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Railway E- Ticketing system for Defence personal of India

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trainA good news for defense personal  of India. No more waiting in long queues of railway station. No more filling of railway warrants, railway forms and concession vouchers. The Controller General  of Defence Accounts (CGDA) has started its e-ticketing pilot project, by which soldiers serving in altered locations of the country will be able to get tickets at their corresponding units. In a year’s time, the activity will be available throughout the country.

A travel portal has since been developed by CGDA office and a Pilot Project to cover 20 units of three defence services i.e. Army, Navy and Air Force at different locations in the country. The project has been launched by Vice-Chief of Army Staff on 30 December 09 from the CGDA HQ office Delhi.

How the systems works

E-ticketing system in lieu of Railway warrant is being developed via web services integration offered by IRCTC. Railway tickets can be booked by any unit over the internet through a centralized portal being developed by the CGDA. A predefined amount will be deposited in the Revolving Account at the central level with IRCTC. Tickets booked by any unit will be debited against this revolving account. The money will be recouped in the Revolving account periodically.

Advantages of this system

  1. Audit & Accounting of the travel entitlement will be automatically carried out the time of booking itself.
  2. No wrong claim can be made by the Railways;
  3. Cash handing will be nil.
  4. Precious time of officer and PBORs being wasted in the Railway station as is happening in the present system will be avoided.
  5. No extra work load at the unit level.
  6. No involvement of postal Department.
  7. Unit will be saved from the complicated task of handling accounting of warrants/Form’D’/CVs etc.
  8. Proper budgetary control can be exercised and MIS for decision making will be available centrally.
  9. No hassle in getting the refund for cancelled tickets
  10. Minimum manual intervention, hence saving in manpower & administrative cost
  11. Financial saving as the recurring processing charges to railways will be done away with.

Source: CGDA

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  • Gopakumar

    A very good system, it should be implemented all over the country with immediate effect, so the present system of warrant/CVs can be avoided. The corruption at all levels including in the ticket counters can be demolished. Most of the country the asking money for defence reservation is now in vogue. It can be void in future, the most of the defence persons are accepted the procedure.


  • Mukul Dogra

    It should be implemented as soon as possible.It may help the soldiers to save their precious time of their limited leave.It may also benefited to in traveling in urgency defence personal have to move weithout any pre planning

  • surenderreddy

    I want know how to book ticket a soldier


    Dear Sir/Madam
    The booking procedure/location or unit to be enlisted please; accordingly precious time can be saved.
    V Pradhan

  • pravin tambade

    sir best system for our busy life but can we get waiting ticket from unit level

    • dinesh

      Why waitlist tkt only? You can now get confirmed tkt also if tkt is available. It will be first come first serve kind of service through computer.

  • ram prasad

    Sir could we make it more eiserby giving option to give input to the main irctc website like warrant/CV no., particulars of individual, issuing authority etc which are necessary for audit and railway department can claim dues directly from issuing authority. By doing this we can reduce paper work also.

  • marendra verma

    Yes when I know the syatem I confueaed how it may possiable but realy if its true then it will help to make a new India. But presently some questions are in my mind i.e. How many times ticket can be camcelled. How many times to take free/CV can be availed and what will be nature of paymemt in caae of CV avail.t

  • Dinesh pandey

    I fill very proud to know new system of reservation for indian forces but it should be hastel free for each serving soilder that he must reserve his seat himself by putting his serving number directly, if there is warrant/ form d/ cv are bal he should get otherwise on payment he must get confirmed seat.

  • r s reddy

    Sir/madam dis was very… nice and its important news for all def services , especially at the time of temp duties no one expect even the department where they send when our services required for our nation that is very …..helpful to us for perform best service to our nation and simultaniously please consider tatkal and premium tatkal also use for certain conditions apply Like temp duties, training,flood relief etc., and one more thing to important to add for defence pay allowances by publish with suitable evidences through individuals this has to be very use to avoid corruption and full efforts has been put on defend to our enemy’s pl

  • P C Sekhar

    Really its a good, It will help our defence peiple lot through this system there is a lot of advantanges low stationary no postal load no time wastage very nice

  • s kuppan

    Sir iam seving in army last 13 year rank naik
    But this facility has not been supported low level
    we are like only monthly payment (money,cash)mode for traveling
    Such as
    1. Travel allounce
    2. Warrant allounce… etc
    Or any one method

    Because (Money mode)
    We like flight or train any mode of travel by any time and own time for helpfull

  • Nice inf for the defence pesonals who are not getting ticket booked by standing hours in the que and travelling 2-3 days without seats.
    Thanks for sharing

  • hariom

    This is not a good opton as fare paid would be increased.for ex:if i want to go to jodhpur from chennai,now in present system i’ll make a single blank paper ticket from chennai to jodhpur at telescopic rates.in new system point to point reservation would have to be done,making the reservation a costlier affair. Secondly, fare will be deducted from payslip at your record office which usually is deducted after 3 months of reservation

  • Mukesh

    Can this facility is only for active personal ? Not for Ex-Servicemen ?

  • Request from all defence pesonel to implement the easy & convenient service as soon as possible.
    Time bachega to age ladai v to karni he.

  • It’s good for a defence parson

  • sunil duhan

    Sir , how does work this system
    Can u provide video about how work this system work in defence

  • BS Maan

    It is very Nice System for soldier in army no planing for leave 24 hours duty at 12 month then tuhe soldier book ticket in less time

  • kailash

    Sir can I book a tatkal e ticket by using CV through this system.

  • ikrar hussain

    dts k bare m puri jankari ki kis tarh se ham es m kam kar sekht h

  • Sudalairaj S

    We are to move on duty sortly. In that case by getting CV/ rly warrant no use. Can we get reservation by using the CV/Rly warrant when mco quota not availble

  • Uttam Singh

    It’s good for a defence parson

  • Uttam Singh

    I fill very proud to know new system of reservation for indian forces but it should be hastel free for each serving soilder that he must reserve his seat himself by putting his serving number directly, if there is warrant/ form d/ cv are bal he should get otherwise on payment he must get confirmed seat…..
    …..uttam rathore

  • harjeetsingh

    Kis ne yeh sys siru kiya hai uss ko yeh nahi malum ki issme waiting ticket par safar nahi kar sakte. Aur kon sa Indian army ka officer hai jo jawan ko 4 month pehle leave ke liye bol dega ki reservation kar lo. Jis ne yeh siru kiya hai ya to woh fuji nahi hai aur agar hai to woh cu…….. hai

  • Co ordered to me mov banglore now i have time 3 hrs in that time what ticket needed from e-ticketing

  • Pl provide video how to book e-ticket and i-ticket and tatkal rules advantages and disadvantages at unit loc

  • Rakesh thakur

    Sir, I am defence civilian permanent central govt employee with more than 10 yrs of service. Can I avail defence quota facilities and how. Kindly help.

  • I want to know is a soldier applicable for travel by Suvidha Trains

  • When we browsing Firefox e token password box appear after than type password No movement any browsing any hung the system plz help me

  • 1. CO Token No CO1A01998 suddenly has not work, screen show this msg- Unable to Log-In as CO. is not active. Pass-Word is proper and correct type. MB Token is working on.
    2. Please open & working CO Token.

  • Dharmendra Kumar jha

    I purchased e tickets i am in train now how can I availed defense couta seat

  • Sir what is the TR rule of LTC (Once every alternate year the individual shall have the option to travel with or without his family to a leave station other than home station/SPR on family wt at his own discretion)

  • GR Dash

    yah bahut badhia system hai. Yah aur bhi behatar ho sakta hai, agar waiting ticket se bhi travel kiya jaye to….

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