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Nokia C2-00 Dual Sim Review, Pictures and Video

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This mobile phone  review is carefully crafted by Rez, who has been writing on mobiles, mobile operating systems and relative technologies. Rez on side operates MobilePhones.pk which provides information on mobile phones pricing, detailed features, mobile games, softwares, wallpapers, screensavers, themes, detailed reviews on handsets. and most of Nokia Mobile Phones Prices in Pakistan for 2011. Following review carefully describes About Nokia C2-00

Nokia C2-00 Dual Sim Review:

Nokia C2-00 is a 2G phone that provides you with internet, music, java and Bluetooth at a very low cost. It does not have Wifi and 3G abilities and has a very limited internal memory but can accept a memory card. It provides support for Nokia Ovi mails, Ovi life tools and Nokia messaging too.


Nokia C2-00 is an impressive and stylish phone based upon a bar form factor. Its sleek design is eye catching indeed and the phones in its price range are usually not as handsome as this one. It has a screen of about 1.8 inches with the resolution of display up to 128 x 160 pixels and show up to 64 k colours. It is available from any Nokia outlet in grey, black or white colour.

Dimension wise it resembles most of Nokia’s low priced phones (108 x 45 x 14.65 mm).

It takes the design of low cost phones to a new level while weighing a very convenient 75 grams.

Nokia C2-00 review

Nokia C2-00 Review


Nokia has a camera in a low cost phone? That’s an improvement! Nokia usually has never given out cameras in phones that cost less than Rs.6000. The camera is VGA and offers no additional features as expected. All images are stored in its internally built 64 MB memory or the memory card.

Nokia C2-00 Camera

Battery Time:

The battery time of this phone is not very impressive and gives up to 3.5 hours talk time. Usually for low end phones, it is expected that battery would last more as there are no fancy applications to run. Maybe the unexpected integration of a camera and availability of Java apps affects the battery’s performance.


Nokia-c2-00-memory-cardSurprisingly the phone supports a memory card of up to 32 GB. For a phone having the features of Nokia C2-00, this is a lot of space. Since this is a low end phone, it does not require this much memory in most cases. However, if you are a music lover and have a few gigs of songs, you will disagree with me.

Radio and Music:

The mobile can be classified as a fine music phone. Its music performance is enough to satisfy the users. It can support many music formats including the MP3, WAV and eAAC+. It automatically saves the recently and most heard radio stations. It also has a 3.5mm jack to plug in headphones.

Internet and Java:

It also offers internet browsing with the help of WAP 2.0. Nokia C2-00 also offers the user to use the Java MIDP 2.0 technology. This exciting new feature helps the user to add many different applications to his mobile and games as well. The ability to use Java is a much desired feature as most phones in this range do not support it and this limits the application available for the device to a great extent.

Mobile Internet C2-00

Nokia goes for Dual Sim, ‘Finally!!’

Nokia C2-00 is ‘finally’ equipped with the option of dual sim giving the user a priceless advantage. I say ‘finally’ because Nokia’s competitors in the market like Samsung and LG have introduced dual sim phones long before Nokia got the idea. This feature makes it easy for those people who like to carry two Sims along with them and also reduces the effort of carrying another mobile for the second sim.

Why Nokia Went for Dual Sim?

If we critically analyze this feature, there is a very discrete and clear reason why Nokia went for dual sim feature. In Pakistan, I would say 70% or even more subscribers have more than one sim. ‘China mobiles’ brought the feature of dual sim in market, people reluctantly started buying them but with time they got popular. Soon other international brands followed. Nokia however late has also realized the need now.

Hot Swap Feature

Nokia’s C2-00 dual sim feature has an interesting characteristic called the ‘Hot Swap Feature’. One does not have to switch of the mobile and replace the old sim with the desired one. What he has to do is just choose the sim to be used from the newly added icon in the menu.

This feature, although treated as an ‘upgrade’ by Nokia might be a downgrade for some users as many phones are available in the market that can simultaneously run both the sims. Let me clarify this again! You can’t have both sims running on C2-00 simultaneously! One will be in standby mode and one will be operational. Standby means you can’t send or receive messages and calls from that sim.

nokia c2-00 hot swap


This is a nice phone at a very fine price! I can tell you with authority, you can’t get a better phone at a cheaper price. Perhaps Nokia’s attempt to compensate for its late arrival with dual sim resulted in this low price.

However, on a interesting note, I would like to share with readers that recently I saw an add of a 4 sim Chinese mobile! If international brands start following this, we can see some more phones soon!

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  • A good dual sim phone by nokia with a cheaper price. Thanks for sharing this review on Nokia C2.

  • kstv

    can i receive calls/messages from any of the sim in normal mode?

  • Jayram

    Video Stream not working. what can i do? please reply me friends.

  • thank,s all nokia workers .

  • I Like this phone and i am Using since 6Months. Overall Very Good Dual Sim Phone in affordable price.

  • This is the worst dual sim phone ever. My dad was using this phone and i personally hate it. The voice quality is poor, phone looses network connectivity. I made a big mistake purchasing this phone. Its now lying somewhere in the corner. I purchased Asha 300 for my dad and i must say its cool

    • Not only this. All Nokia dual SIM phones equally worst. Main issue is network outage.

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