Mobile Core i5 vs Core i3

  • ooooh 09/10/2010, 5:17 PM Reply

    Just bought a i5 cpu and i am offended by this article.

    Cant argue with the conclusions, the i7 was a bit pricy. so opted for the i5. I also thought i7 was a bit overkill. Usually its the gfx card that makes most difference to me and amount of ram possibly.

  • rajan1311 09/10/2010, 9:11 PM Reply

    and why are you offended ?
    What made you go for the Core i5 over the Core i3 ?

  • Thomas 10/02/2010, 5:32 PM Reply

    “Both the core i3m and i5m processors are 32nm processors and have a TDP of 35W, which is a bit high as the older processors had a lower TDP of 25W.”
    Not exactly true, only the C2D P-series has a TDP of 25W. The more common T-series has a TDP of 35W.

  • rajan1311 10/02/2010, 6:03 PM Reply

    said that just to show that the indicated TDP includes that of IGP. If you see case by case, then I am sure there are processors with a TDP of about 45W on the C2D side. I hope you understood my point :)

  • DF2 10/02/2010, 8:22 PM Reply

    Living in Sri Lanka I hear that most people with I7M processors have a high failure rate as these processors generate lots of heat when pushed and this is not good for hot humid climates. Like someone said unless you are using the machine in a setting that involves serious number crunching like in a an university setting, a good mid range processor like the I5M or even an I3M would suffice in my humble opinion. I think for the average user a better graphics card is more important that an insanely fast processor. I feel like the I3 Mobile is unfairly looked down as an inadequate processor in most forums when paired with a good discrete graphics card it can give a well rounded entertainment experience.

  • Daniel 03/24/2011, 6:15 PM Reply

    Seriously this guy doesn’t know what he is talking about. i7’s don’t have a higher failure rate or anything.. also Turbo Boost is not useless in only quad core processors.. honestly the author of this article doesn’t know anything.

  • rajan1311 03/24/2011, 8:46 PM Reply

    I have not said that the i7s have a high failure rate anywhere in the article…its another person in the comments who has claimed it….you either needs a new monitor or need to get your eyes checked…

    As for the turbo boost, if you have any idea how the thing works, you would know that if both the cores are active, it will not kick in, and hence you will not see much difference..

    I really hope Mr Daniel could share some of his knowledge with us….

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