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Nokia Unveils The Symbian Belle Update In India

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Yesterday, Symbian Belle update was made available to the user of latest Symbian Nokia smartphones with Symbian^3 and Symbian Anna devices. This new Symbian Belle update brings whole lot of changes to the User Interface, improved performance and much more which surely going to allure the users using Nokia smartphone with Symbian^3 and Symbian Anna devices.

What’s New In Symbian Belle Update

  • Brand new User Interface to brag upon.
  • Improved Smartphone performance.
  • More personalization options to choose with new live widgets.
  • Up to six new home screen menus.
  • Imaging application capable to record HD videos @30fps.
  • High quality improved web browsing.
  • Enhanced web video viewing.
  • Easily accessible notification bar
  • Shortcut menus to frequently used features.
  • Introduction of Microsoft Apps such as Lync and OneNote.

Symbian Belle Upgrade Is Available For Following Nokia Smartphone

  • Nokia N8
  • Nokia C7
  • Nokia E6
  • Nokia E7
  • Nokia X7
  • Nokia C6-01
  • And users using Nokia 500 have to wait for a week to get the Symbian Belle update for their devices. But the Microsoft Apps mentioned below will not be available for them.

How To Get Symbian Belle Update For The Above Supported Nokia Smartphones

It’s quite easy to get this update, just connect your devices using the latest version of Nokia Suite to download the Symbian Belle update right away or rush to your nearby Nokia Priority Partners Store to get the work done by the experts there.

Here catch a video to get abreast with the latest Symbian Belle updates right now.

So these are some favourable changes made to your Nokia smartphones mentioned above. Once upgraded, do not forget to share your experience with us.

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  • Sounds like an awesome update for Nokia smartphone owners. Nokia has really lost most of their market in India but few of their phones are saving them total annihilation so for them, its really important that they go on providing better updates to the symbian platform

  • i am a nokia lover. now a days its os market share is going down. i think belle can’t touch android or ios

  • Mohit

    Well, I had used both Android 2.3 & symbian S60 5th edition, Symbian Anna & now belle. Well, I will just say Belle is awesome. It will definitely help to capture the market back.

    Due to that useless shit of S60 5th edition, I moved to Android but Symbian Anna had forced me to switch back to Nokia. And, Belle will not permit me to switch to any other OS.

    Well, people use to talk that Android Market is huge but the pirated one that is available for Nokia Symbian is huge in reality. This made me to switch to Anna from Android. Difference between Anna & Android was just the look which is now covered in Belle. I feel Symbian 3 is far more popular than Android as a lot of pirated applications are available. Stastical data shows that Android is more popular. They use internet based data i.e. how many smartphones connect to internet & not on how many handsets are being sold.

    But, I will say that graphics capability of Anna was better than Android 2.3 & is best in Belle. I am talking about Asphalt 6 Andrenaline. This game has the best graphics in the present mobile games. I am using Nokia X7 which has just 667MHz processor (Same is used in N8, C7, C6-01) & HTC wildfire S which has 600MHz processor but the gaming performance of both these devices cannot be compared. Again, poor resolution on HTC that was used in Nokia S40 devices. One might say that I am comparing X7 which costs a lot more than wildfire; but we too can compare C6-01 & Wildfire S & similar performance will be noted. I had tested the C6-01 also; on performance basis, both c6-01 & X7 are approx. similar.

    Well, powerful games are the one which can really test any GPU, CPU & RAM’s performance.

    Finally, video camera quality is awesome; if we add optical zoom, it will become a pure digital camera.

    I feel that Symbian Anna & Nokia Belle performs better on a similar hardware than what Android 2.3 can.

    • Thanks for your insights, Mohit. I appreciate your observations.. 🙂

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