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How to Copy, Erase, Edit or Translate the texts within images using Google Chrome.


To manipulate the texts within an image, you need to download the same and use some image editing applications like Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, InkScape etc. If you are an average computer user, it is always painful. Now a new Google Chrome plugin comes enables you to copy, erase, edit or translate the texts within the [...]

Linux Mint 16 – A practical alternative for Windows XP


Linux Mint is an Ubuntu based GNU/Linux with a user friendly attractive interface. If you are new to Linux Desktop versions, no doubt Mint Linux is the best option for you. Best user friendly interface If a windows user switches to some Debian destros like Ubuntu , fedora etc, no doubt at least in the [...]

Top Cloud Computing Issues For Universities & Their Workarounds

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The educational market becomes more competitive each passing year. Colleges and universities are adopting new learning technologies with an aim to expand outreach, improve efficiency and gain a competitive edge. The U.S. Department of Education has given a nod to technological development, as evident in the National Education Technology Plan. According to them, the data [...]

Google’s April fool Gift- Sharable Selfies – Shelfies


Self pictured portraits known as selfies was the trend of year 2013. Selfies of popular actors and politicians became viral in social media. Every year Google celebrate fool’s day with their subscribers in some innovative ways. The same trend follows this year also.Yesterday on a Gmail blog Google has announced the introduction of new Google [...]

Dendroid- The Android Malware takes control of your smart phone


What is Dendroid ? Dendroid is an Android Malware comes under category of Trojan which works as a Remote Access Tool (RAT). Here the legitimate Android application package files (.apk files) are inserted/modified with malware codes. The worst part is the criminals released this as commercial product, that anyone can purchase the Dendroid tool for [...]

Access your Android Phone SD Card data through WiFi With Droid Over WiFi


Droid Over WiFi is an Android Application that allows you to access the Android smartphone and tablets SD card from your PC. Here you need not to use USB connection or install programs in your computer. The app only requires that, the devices are connected to the same WiFi network. Just login to the URL [...]

BSNL WiMAX broadband – Is it suitable for you?


Nowadays most of the BSNL subscribers keep their land line connection mainly for broadband purpose only. In terms of economy and bandwidth, BSNL is miles ahead as compared to their competitors. BSNL is facing acute shortage of manpower to maintain the exchanges and underground cables. Road side digging work often damages the underground cables and [...]