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How Honda’s Other Side interractive video made

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Few days back Honda launched a creative ad campaign to promote their flagship product through an innovative interactive video . This cleverly crafted interactive video showcases the difference between Honda Civic and Civic Type R through a dual side story follows a common man in day and an underworld criminal in night. Viewers can switch between the stories by pressing the ‘R’ Key.  The video published in Honda’s YouTube channel got widespread attention and applauds.

Hoda Other side

How The Other Side interactive video made?

Weiden +  Kennedy is the Ad agency who created this  three minutes interactive video for Honda. The movie was directed by  Daniel Wolfehas  and edited through the video editing software “Final Cut Pro X”. This article explains how this interactive commercial was edited through Final Cut Pro.

Other Side interactive video in YouTube

Viewers wondered, how it’s possible such and interactive video is possible in YouTube. YouTube gives limited interactive features such as text overlay, hyper links etc, but no doubt the interactiveness through keyboard is not a YouTube feature.  Here the Honda Other Side interactive ad has nothing to do with YouTube. The video is not hosted in YouTube, which is hosted in Honda’ site. Here the direct link of this interactive video. http://www.hondatheotherside.com/?x=en-gb . The said video is just embedded in a separate tab of their YouTube channel through iframe.

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    Very nice and useful post!!
    I am also planning for guest post for my websites as well. You post has given me some more insight about blogging. Thanks!!!

  • Thank you Very Much for Helpful Article. Thanks.

  • Hi,
    the video is not hosted in Honda’s site, but in googlevideo.com, splitted in many parts, downloaded in “lazy mode”.

    In the special tab of Honda Youtube channel and hondatheotherside.com we can see the beautiful results of a big software-video-interaction project.

    It’s hard for us to do things like that without a deal with big G.

  • Hi,
    Good post throwing light on the latest video of Honda.The video is one of the best of its kind created by any ad-agency .People get fascinated watching the two sides of the story line .Very good editing done .

  • I really wondered how the ad. was made.I thought that required huge editing work but after reading the article I think I should really start trying the similar work because it seems relatively a easier one than expected

  • Honda know how to do businesses, that why the video is not hosting on You Tube so all cauntry can see the ad

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