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Google Buzz button plugin for Joomla with buzz counter

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This is my third Joomla plugin. This plugin will enable you to add a Google Buzz button in your Joomla articles and a counter on the button will display how many times your article has been buzzed, similar to the popular “tweet meme” plugin.

This is based on the Google Buzz button script . Installation – configuration part similar to other Joomla Plugins.


  • Button style: Button style can be selected out of five different buttons according to your site.
  • Button position: Optionally can change the position of the button-either top or bottom of the article.
  • The Button will be displayed only in articles (Not in front page)
  • Category Skip: If you don’t want to show the button on a particular category, can enter the category id to be skipped, then the button will not be displayed on the articles of the selected categories.

The plugin has been submitted to Joomla Extension Directory for listing. As a first version please test this in your Joomla site and post your valuable comments  for further improvements.


Update: The plugin was listed in Joomla extension directory but due to the conflict in name with other extension it has been de- listed. Submitted again after the changesPlugin listed in Joomla Extension directory

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  • A site that does not use a content management system like Joomla is called a “static site.” Because of their size and complexity, nearly all modern websites are created, manipulated and updated using a modern content management system, or “CMS.” One of the biggest advantages of having a content management system like Joomla is its graphic user interface, which allows people without technical expertise to manage website content like text and photos.

    Thanks for the plugin.

    We are expert Joomla Developers

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