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How to configure TP Link TD-W8968 Wireless N ADSL Modem cum Router for BSNL and MTNL

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TP Link TD-W8968

TP Link TD-W8968 300 Mbps Wireless N USB ADSL 2 Modem cum router  is one of the best and economical Wireless Routers available in market. The router provides upto 300 Mbps bandwidth with coupled wireless  adaptors/devices which supports wireless 802.11n standards. This routers is down compatible with 802.11g and 802.11b products.

This Router has one USB port, Four Ethernet ports and one RJ11 ADSL port. You will get a maximum download speed of 24 Mbps and Upload bandwidth of 3.5 Mbps. The notable feature is that you can flexibly restrict the bandwidth of every users separately. This feature is normally not available in normal ADSL Modem cum routers. Other standard features include inbuilt firewall, inbuilt DHCP server, state of the art wireless encryption technology, Multiple PVCs, Virtual server, DMZ host, IP Address Mapping  etc

Front Panel LED status indications

TP Link TD-W8968 has Ten LED status indicators. Through this indicates you can see the status of Link, Connections, WiFi and internet connectivity .

tp link front panel led

Wiring Diagram.

Proper wiring of the router is important for setup, configuration and uninterrupted connectivity. An external ADSL splitter is provided with this router. Your telephone line must be terminated to the ADSL splitter first. Nothing should be connected in this line before splitter. You can connect the parallel telephone instruments to the phone output of the splitter if required. See the connection diagram.

TP Link TD-W8968 Connection Diagram


After proper wiring and connections, switch ON the modem. Connect the Ethernet port of your PC/Laptop with the supplied RJ-45 LAN cable.  Now coming to your computer’s network configuration settings. By default DHCP is enabled in this router and you need not to do anything with your PC network settings. To check the proper connectivity click the start button and type the command “cmd” in search box ( Windows 7). If you are using Windows XP after clicking the start button select the “run” tab and type “cmd”. Now the command prompt window will be opened. In that window type ping and press enter. If you are getting the result similar to the screenshot below, it shows your router is properly connected to PC.


If you are getting anything other than this, you have to configure your network adaptor.

Open your browser and type in the address bar. A popup window will be opened to enter user name and password. Use “admin” in both user id and password fields (small letters). A successful login will display the following basic status page. Select the WAN Settings sub menu by expanding the Network Menu as shown


The WAN setting page will display the WAN port information in a Table format as shown.


Delete all existing connections and press the ADD button to create an new connection. You will get a screen as shown below. Do the necessary changes as indicated in the image and save the settings


In this page you only need to change Four settings only.

First: Change the VPI/VCI settings as per your ISP. This setting is very much important for internet connectivity. Use the following VPI/VCI settings

  • BSNL Broadband – 0 and 35
  • MTNL Broadband – 0 and 32
  • Airtel Broadband  – 1 and 32
  • Reliance Broadband    – 0 and 35

Second: Select “PPPoE” from the drop down menu as WAN Connection Type under WAN service Type section.

Third :Enter the user id and password supplied by your ISP (BSNL, MTNL ). The field is case sensitive.

Fourth: Select the connection type to “Connect Automatically”. This will make connection automatically after switching ON the device. Click the save button after completing above mentioned steps. Reboot the modem by clicking the Reboot sub menu under System Tools Menu


Optionally you can reboot the router by OFF/ON the power supply.

WiFi settings of TP Link TD-W8968

Select the Basic Setting submenu of Wireless Menu in the configuration page. In Wireless Basic settings you can enter the SSID (Name of your wireless network), Mode (WiFi Standard), Channel and Channel width. You can use anything as SSID. Maximum character limit is 32. It is advisable to use the Mode 11bgn Mixed to make the router compatible for all type of client systems.


Keep the Channel and Channel width Auto. If you want, you can change the channel from the drop down menu. You must select to Enable Wireless Router Radio to use WiFi features of the router. If you select Enable SSID Broadcast option  When wireless clients survey the local area for wireless networks to associate with, they will detect the SSID broadcast by the Modem Router. If you want to bridge two or more Wireless LANs then only use Enable WDS option . After that Save the settings.

WiFi Security Options

You must configure the Wireless Security options to make your WiFi network confidential. Select the Wireless Security sub menu under Wireless menu. This router supports three type of WiFi security modes. WEP, WPA -PSK, WPA2 –PSK

wifi security

Figure shows the Wireless Security configuration page. By default Wireless security is disabled. You have to select the appropriate mode of WiFi security as per your requirement. WEP is an outdated security standard and vulnerable also. It is advisable to use WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK . Select WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK  option and configure it.

In Auth type you can set Auto, WPA or WPA2 . Three options of Encryptions available (TKIP, AES and Auto). It is better to keep the settings “Auto”. Now coming to the important part. PSK password– This is the password used for authentication. Use a non guessable word or group of words as password.  You have to enter  the same password in your wireless clients (PC, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet etc) for connectivity.

Click the Save button for saving the settings.

Bandwidth Control

Just quoting the comment of a reader on a previous post

Hi Sir,
I have BSNL Broadband connection and a Fujian starnet S4U+ V.1 modem,i share my connection with my room mate,he is connected on Lan4 port mine is Lan1,he is taking a lot of bandwidth,so how can I set QOS? traffic limitation for Lan4 (him)
please help.

You might have also faced the similar problem. Unfortunately normal routers don’t facilitate flexible bandwidth control. Here TP Link TD –W8968 is the winner. Through the Bandwidth control option, you can very easily and flexibly allocate bandwidth for each client machines. Two settings are available under Bandwidth Control Menu- Control Settings and Rules Lists. See the screenshots

bandwidth control

Enable the Bandwidth Control option under Control settings menu to turn ON this feature. Set the Line type to ADSL  and enter the total upstream and downstream bandwidth in kbps. This settings will limit the overall upstream and downstream bandwidth from/to your modem. For example if your maximum downstream speed is  8 Mbs multiply this with 1024 to get the bandwidth in Kbps which will be  8192 Kbps.

Select the Rules List menu to view and configure the bandwidth control (See the above image). Click the Add New button for making a new rule. In the page You can enter the IP range and minimum/maximum upstream/downstream bandwidth. For example if you want to restrict the bandwidth of a particular machine. Get the IP of that machine and enter the IP address in both the fields of IP Range.

Remember: If you enable DHCP , this setting won’t be effective because under DHCP, the clients will be allotted IP addresses dynamically. Hence for effective bandwidth control Disable DHCP .  You can change the DHCP settings through DHCP Server Menu options. Under DHCP settings – Select the option “Disable DHCP Server”. Now you have to configure the network adaptors of client machines. Router will not provide IP to client machines automatically.

You can also use MAC binding option to reserve an IP address exclusively for a particular machine . For that Select the IP and MAC Binding Menu. A page displays the IP and MAC binding table. You can delete, add and edit the entries. See the screenshot .

mac binding

Get the mac address of your PC/Laptop and map with the desired IP Address.

If you are facing any problems in configuration part please share the same through comments.

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  • Rohan

    Is this router available in India yet?

  • Suhas

    Where in Bangalore can we purchase this router and what is the price ????

  • Charles Dsouza


    I am trying to setup a WDS bridge at home. I have a beetel modem that acts as a wifi router too connected to Airtel for broadband. I need to extend the wireless range so, I bought a TP-Link wifi router and I am trying to use the WDS feature on the tplink router. I have done the following on tp-link:

    1. Disabled DHCP.
    2. Ensured it is in same sub-domain ( Beetel modem is in
    3. Enabled WDS, did a survey and selected the wifi from beetel.
    4. entered all authentication info to connect to the beetel wifi.

    The tp-link status says “ASSOC” which as per their manuals is “Trying to associate”. Not sure if it can’t find an IP for it, I think authentication is successful.

    Can you help me with this? Im not sure what i’m missing. I also have read that different manufacturers devices may not be compatible for WDS as IEEE does not define a standard for WDS. Any help will be appreciated.

  • ramesh

    I purchased belkin modem for bsnl broadband, i configured the modem in bsnl office. Signal strength is good and browsing all website is fast, but i could not able to work through my office server by using virtual private network (vpn). Belkin technical support also not able to guide properly to solve the problem, now i given the modem to one of my relative. It is possible to work in vpn through bsnl modem, but signal strength through wifi is poor, so i dont want to buy bsnl modem. Please let me know which modem will be suitable to solve my purpose.

  • Nabin Sundar Nayak

    I had purchased tp link 150Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router some days ago. Before that I had a type 1 modem of bsnl. After installing the new 150Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router, I get access to internet on my desktop. But when I tried to connect my HTC explorer phone it didnot worked. The phone said that, its connected to 150Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router, but in real it can’t access to internet. I can’t internet on my phone. I did everything but fruitless. so help me plz…

  • Jeff

    I have tried changing the default ip address of the TD-W8968 from the default to a new ip address of without success. I can successfully ping the TD-W8968 at but cannot connect to the browser-based TD-W8968 management page which should be at Chrome and Firefox return an error of “the server refused the connection” when I try to access

    • Have you assigned the default gateway in your network adaptor to

      • Jeff

        Yes, I have tried automatic DCHP settings and manually assigned ip, mask, gateway,DNS,etc.

        I can get the TD-W8968 “sort-of” working with a new address of by assigning as a “secondary ip address”, and manually assigning ip, mask, gateway,DNS,etc. on all of the network computers. However, then the TD-W8968 DCHP server still allocates addresses in the old default address space and gives an error if I try changing to a address space so I can’t use automatic TD-W8968 DCHP ip assignment. The only way around it might be to establish a separate DCHP server on the network for the address space.

        I notice that when I manually re-start the TD-W8968 it reverts to the default address of, although I can make a secondary ip address of and all other settings “stick” after a manually re-start of the TD-W8968.

  • colarado

    I bought TD-W8968. The WIFI is working fine. However I’m not able to access USB mass storage

    The manual mention

    For Windows OS:Open “Run” window in the Start menu and enter \\(IP Address) or \\(IP Address)\(Share Name)
    e.g. \\ or \\\photo;

    but it does not work for me, it shows error

    Windows cannot access
    Error Code: 0x80070035
    The network path was not found

    OS: Win7
    The storage sharing access is Enabled

    Can you guide


    • In Windows 7 Go to Start, Type run in the search box. Type \\tplinklogin.net and click OK. To setup different accounts for access rights protection, please log into to the Web management page and set it on USB Settings > Storage Sharing and USB Settings > User Accounts.

  • davinder

    i have the same router, when ever i power off and then power on my router, my router is taking too much time to connect to internet. did every thing to solve the issue but nothing worked. i have updated firmware installed.
    i had no issues with my old bsnl modem.

    please help sir

  • Rosh


    I bought a Wifi w8968 router yesterday and I am trying to connect to internet using reliance netconnect +. I gave the credentials and clicked on connect. It tries and disconnects.

    I can see reliance net connect in the drop down. Can you please help me how to configure it?

    I have set my Operation mode as ‘3G Router Mode’, I tried with Wireless Router mode as well, but it didnt work.

    Please help.

    Rosh K. Mathews

  • Rupinder

    Hi Sujit,

    I have TPLINK ADSL Wifi Router ,Using Reliance broadband ,here i am not able to use it on multiple PC, getting Login page every laptop/PC ,need logout from fist then login second pc please help

    • I think you should contact Reliance broadband customer care for enabling that feature.

      • Rosh K M

        Hi Sujith,
        I tried contacting the Reliance Customer care. They were very rude by saying ‘We cant support or help you in this regard’. please contact your wifi modem provider.’

        I tried contacting TP-Link support. Equally non-responsive area. The customer support toll free number is not picked up at all. Tried sending a mail to customer support of Tp-Link. They replied saying, ‘Please switch on your reliance dongle and try again’ and attach logs, as if i have bought the dongle yesterday. I replied with logs with dongle version etc. After that no reply.

        I tried contacting Ralph, their south sales manager. He replied saying he will direct some engineer and guide me. No one turned up, i sent a reminder SMS, no reply.

        Now i have ended up with a stupid box. If any one wants it please contact me. Its straight out of the box and i have kept it back now.

        This has taught me not to buy any stuff from TP-LINK. Really bad customer support.


        • Sri Krsna

          Hello friends,
          I am also into the same problem, tried to configure D-Link DSL-2750U with the reliance wired broadband but in vain. Recently i found out that a model of TP-Link TD-W8961ND is working for some one.
          According to here:
          But i would like to a bit higher and planning to buy TP-Link TD-8968.
          As mentioned above contacted Reliance Customer Care but no responsible answer on compatible modems.
          So, if anyone succeed with the TD-8968 on reliance wired broadband, please let me know.

          I would like to try with the following Options in the WAN settings:
          VPI: 0
          VCI: 35
          Service Category = UBR Without PCR
          Connection Type : MAC Encapsulation Routing (MER) or Dynamic IP Encapsulation Mode = LLC/SNAP-BRIDGING

          Wan IP settings (Select) – If applicable
          *Obtain IP Address automatically
          *Obtain default gateway automatically
          *Obtain DNS Server automatically

          NAT Settings – If applicable
          *Enable NAT
          *Enable Firewall
          *Enable WAN Service

          If you have MAC Clone or MAC Spoofing Option, enable it and copy the MAC Address of the PC/Laptop/Macbook/Computer connected to it.

          Once the connection works for you over both the LAN and WLAN, log on from one system and try accessing internet simultaneously from other devices.

          Once again, If you succeed in this setup, please let me know.

    • Rosh K M

      Hi Rupinder,
      Can u please help me in telling me the configuration you have used, to connect to reliance network..?

      I am using reliance dongle.


  • rahul

    I have Low SNR problem in my bsnl broadband conection due to which the modem which I am using TP LINK Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router
    Model no. TD-W8951ND doesn’t work and speed is very very low.
    please give me solution what can I do.

  • Shahid

    I bought this TP-Link W8968 Adsl2+ router 2 days ago and disappointed with its USB sharing features.
    I have attahced 500GB NTFS single partition external disk and not able to use it. I have created two acounts in the router. I somehow manage to access the share like this:
    \\routers ip address\sharename but not able to create any folder. I checked the router for privileges and all are fine. USB hdd works fine when attached directly to computer.

    I posted for help with images in their forum but no response:

    Please help otherwise my money will be total waste. USB was the main reason to buy this router.

    • 1. Under user accounts (In USB Settings menu) you have to create users who can access the folders.
      2. Select the Storage Sharing under USB settings menu. Enable the server status. To access the whole disc go to Start > Run in windows pc and type \\

    • One thing forgot to mention- You have to uncheck the “Anonymous Access to all volumes” first to create shared folders which is enabled by default Tp link USB share

  • Akul Rastogi

    Many thanks for this How To.

    But are there any special settings for Airtel Broadband. I am using W8968 modem only but as I run the diagnostics test, for both the option it passes all the tests but fails the last one which is something ISP related. Please help. The airtel guys say we dont know the TPLink configurations and further advise me to contact the TPLink guys.

  • Rohit Rath

    I have a TP Link W8951D modem cum router and BSNL broadband and am unable to access internet more than one PC at a time. Though all devices gets connected to modem but internet access is possible only in one time at a time

  • Mohit

    I have bought TP link w8968 recently..using my Airtel broadband on it.Everytime I switch on the power,I have to press the wifi button also to receive wifi signal.Is there any settings to make the wifi ON by default? or evertime should I press power+wifi button for using?pls help.Thnks in advance

  • jitu mishra

    sir i have tp link td-w8961nd wireless N wireless modem +router
    while configuring it after connecting all cables correctly , i get a error 020 “check your wan settings and parameters”
    it happens during the last step while verifying router”
    please help me

  • pravin

    Hi Sujith,

    I purchased TD-W8968 recently and facing a problem in getting an internet connection using 3G USB dongle.

    My problem is, when i switched on TD-W8968 modem using USB dongle inserted into it, it will work for few minutes (say 2-3 mins) after that connection goes off. In the windows taskbar the internet icon is showing as yellow exclamation mark with “No internet access”. when i looked into the setup of tp-link it was showing 3G is connected properly and the LED light is also glowing in the modem.

    In order to get back the connection you have restart the modem again. Restarting the modem every 2-3 minutes is pathetic.

    Please suggest me where i am wrong….

    I am using D-Link DWM-156 USB dongle with Airtel 3G connection. I am accessing internet using my laptop, iPad & mobile all three at a time wirelessly.

    Your early response will be highly obliged.

    Thanks & Regards
    Pravin Gupta

  • Prabha

    Would you know if TP-LINK TD-W8968 is compatible with airtel broadband network?

  • Raxit

    Hello, I have BSNL and I bought TP Link W8951ND product. It connects and but it seems to drop connection every 5th or 6th second. It does reconnect right back in next second. I do voice call on skype and it’s annoying, I counted time if it happens random, but its fixed at 5/6th second. I checked all setting again but they seem fine. Any Suggestions? Thank you.

    • Are you sure it is the router issue? Is ADSL link steady?

  • bashar

    i am done every thing and all lights work good
    but there is no internet in my laptop/PC/Iphone
    i dondt know reason. some times the internet work good
    every thing seen good but there is no internet with connected devices

    please help

    thank you

  • CrazyDriver

    Lovely little tutorial! Flipkart is due to deliver the router to me today. i was looking up on how to configure my Airtel broadband connection. I am sure this will make it a breeze. Thanks a lot my friend.

  • Amol

    I bought TD-W8968 last week and setup was a breeze. Now my laptop can connect and browse easily but iPad, android phone are able to connect but not able to browse

  • Gaurav

    TP-LINK TD-W8968 model .. Unable to connect more than 7 users to the wifi connection ??? why is it so…can we increase the no of connected users from 7

    • Go to WiFi settings and set the maximum number of connections.

      • Nimish

        Where in the wifi settings can I increase the number of connections ?
        I have tried in wireless settings but did not find any option to do that.

  • ashish

    hello sir i have bought tp link 8968 to share my reliance netconnect dongle .i have done configuring process many times but “no internet access”. please guide me. also the “WAN SETTING” you mentioned above is not appearing i my UI. my fimware is 140514 [latest on tp link website] and version V2.

  • Tom

    Hi, I work for an ISP and we would like to trial bandwidth capping on some of our routers, we would have to do this remotely. How do we cap specific IP addresses if we do not know the IP of the devices? Or is there an IP range we could use just to cap on all devices so they share the speed?
    Many Thanks

  • Sunil Mishra


    I have bought a wireless printer AIO Canon Pixma MG3570.
    I tried connecting it to the TP Link W8968 Router via WPS Method and cableless method,however none of them seem to work.I tried binding an IP address to the MAC address of the device and reserved an IP for the printer in DHCP server Address reservation too, still no success.
    I found that though the printer hooks on to the wifi access point ( as visible in the wifi status) it however is not shown on DHCP client list.(the MAC address wasn’t listed even prior to binding and IP address reservation)
    I have failed to realise whats wrong.
    Kindly help to resolve the issue.

    PS: I have V2 with latest firmware update

  • I have BSNL internet plan whose total monthly usage is limited to 1GB. I want to set it as a limit in my router, can I do that? I have TP-LINK TD-W8968

  • anand paul

    mr. sujit, i have one doubt, this TP-Link W8968 modem cum router has 4 LAN Ports, in which 4th port can be interchangable and can be used as WAN. so, now i am using Bsnl Broadband, and in future, if want to change for fibre modem Network, such as You-Broad band or Ticona, Or ClickFibre, that requires WAN port with Rj-45 pin, wheather i need to change the modem or i can continue with this modem, i mean, will it supports for both ADSL & EWAN connections.

    plz, inform me immediately. i was in dailamo.

    and, one more thing, i am connecting the D-link HSPA Dongle for 3G sharing through USB 2.0, but, it will connects, only when PC/ Laptop is even connected with the LAN Port. then only, the wifi sharing of 3G Dongle is possibe.

    can we have any alternative for sharing the 3G by Wifi, only by plugging the Dongle into USB 2.0 without connecting the LAN port into PC/ Laptop.

    plz, anyone can clarify my doubts…!

    your’s Faithfully

    Anand Paul.

  • yodek

    Can you update this guide (pictures)? Latest firmware (for V1) is build_140707 (07 July 2014).

    Since 26 december 2013 is new interface (some options added).

  • kamal

    i m not getting login as admin and admin…what should i do

  • Dino

    Hi, I brought TP-LINK TD-W8968 and configured it using the CD provided and it went on smooth. After that I can see that the wifi keeps disconnecting every 5 minutes. Please help.

  • mak

    Hi there

    how can i access the CLI ( command line interface) and telnet on this model? i want to tweak the SNR settings if i can

    thanks in advance

  • Prathmesh

    Can i use this modem for dsl setting ???? if yes plz reply.


    I tried entering the username and password both as admin. Unfortunately, I’m getting the login popopup again at

    What is wrong? I can’t get inside to change my password. Please help

  • siddharth

    ADSL light goes off as soon as wifi light is put on
    Modem : TD-W8961ND
    Let me know the solution to fix the same.

  • manohar

    can i use my tata photon whiz as usb modem to w8968

  • Piero

    Hi, I have a tplink router W8968 and a Canon Pixmia iX8650 printer wifi that doesn’t work by wifi. I tried every kind of setup, changing channel, disabiliting secutiry etc but the Canon doesn’t work with the router Tplink. I tried the Canon with another router and it’s works fine…

    How can I solve the problem? Do you have any suggestion?

    Best regards

  • Jay Patel

    Can anyone please help me with my few doubts below:
    My router’s model details are
    Firmware Version: 1.0.5 Build 140821 Rel.52209
    Hardware Version: TD-W8968 V3 0x00000001

    1)What are the passwords of access control accounts “support” & “user” other than “admin”->”admin”

    2)How can I use my usb shared printer on my ANDROID[plz instruct steps as easy as possible. I tried using PRINTSHARE.] and how without software on PCs.

    3)Using usb storage as HDD on win7.

    4)Steps to connect PPPoE(EWAN) using USERNAME-PASSWORD as if laptop is directly connected to cable modem. (I found few bread crumbs ab’t this using WAN packets forwarding to LAN ports)

  • anish pillai

    Hi, i am using tp link wd 8968 wireless router. The problem i am facing is, when i access d wifi from a room other the room where the router is located, the connection is frequently dropped. There is no problem in d connection of internet as is works fine on d pc via ethernet cable and if u access d wifi in d same room. I think distance is a matter here cause the connection is getting dropped only if d wifi is accessed from a different room or at a distance. The range shown is full on d connected device but d data connection is dropped. How do i rectify this? Pls help out.

  • Allen
  • Suku


    I was told that this device (TD W8968) can be used on cable/optical fiber ISPs but I have hard time configuring it.
    I tried with quick setup guide but still not able to connect to ISP.
    I have connected the cable to the modem provided by ISP -> output of modem to 4th LAN port on TD W8968 (which is EWAN port) -> 1st LAN port to computer.
    I’m able to connect to wifi also but internet does not work.
    Many say that this device cannot work just as a wifi router as it is built with ADSL modem but the company states it is capable of working only wifi router too.

    Please suggest,

    Thanks in advance.

    • You have to select “Wireless Router Mode” to use this router as a WiFi router only. See the image.

  • Hmm

    Sir ,
    My router is set in Wireless Router Mode . Because of this, I cant see the status of the LAN connection coming into the router . I suspect there being dropouts of internet connection because of snr and line attenuation problems, so i need to know the values so as to tweak it. I dont know the exact setting values like VPI/VCI etc for Idea connection and so i cant set the router in ADSL Mode for getting snr values in the status page . If there is any way to get those values while in Wireless Mode, please tell me . If not, tell me how to find those values in the command line mode of the router.

  • Mohamed

    Could you please let me know how to setup SoftApp on my phone. SoftApp Icon already there on my phone but I could not use it. Can you help me to configure it. Your quick response will be much appreciated.

  • Rakesh Sharad

    How can I limit the access of user using mac. Tried but modem hangs and doesn’t allow internet connectivity for all.
    Facing problem in configuring mac access control.
    I am using TP Link W8968 v2. Please let me know the step from start till restart of modem to enable the same.


  • Kunal

    I have TP Link (TD-W8968) router. I have a single landline connected as per the wiring diagram shown in your description. Configuration and setup all done. Internet working great with MTNL plan. However my issue is whenever there is a incoming or outgoing call on the landline, the internet connectivity drops for say about 2 minutes roughly and connects itself after that, which is quite frustrating. I want uninterrupted internet service. Is there anyway i can continue using the internet without a drop even with incoming or outgoing calls on landline ?
    Please do suggest for the same.


  • Kunal

    I have a MTNL (Mumbai) 2mbps internet connection. A single telephone line with a landline number.

    SETUP :
    The wire from the walls/mains is connected to a splitter. Then from the splitter, one wire is connected to the TP-Link WD8968 wireless router (V2, Firmware Version=0.6.0 3.1 v0019.0), and the other to the base of cordless Panasonic wireless telephone. Thats the setup.

    ISSUE :
    Whenever there is an incoming call answered or outgoing call made/hung up, the internet connection drops for roughly about 2-3 minutes and connects itself again. ( I DO NOT have to restart the router or reconnect). I dont know if I am doing any wrong connections as described in my setup. I do not wish my internet to drop during calls.

    Please help if anyone facing similar issues.

  • Ravi boyini

    I need a help,whenever i connect my tata photon+ ec156 to usb port and configure,it works well but the problem is it won’t get connect automatically after power on/off,need to configure again. Upgraded latest firmware too. so is there any manual settings or solutions ?
    Thanx in advance

  • mahi

    please guide me for setting up print server. i want to share a HP m005 mfp with a lappy and a desktop.

  • mithilesh

    I have bought tp link td w8968 recently. I m not able to configure it on my mac book pro. I m not able to access the link given in guide book ( or tplinkmodem.net). So plz help me..

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