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Now ImageShack service is not available for unregistered domains

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ImageShack.us one of the most popular image sharing sites stopped their service for unregistered domains. Today just noticed that instead of  original images, picture of  Frogs with a caption  “Unregistered domain go to http://imageshack.us to register” are appearing.

Unregistered Domain ImageShack

ImageShack is silent on this issue and not yet answered the queries in their forum. Now several Forums and blogs are filled with ugly yellow Frogs. A Domain registration  link is available in the  Home Page of their site. Site owners can register their domains with ImageShack through this form. I just tried to register but didn’t get any verification email or site verification instructions. Not clear how long it will take.

Problem is with the hot linked images only (Images directly linked to ImageShack). Now  direct links are accessible for registered users only. Forum and HTML Thumbnail codes are working flawlessly. Hot linked images in websites are viewable for registered users. These restrictions are intended  to increase registration and traffic towards their site.

ImageShack.us register to get direct image link

All Images are accessible  through the VPN servers of US /UK and other proxy sites without domain registration or sign up. This indicates that  restriction is applicable for the users in certain countries only.

If you have images hosted with ImageShack and used in blogs or forums then it is better to transfer those images to somewhere else. Images can be accessed after signing in.

Think about the internet marketers those who have used ImageShack hosted images in Newsletters !!

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  • Did you try to fix the issue using this:


    • It’s already done, but I think it will take time to get a site verified. I can see a number of frogs in your site also

      • Yeah. Imagine that >_>”. They didn’t even inform the registered users as well. I can see the images I signed in to imageshack using the same browser, otherwise no.

      • Its back

  • My site also effect with this issue. Need to think bad of hotlinking ..

  • Very bad move by ImageShack they should have informed about this move earlier…

  • My site is full of this frog. This stupid!

  • Incase that link didn’t help, you can ping one of the guys who runs imageshack via twitter. His twitter handle is @mharkey

  • I had this same problem just today. Suddenly frogs started appearing on the center of my blogger blog. So I just did what I wanted to teach imageshack a lesson. I removed the background image causing the frogs. And my blog is even faster now.

    If you have a blogger blog and want to remove the images used for the background, just go to the design section of blogger, Edit HTML, Expand Widget Templates and search for imageshack. Then delete all the nasty images causing the frogs.

  • They are trying to stop outsourcing in every shitty way

    1. No paypal for indians.
    2. no forum (BHW)access to IN ips.
    3. No imageshack for indian IPS + some other countries ips.

    • Not to mention retarded reasons for certain electronic stuff to be expensive.

  • Anybody got response after register your domain.are they really reviewing or not?

  • Now imageshack unlocked my site.it takes 7 hours to review my site.but finally my problem gets over.


    @ragahav’s softwares… THis was not an review for your domain. actually imageshack took the problem back. Within few hours of this FROG they were getting millions of emails per hour. and everyone was going to leave them away.

  • Kris

    Idk if it’s only for me, but the website does not load properly either on Firefox or IE, and I can’t log in :S This totally sucks, I gotta say I’m done with sh¡t and I’m moving to tinypic :S Gross.

    • magdal

      I can´t log in either and the page doesn´t load properly, I use firefox and I´m from Chile… this sucks!

  • OK! now I understood why all those images in forums were getting the frogs! Thanks for the update!


    How can you say that it is reverted back…
    I am from India and I still have this problem..

  • Gaara

    Really idiotic move. For a long time, I thought the problem was on my end seeing how I have issues with imgur due to AdBlock Plus.

  • Tom Gellak

    A really bad move, especially since they did not inform anyone before.
    I had several direct link images from imageshack to various gaming forums and they are now showing the error image instead.
    There are people with hundreds if not thousands of direct linked images from imageshack which they have been using in their line of work, these guys are really screwed now I think!
    I have started using http://Min.us myself which also supports drag-n-drop web 2.0 style functions.

    Bye bye imageshack!

  • Grovenet

    Got the same solution from here:


    However I tried to register my domain but they haven’t verified my domain yet. As of now, I’ve been trying to relocate all the images to other host.

  • ari

    Even if you go back to normal will no longer use this site, and suggest that all disband this drug.

  • netZ

    Why major news site did not immediately publish the news that ImageShack is going crazy?

  • @netZ
    Its because Imageshack have no where officially declared this..

  • magdal

    I found a solution for firefox! I´m so happy… read this link and good luck 🙂

  • I have already registered my domain for a couple of days now but there is no confirmation yet from their side if they were accepted or not. I can see the images now in my computer but I am not sure if others can.

    Please click on the link in my username here and tell me if you can see the pictures (you should not be logged-in to imageshack if you visit my site). Thanks…

  • I registered the domain just when this problem started to happen, and after a day, the images were back.
    But then today, they were gone again.

    So, registering your domain doesn’t really work.
    I was wondering how long more it will last? I have too many images hosted there, but I will move them to another webpage if it continues.

  • Shifted to photobucket but in longterm, i’ve decided to get a unlimited storage/bandwidth server space if my side project is a hit.

  • This is the very bad decision took by imageshack. I am facing a this problem my looks very bad. So i leave the imageshack and just move towards the photobucket. I have registered my domain also but after two days of registration having the same problem.

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