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Joomla 1.5 Malayalam language pack (Beta)

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joomlaThis is my first post on Joomla in this blog. I wish to start a post  with some contribution to Joomla community. Presenting the Joomla 1.5 Malayalam language pack (Malayalam is my mother tongue) . Creating a language pack for Joomla 1.5 is not a  difficult task. Other Indian language packs for Joomla 1.5  is readily available but for Malayalam there is no language pack. I don’t know till date no one tried for this. I am not claiming that this pack is a perfect one. It’s made this in a single day. I used Google indic transliteration to translate the Joomla core language files to Malayalam.  With the help of  popular component Joom!fish , it is very easy to make multi- lingual web sites. Download the Joomla Malayalam language pack and install to the site. In administrative back end translate your site content to Malayalam with the help of  Google indic transliteration site or any other similar  options.

I used many English words as it is in Malayalam aslo for e.g. “Home” the Malayalam translation is “veedu” or “Gruham” , which is not looking nice for  web . Please take this as beta version. Your valuable successions and good translations are always welcome. Here I’ve translated only the core language files. If you want to get the translation of any other modules or components you can do the same by your self. Just open the language folder in Joomla root folder and copy the language file of the particular extension , copy the content and paste to Google indic transliteration page. Replace words  after “=” sign with the translated content. Rename the file en-GB……….ini to ml-IN……….ini and save in UTF-08 format. Copy the file to ml-IN folder. The demo site is under preparation.


Joomla 1.5.3 and 2.5.0 Malayalam Language Packs (Site) released.

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  • Dear Friend,

    i tried to install this in my site but i got one error,

    XML Parsing Error at 13:8. Error 4: not well-formed (invalid token)

    pls send me complete installation procedure



    • There was a bug in xml file. Updated. Pz download and try again.

  • hi,

    can i see if there is any developed joomla malayalam plugin. to type in malayalam using google indic translation. please let me know

    • Install this pluggin and can make Malayalam Joomla sites through Joomfish component very easily. To type Malayalam directly in tinymice editor go through this

  • jaseer

    i want to translate an english article to malayalam article in joomla 1.5.

    i dont know how to translate.. Pls help…

    • There is no automatic translation software or utility available for Malayalam. You have to translate the article yourself manually. Presently Google providing translation facility for Hindi only. If you want, you can mail your article to me for translation.

    • Muhammad Shafeek


      i am muhammad shafeek from thrissur, right now i am working in saudi arabia as a webdeveloper, now i want to build a malayalam website but you know i have no idea about how to build it.. i am using .net and php please help me


  • lakshmi

    i hav installed the package. only some parts get changed
    is there anything to be changed in code rather than just installing the package?

    • The language packs of Joomla will translate only the system files and phrases.No coding is required for this pack. Translation packs will not translate the whole contents. Articles and other contents are required to be translated yourself. For typing in Malayalam use Google transliteration Malayalam or Varamozhi editor. If you want any assistance for translation you can contact me.

  • I want to add Malayalam to one of my sites along with English using joomfish. A multi language site. The problem many of my friends are not familiar with WInXP Malayalam ml-in keyboard. Is there any way I can substitute to another font. Please explain how i can configure or add or use another font.

  • That is a good effort dear. Was just passing by, without any intention to do anything and this post got stuck in the search results.

    Ps. I dont use Joomla, for Its too difficult for me to configure…


    • I’ve installed Joomla in test bed.. Will try to play around if comfortable, I’ll come back again for this plugin

      • Hi Vishnu,
        Once you start using Joomla! you will feel the power and flexibility of this great CMS. If you feel any difficulties in configuration, it’s my pleasure to help you.
        All the best.

  • There are many projects for GNU/Linux, for language computing by Swathanthra Malayalam Computing (http://wiki.smc.org.in).

  • shine

    hai sugith,

    Please can you help me for this. When i installed malaylam installation pack in joomla 1.5 . Only title and menu’s are converting to malayalam, but content is not converting to malayalam. How can i fix this

    Many Thanks

  • hi… I need Malayalam Language pack For Joomla 1.7….. Plz help….

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