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Nokia X1-01 Frequent disconnection and Network missing problem

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Nokia X1 01

X1-01 is one of the entry level economical Dual SIM mobile handsets from Nokia.  Dedicated Music Keys, Dual SIM Dual Standby, Flash lite, MP3 Player, Organizer, Speaking clock , 3.5 mm jack, Excellent battery life, Loud Speaker etc made this handset a big hit in Indian mobile phone market. Do you think that it’s a better bargain for Rs 1800/-? Wait a bit, let me share my experience. Few months back I bought this phone to gift my friend. Very recently came to know that my gift is just turned as an “e-waste”. I thought it may be the problem of that particular piece and consulted with few other X1-01 users. Surprisingly every X1-01 users are facing the same problem (I cross checked with at least 10 people and confirmed from a local handset dealer also). Just see the problems with this handset-

  1. Frequent Call drops.
  2. Complete Network outage.
  3. Buggy Contact Manager
  4. Handset switches off automatically.
  5. Network of one SIM suddenly goes off (Both in s/by and active mode).
  6. You have to restart every now and then to make the handset functional.
  7. Poor Reception and voice clarity.

From Nokia Forum it is understood that the problem is with a buggy software version 05.29. Now it has been updated with the new versions (Now 05. 44  version is available). Check your software version by entering the code *#0000#. You will not be able to update the software your own, hence go to your nearest Nokia Care shop and get your firmware updated to the latest version. However it is also not a guaranteed solution. Frustrated user comments  underline that. Even after updating the software still the problems persist. An X1-01 victim Jugal says :


I am from India, I bought this phone in month of August 2011. I had problems with this phone from the starting. I have chosen to Nokia ahead of Samsung and Micromax just because of the Standard that Nokia maintains (in my home every1 uses various modes of Nokia phones). but it seems it is loosing it in hurry of launching new phones at faster pace.

15 days back I took the phone to the service center and got the sw version upgraded to version 5.37 but still see the problem:

The phone often looses signal on either SIM or both the SIM.

I am giving caution to all people whom I meet not to buy this phone (also other dual SIM phones of Nokia)

Please fix this bug sooner.. if its not with the software even then Nokia must do some thing to replace this model.

Now Nokia should analyze the problems and compensate the users. Not with your buggy software updates. Some serious design flaws exist in this handset, it is better to withdraw it or learn from your Chinese Counter parts Smile

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4 comments… add one
  • james

    my software version for nokia x1-01 is 5.34 . poor signal . The handset auto – restarts . signal sucks

  • MPhilippines

    I recently had mine repaired. All the above mentioned problems are true.

  • Jawad

    I have Nokia x1-01 with v 05.44 Dated 21-09-11 RM-713 having the same signal loosing problem.tell me the best nokia set for call sms only.?

    • All Nokia dual SIM phones have signal loosing problems. Understood that it’s not a software issue.

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