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QR 678 – A new therapy for baldness

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Happy news for bald people and a solution for the hair loss worries. Hyderabad based doctors  Dr Debraj Shome and Dr Rinky Kapoor have announced the invention of a special solution for hair fall and rapid hair growth in bald head. They run a clinic named Esthetic Clinic located at the Apollo Hospital City Hyderabad.

Dr Rinky Kapoor and Dr Debraj Shome

This is a stem cell molecule injection therapy. This molecule is named QR 678. Their site says that the preliminary studies revealed an 80% hair growth within 6 months of time for more than 90% of people who tried this injection therapy. Moreover in some cases the results were better than the hair transplantation surgery. The product is a result of the 4 years rigorous research and is being patented.

There are different factors involve in  hair growth of human beings. They identified one of such factor which led development of this product. These artificially developed molecules in lab will be injected to the skin which stimulates the hair growth.

For this treatment no hospitalization is required. QR 678 molecules will be injected to the scalp with small painless injections. A session of injection is about 15 minutes long. One ml of medicine is required for one session. Like this total 8 sessions are required spaced 2-3 weeks apart. Cost of one session is Rs 5000/- means a total of 40,000/- for the complete treatment. Till now more than 500 people have already successfully tested this treatment  including the pop singer Anadia.

More details and appointment Contact Mr Sheetal of The Esthetic Clinik on +919573617914.

Courtesy: The Esthetic Clinic

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  • Piyali Ghosh

    If this works, many people will gain their confidence back. This will increase their work efficiency and productivity.
    Please do not take back the hope. Make this work. You are angels.
    May god bless you. I too want to be one of your beneficiary.

  • Really…!!! I reckon, I may soon have to strike an appointment with Dr Rinky Kapoor…! ;-)) This may be one of the revolutionary breakthroughs in the direction of reviving the fertility of the scalp… Very interesting and useful info… ;-))

  • Rishi

    I am a young software professional with premature baldness, I tried several derma and trichological treatments but nothing helped me restore my crowning glory.
    If this one really works as claimed, then it’ll be nothing short of a god sent miracle. Im excited by this very idea.

  • Anil Kumar

    I was excited by this technique and immediately called the doctor to book an appointment. i may consult them next week. will post you my experience with them and let you all know more info..

    • Thanks Anil, we are waiting for you result

    • Arunkumar

      I am eagerly waiting for your experience and result.

  • dr shivali

    its very interesting to know about the new hair growth treatment option .congratulation on your success .would like to know about its availability in delhi if possible.
    thanking you
    dr shivali sethi

  • Arunkumar

    The following lines are quoted in His (Dr.Debraj Shome’s Blog)

    “The QR 678 will NOT necessarily work in everyone. This works only when at least a few hair
    follicles are available in the areas injected! These hair follicles may be quiescent and not very
    health, they may even be microscopic and NOT visible to naked eye examination, BUT they need
    to be there! Hence, first we need to examine your scalp skin with a magnifier to see if these hair
    follicles are available and only then can we recommend therapy.
    If the scalp is completely bald, the QR 678 therapy will not work. Results generally are 80 %
    regrowth or more depending on the extent of the problem. Improvement starts after 4 sessions”

  • Rohit

    I m a RF Engg with premature baldness in crown and temple area, I tried several derma and trichological treatments but nothing helped me.
    If this one really works as thn i will surely go to APOLLO hyderabad frm delhi. I m excited by this very idea as i jst wanna get rid of my Cap as soon as possible.
    God Bless U 🙂

  • Mainak

    Hi I am a software engineer based in kolkata. i am 24 years of age. I was over joyed when i came across this new break through discovery. I underwent one sitting of hair transplant. It was indeed apainful. i can handle pain to a certain degree but I could not gather courage to go for anotehr sitting. I have very thin hair around my temple even after the transplant. I would definitely give these shots a try and it would be amazing if it does what it promises.

  • Renu

    Please let me know when you are opening your clinic in Bangalore.


  • neeraj

    Can u tell me u have any branch in delhi…..mai to bagwan se manata hu ki aap is mai puri tarah se kamyab ho jaye or ye some idiot clinic apna bag and baggege ke sasath apna clinic band kare kyuki ye clinic baal kam dete hai khun jyada chuste hai like dr bxxra rechfeel dr saxxen and many more….

  • nithin

    i called up to make an appoinment but got waiting for a month can someone who already tried this treatment let me know wether it really works cause i cant afford to thorw huge amount for no result….

  • divyesh

    Hi its amazing that your hard work has paid and when can we expect your clinic in Bangalore ?

  • marco

    I doubt this stuff work. Where are the happy patients???? the photos they provided are lies..look at the third photo….the hair direction of the before picture is COUNTER CLOCKWISE, the hair direction of the AFTER picture is CLOCKWISE…………SCAM SCAM SCAM

    • Anon

      Yeah. They suggested that hair may grow differently after the treatment! And that minoxidil was a part of the treatment!
      Whats so revolutionary about that? They seem to have good credentials on paper, but where is the transparency?

  • kiran

    i’m very happy to know about the new hair growth treatment…. would like to know about its availability in BANGALORE if possible.
    thanking you

  • charlee

    If it is true , which is claimed is claimed ,then i would like to congrates you and ur team ,as you told 700 patient have been treated ,you should provide the images atlest .

  • I thnk u shud hav to post the contact no. of those persons who have gone throgh with this treatment so tht at least we can talk to them and share the experience…….Its my hard earned money so i would like to share the experience first thn afterwards i cn go with this technique…..


    • saurabh kunal

      Hi Salil,
      I came across ur name in the blog for QR 678.Did u got number of any one who has taken QR 678 treatment..

  • shailesh

    can someone share his/her personal experience with this treatment…. is there any side effects..

  • zen

    These two jokers are frauds.Tread carefully.I spoke with one of the doctors on phone and when I asked him some details about the treatment(i have a medical background),he got very defensive and rude and said if I don’t want it,i can go somewhere else.Must ask them the research
    details and take validation from their peers .Apollo hospital doesn’t endorses their treatment.They must have paid money to timesofindia to publish the report to con gullible people …

  • Sathya Kumar D

    This very great achievement in medical research. phyclogically it build the confidence that no longer person have aged. Can anyone help me to get Bangalore treatment address

  • ashwin

    if its true then i show me the pic’s of those3 persons who have undergone ds TREATMENT . and i dont even belive in contact number also they might give there friends and family members number and fake us … being a human being pls dont fool people. if its really working and there is no side effects then pls make everyone belive that what ur tellling is true .

  • madhav

    not sure if we can believe this, i met the doctor last week, said only can guarantee some hair that too 20%, which is not the case if we read their website, once you see then only you can say how it will work for you.mine was just a consultation, lets see..how far its true

    • Ketan

      I was planning to undergo this QR678 treatment…But now I am not sure if I would really be going for this one…btw, have you tried the hair transplant technique? I am seriously thinking of that now…would be a little painful but I geuss, that would only work rest all seems fake.

  • shailesh

    God bless you please keep it up.

  • ritu

    sara false hai maine 25,000 rs barbaad kar diya aap logo ko bhi kuch dino mai pata chal jaega abhi to kisi ka treatment pura kaha hua hai abhi mera sirf 6mihina hua hai kuch dino tak to thik tha lakin phir wase hi ho raha hai jaise pahle tha..

    • Anon

      Kya apne new growth notice kiya? Aur 25000 kya pehle hi ek saath le lete hain?
      Vaise, thanks for the update.

    • madhav

      hi ritu, did you atleast see some improvement when treated? please give us some more information, nobody would want to lose money, bad luck for you for losing money for nothing, if you help us know more then we would be atleast not wasting money, hope to hear from you. thanks