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Here some reasons to hate Windows 8

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I’ve been using Windows 8 since the developer preview release date. Now Windows 8 is the primary OS in my desktop. We can see mixed response on web world however the very common comment is “Windows 8 may not be a flop show like Vista, but it won’t follow the success story of XP and Windows 7”.  Here some reasons for that.

I don’t have a Windows 8 desktop with touch interface or a Tablet with Windows 8

Windows-8 is designed as a dual purpose operating system, i.e. for Tablets/Mobile phones and Desktops but it looks that Microsoft  developers ignored the desktop users while making the new version compatible with touch screen tablets.  From the first screen itself we can feel that. I personally don’t like the much hyped Metro interface for a desktop PC. It may be wonderful for a tablet or mobile device but in a PC it looks cluttered. Microsoft wants to force the users to adopt a new interface through which they can reap the benefits from emerging tablet PC market.  It’s a great idea that a single OS which can cater tablet as well as desktop needs, but not through sacrificing the basic user interface that billions of users have learned and practiced over seventeen years !

Clicks…Clicks …More Clicks and mouse movements.

windows 8 start screen

Lock Screen

Clicks start from the very first login screen. You need to slide to get the window for entering login password.  Is this slider screen option is required for a desktop without touch screen? If Microsoft really wanted to make an OS with dual interface, it would have the facility to detect the touch screen hardware automatically. No options available to disable the lock screen other than Group Policy edit.

Start Menu– Another Revolutionary change-Is it a “change for a change”. Without a touch screen a common user will struggle to access the programs. Now coming to the Microsoft’s version of this Start button story. As per Microsoft over a period of time usage of start button has been considerably reduced. Windows users normally pin the most used programs in task bar and they use the start button occasionally. Hence in Windows 8 they completely dropped the start button and menu, instead users can pin the applications and shortcuts in a start screen. You can pin all the programs in start screen, but it will look like a cluttered desktop. Now if you want to access other programs occasionally, then have to go for another couple of clicks.

Shut down- OMG, shutting down Windows-8 another nightmare. Here also Microsoft ignored the desktop PC users. Normally people don’t shutdown tablets and phones hence they removed the  direct shut down option from Windows-8. You need three click to shutdown Windows-8.

Closing/minimizing full screen metro applicationsWindows-8 metro applications are not closable ?After launch, you won’t be able to see close or minimize button. What the heck is this?  Microsoft says

“ Generally, users don’t need to close apps, they can let Windows manage them. However, users can choose to close an app using the close gesture or by pressing Alt+F4”

For a tablet user it’s OK, but what about desktop users? They don’t really close or minimize the applications? No other option than Alt+Tab to minimize a running metro application. Another notable thing- You won’t be able to see the clock while using full screen Metro applications.

Mouse movements: You need to move curser to top, bottom, left right corners to access the hidden start menu and the new Charms bar . Not sure that you will spot them in very first attempt.

Slow and irritating default Core Metro Applications.

The default Music, Video and Reader applications come in a Metro interface which are very slow and not user friendly. I remember the old quote about internet explorer “ OMG, I accidentally clicked the internet explorer button, now have to wait a minute to get the close button”. In Metro aps you won’t even get the Close button. Default Video application is the worst one. It won’t even play some popular video formats. The essential volume control option is also missing. It prompts to sign in with your Microsoft account always on startup.

Repair….. Diagnose..Restart.

If something goes wrong or you failed to shut down the system properly, pain starts. On next boot up Windows 8 starts “Automatic Repair” attempts, which is out of your control.  It may takes several minutes.. Preparing repair.. Repair.. Diagnose.. finally “unable to repair ” , by that time you can prepare a cup of tea.


Keyboard shortcuts, group policy edits,Third party aps etc are flexible for geeks but what about the common Windows users ?  Please share your views through comments.

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  • The retro UI in win 8 is the worst thing to use!

  • Start Menu- the big flop.

  • Maya

    I would like to use tablets and phones as PC not other way around. MS is too good to kick its own ass. Let’s see if it’s going to be another disaster.

  • Navneet

    “Repair….. Diagnose..restart”
    Jesus f****** christ this just happened to me! It’s like does starts that annoying s*** without even asking me first. Are you kidding me? It can’t do s*** but has to irritate me with those f****** dots rotating on the screen. Holy hell i am pissed.

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