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Meet Yahoo Axis- Web search with a difference

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On May 23 Yahoo showed the world its new browser for apple devices and a Google plugin which they think will revolutionize the searching the web,its a really good attempt to get back the position from Google,but we have to wait and see the impact.

Ethan Batraski, head of product for the Search Innovation in Axis says it will remove the “process of searching a query in a search engine and then scrolling through the traditional links and then opening one by one to find what we want”,he says using Axis one can directly view the result as thumbnail at one place so that one can have a deck to watch everything related to his search string.


Yahoo Axis offers the only one-step search experience that allows you to enter your search, see and interact with the results, and find what you need without ever leaving the page you are on,this looks better because its very well integrated with the browser itself which makes it pleasant and easy to pick things needed by user easily.

This browser right now is introduced only in Apple itunes by which you can surf be web with a difference using your Iphone/Ipad/Ipod,as expected it has created a good response in the comment field of the iTunes store,here is the screenshot of Axis browser in IPAD.

The chrome extension and the iTunes application can be synchronized just like Google chrome,all you need is to sign in with a Yahoo ID so that when you browse in mobile and when you reach desktop the link will be available in history.

Even though Apple has native Safari browser  Batraski says the product has Apple’s blessing in market and reach.Yahoo’s Axis takes the best that Safari browser  has to offer, its core rendering engine, Webkit etc. Even though you have Axis installed all web related work like opening a link will happen only via the native safari browser (unless the device is jail-broken).

The desktop version is really very quick and sleek,it really wont irritate you like other plugins or addons.Ads as usual like Google are inserted in between by which yahoo gets revenue.One can easily skim through various websites related to the search string,this makes search even more interesting.

But What About Android platform? currently its under development,but Axis will not get the same support from Google.It has to compete a lot with native android browser and the most popular Chrome browser which is in beta stage.

To install the chrome extension Click Here

To install Axis browser to your I device Click Here

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