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How to change the default email address and sender name of WordPress blog

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By default, WordPress blogs send the emails from [email protected] address as senders name “WordPress“.

There is no options in the admin back end to change the default email address. Then how to change the default email and  from name to your Site name or anything as per your choice. Here a simple WordPress plugin Mail from to help you out. Install the plugin , activate it and configure from back end. See the screenshot of configuration page.

Set the sender name, user name and domain name. Update the options. Now the sender name and email for all the notifications from your blog will be changed accordingly.

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  • Good tips thanks for sharing even i am also searching for it and now got details here

  • Nice information i think getting Page rank 6 for a site is great achievement.
    I am having page rank 2 lets hope to improve soon.

  • Another great plugin to add to my list, I been doing it the hard way by using an external email to mail users.

  • phil

    Very good – thanks.

  • That was absolutely perfect, thank you so much for the tutorial…This article rally helped me a lot to understand how to change the default e-mail address and sender name of WordPress blog.Thanks a lot for sharing this stuff.

  • Sending it out as WordPress is so generic and machine like but getting this bit changed through “Mail from” can certainly impart a personal touch.

  • That’s a cool Wordpress plugin, exactly what I was looking for! Little tricks like this make our lives so much easier 🙂 thanks for sharing this!

  • Michael

    The plugin doesn’t seem to work with WP 3.1.3

  • Great Plugin 🙂

  • how about the changing of the default content of the mail ??

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