use the updated file.

  • Hello, this is a very nice plugging but unfortunately doesn’t work well. By Facebook sharing share a false link – like this: “www.testweb.dehttp” as you can see is not the article link but the domain and that wrong, with “http” at the end.

    The the correct one would be : “http://www.testweb.de/index.php/en/artwork/396-amnesia”

    It make no difference if Bit.ly URL Shortner is enable or disable.
    All other sharing buttons are working well. Can I do something to fix this?

    Another question, I would more appreciate the smallest Buttons you present here, how do I have to set to get this?

    Thank you in advance!
    Best Regards,

    • Thanks Ann for pointing the bug. I hope you are using K2. The error was with K2 contents only. Updated the code. Please download again and try

  • thanks for the nice plugin..!

  • Carolina

    Thanks for this plugin !!!! I have a problem when I share an article in Facebook, only the image and the title appears, but the description does not appear. I have tried to add a brief description above on “Read more”, but does not work.

  • Hi,
    is this plugin compatible with SobiPro, I mean can I make possible to show the social share within an entry in SobiPro?

  • lifeguard

    Nice plugin
    but there is a bug in tweet button

    when you share a page or url the last word is connected to the url so the url is not clickable.

    you get something like

    it mus be
    Titleofarticle (space) http://www.yourlink.com

    How to fix?

  • Hi Sujith.
    Congratulations for this fantastic tool! It is simple to use and visually appealing. Thanks a lot 😉

    At first using the button to share on Facebook I found a problem: “description text” was not correct. In their place the text of “Site Meta Description” (specified in the global configuration) appeared.
    Examining the source code, I realize that the tag “og:description” was not generated (however you say “No need to use Separate Plugins- Open Graph Meta Tags Open-graph will be added automatically”). Oh my… BUT putting the desired text in the field “Meta Description” (Edit Article – Publishing tab) do the trick! 😉

    The site is in development stage but you can check it out in http://www.espacio-ciudadano.com.ar/index.php/cats/blog-sample-content/12-sample-content-1

    Also some small things:
    – Like lifeguard user commented “when you share a page or url in tweeter the last word is connected to the url so the url is not clickable” is still present (in Social Share bar it is corrected).
    – An option to “include categories” would be useful. IE: If I have 50 categories and only want the buttons to appear at 10, with the existing option of excluding I should select 40 categories instead of only 10 with the option to include (am I right?).
    – Datestamp in this comment section would be useful too.

    PS: sorry my english, it is not my native tongue.

    • Lenyman

      I found a solution for twitter url problem: just edit “techline_socialshare.php” file. In line 181 there this code:
      ‘.$row->title.”. $shortlink .’

      Add a space between .”. like this: ‘.$row->title.’ ‘. $shortlink .’

      That’s all. 😉

  • Riccardo

    Hi, this is a nice plugin…
    Unfortunately I had to remove it because cause it crash with virtuemart pdf function (product view and orders function into back end)…
    Joomla 3.3.x – VM 2.9

  • This is a really nice plugin – I hope you continue to refine it.

    The icon width calculation is not working correctly when I use it to display just two icons and give it a with of say 100px. The second icon is a small square, the first gets the rest of the set width.

    It would be nice to have a text field to add some text, so I can have something like ‘Share’ rather than the channel name – which is obvious.

    Or may be the default should be ‘Share’ ?

    I hope you continue to develop this, it is one of nicest social share plugins available, many are so awful looking.

  • Jagadeesh


    Great plugin. One small issue with my chosen template implementation. The template, by default, has the list-type as none and uses font-awesome to show the list icon. Since your plugin also does the same, one can see the > along with the social share icons. Is there any fix other than disabling the Font Awesome icon in css?

    URL: http://ja-kr.com/sunstar/products/screen-printing/pre-press/grunig

  • Moos

    Hi, absolutely fantastic extension!!!, Just one questions, how can I get the buttons to move to the top-right or bottom-right of the article.

    Many thanks,

  • Jackie


    Great work! This is the best social plugin for Joomla i’ve used.

    Is it possible to display this plugin in virtuemart and easyblog?


  • Thanks for the plugin. I will use this plugin for my new website. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Pat

    Thanks for the nice plugin!

  • Hello.I have the same problem with k2.It ‘s not show article description and photo.Can you help me please?

  • Iam using Joomla 3.4, when I share Joomla article on Facebook it fetch wrong image instead of intro image.

  • Please add whatsapp share button

  • Hi,

    seems like the Techlineinfo Social Plugin causes a conflict with Easyblog component. Can you please check what might be the issue. We would really like to implement both to our sites, but this will be dropped first if there’s unsolved conflict with the Easyblog component. If you need more info, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the great plugin.
    I found the following problem. The tag og: image in the article does not show the image.
    I made the following changes:

    In techline_socialshare.php
    line 155

    if ( $this->params->get( ‘facebook’ ) == 1 ) {
    $document = JFactory::getDocument();
    $config = JFactory::getConfig();

    $image_article = json_decode($row->images)->image_fulltext;
    if (!empty($image_article)){
    $document->addCustomTag( ” );
    } else {
    $pattern = “/]*src\=[‘\”]?(([^>]*)(jpg|gif|JPG|png|jpeg))[‘\”]?/” ;
    preg_match( $pattern , $row->text , $matches );
    if ( !empty( $matches ) ) {
    $document->addCustomTag( ” );

  • Hello,
    I have a little problem.
    In my css file my template, i use a “bullet” for lists.
    .iicd-postcontent ul> li: before, .iicd post ul> li: before, .iicd-textblock ul> li: before
    content: url (‘../ images / postbullets.png’);
    margin-right: 6px;
    bottom: 2px;
    position: relative;
    display: inline-block;
    vertical-align: middle;
    font-size: 0;
    line-height: 0;

    This “bullet” appears on the top of each social button.
    Since then I remove this “bullet” socially buttons.

    Thank you

  • Hello and thanks for the great plugin.
    One question.

    In k2 category view, plugin does not shares the correct article or even the category. It just shows one article.
    Try this url http://www.synpeka.gr/mikri-lianiki.html
    and share something. Is it possible to correct this to share the article that has to share.

    Thank you in advance!
    Best regards,


  • Vicky

    Hi, I’ve installed Techlineinfo Responsive Social Share. Love it, but notice that twitter share runs the text of the title and URL together, so link to web page is ‘broken’. See example here:
    Happens whether or not bitly URL shortener function is on/off. Please assist, thanks!

  • Hi, this is a nice plugin that is light-weighted (fast!) as well. I want to include “via @username” in the tweet when people click the twitter button. Is this easy to do the coding myself? Can you assist, please. This “via @username” is good practice on social media, so it would be nice to have this feature too.
    Many thanks

  • James

    Something you should definitely consider is making short link (by goo.gl or bitly) appear for copying so users/Admins can share it by themselves.
    then this great plugin can be considered link-shortener too.

  • Henry

    Hi there

    Nice Extension how do you activate it to load on SobiPro ?
    Can anyone help me please.

  • Great plugin! I know how to display the plugin also in the product detail page in virtuemart 3? Thank you.

  • Diego

    The best plugin in his kind !!
    I was looking for something like this for a long time. Exelent work !!

  • Excellent plugin, My question is whether it is possible to position the plugin elsewhere, that is, if you can position below the gallery of the item of k2? Thank you!

  • Along Kichu

    Thank you Sujith, it is indeed a very beautiful plugin.

  • Cambrodi

    Sorry, Plugin Social Share Link is broken

  • I love it…. I’ve disabled it though, cause it opens in the same window… Directing traffic away from my page. No popup as other share apps. Would be nice to have that feature. Please fix.

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