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Mashable inspired Social Count and Share Plugin for WordPress

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Mashable designs are always trend setters and inspirational. A couple of free and premium versions of Mashable inspired Social Count and Share plugins are already available in WordPress plugin repository. Now  yet another WordPress plugin to show your social media share count.

mashable like social share


  • No images are used: FontAwesome font icons are utilized for displaying social media icons.
  • Social Share Counter: A social media share counter which displays the total share counts on social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Pinterest (Thanks to the Jquery Plugin Sharerrr).
  • Google Analytics Tracking: Social media shares can be tracked through Google Analytics.
  • Short Code and Embed option: You can display the output anywhere inside your posts/ pages through short code. Theme Embed code option is also available.
  • Minimum Share Count: A base number can be set. Counting will start above this number.
  • Pinterest Default Image: While sharing posts to Pinterest, the plugin takes first image of the post to pin, if a post/page without image, you can set a default pin image for Pinterest.
  • Option to Enable/Disable: The plugin can be optionally enable/disable on Posts and pages.
  • Abov/Below Posts: Option to show above or below posts/pages
  • Responsive Design: The widget has three pre-set designs to fit as per screen size


The plugin is listed in WordPress Plugin Repository and you can follow the same conventional WordPress Plugin installation Methods.




The plugin complies with all required standards of WordPress Thanks to WordPress Plugin Review team for verifying and approving the same to include in WordPress Plugin Repository. Please use this plugin and post your comments here for further improvements and bug fixing.

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24 comments… add one
  • Hello,

    First FORGIVENESS FOR THIS BAD ENGLISH to Google translated, you can hopefully 🙂 UNDERSTAND.

    I want to thank GREATLY by Create and Share your GREAT plugin “Techlineinfo Social Count and Share” which has certainly improved my blog.

    After thank INDEED, I wanted to ask if you are thinking of adding some additional options that surely they could be useful to many more users (in which I include myself), such as the option to do floating or follow the scroll , and is adjustable to any size screen, tablet, mobile, etc. As is how the Mashable. I would EXCELLENT who could include this option in the plugin.Ya I wanted to, but having no knowledge of codes and programming languages, I had to use another plugin that serves to float parts of a web, and try to fit the post, but NOT working properly 🙁 NOT look good in parts shown behind some elements, not responsive, etc. so I think if you could include that option, it would be GREAT. Because certainly work perfectly! ..

    Can it be that a future you add that option ?, But if you think you would not,. Could I help it correctly on my site? … I’ll leave the url of one of the posts from my blog, so you can see how they float while the low post social buttons.



    Greetings !!!


    • Hi, Alex. Thanks for your comment. I am trying to include more options including floating bar, More insertion options, Translations options etc without compromising the performance of sites. I’ve gone through your site and the floating bar is not fully stretching across the page. Stay tuned 🙂

      • Hi Sujith,

        THANK YOU for responding! .. And I’m glad all the improvements and new options that you have in mind. Which will be waiting with EAGER !!.

        A greeting,


        • Hi Alex. Floating share bar has been included in the new version

  • Frank

    very good friend plugin is great!

    But equally I’ll be waiting all these improvements, and others! How eg the “Like” button shown in Mashable just after sharing the post. Since it is very important to achieve affiliation to blog.


  • This is really nice. As good as Mashare and free

    It really does need the option to share top and bottom in the auto embed option not just one or the other. It can be done using the shortcode but thats a big job for novices such as myself on large sites.

    If that comes would certainly use it.

  • Hi there,

    i use this plugin on my wordpress site, but i have some problems, i click on the sharing buttons, and nothing happens.
    It is possible to be because of the ssl certificate ?

    Thank you

  • I am agree. I think this is the best social count. Thanks a lot for info…

  • Djey

    Since the last update, the plugin doesnt works on my website : the social counter doesnt works and the share button are down…any idea about the problem ?

    • Let me check is there any java script conflicts

      • Djey

        I downgrade to the previous version and everything is fine now

  • Sazan

    Very nice plugin. Cong.! i have to report an issue… we can not use on twice positions (above and below the post when i’m trying to put with code it doesn’t works!

  • Hi the plugin was working fine before the update. now its broke and also the share count is not showing up. Please tell me how to downgrade it.

  • Since the last update, the plugin didn’t work on my websites.
    I tried to install the new version after i deleted all the files of the old version and it worked.
    I hope it can help you to find the reason why.

    Thanks for this useful and nice plugin.

  • The new version work on one of my websites : http://le-blog-montilien.fr but not at all on my other websites : http://apprendre-le-japonais.fr for example.

    I tried to stopped all the others plugins and to hide the widget and it don’t work

    • Uninstall the new version and install again. It will work

  • Hello,

    Very nice plugin I’d tried it earlier but when I tried to use the “tweet on Twitter” how can I replace it with my own Twitter account instead of yours because it appears like this “Techlineinfo http://www.techlineinfo.com/mashable-inspired-social-count-and-share-plugin-for-wordpress/ via @techlineinfo

    Instead of Techlineinfo and via @techlineinfo how can I replace it with my own Twitter handle?

    Hope to hear from you 🙂 Thanks again 🙂


    • Just pushed an update to solve the issue. Thanks for notifying me the error.

  • Hello,

    Did you get my email? 🙂 About the broken logo if I deleted the URL since I don’t want to put the logo on the sticky header 🙂
    Pls help thanks 🙂


  • Thanks TechLineInfo,

    A wonderful post and very nice plugin.
    Would you mind me telling what plugin your are using to display the subscription option at the end of this post.


  • hello Sujith Thanks a lot once again. I am happily using this plugin with wordpress. If you please say…how can I set a base number on share count (fake share count), then it will be very helpful for me.

  • nice plugin but i think it’s have exploit hack

  • Thanks, this is a the best social counter.Thanks a lot once again. I am happily using this plugin with wordpress.

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