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Free web hosting: The best option for novices to have a play safe hosting experience

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As we all know that free web hosting is nothing new in the current online market, but still because of its several advantages it has been continuously doing great day by day.  Although there are so many controversies about free web hosting services even then it is most popular among the novices.

This is human tendency to play safe when it comes on investing money especially when you are a newbie. Free web hosting is the best option if you believe in learning before taking a big decision for your online business.

Free web hosting is not always counted the best one because of its limitations and back-draws, but this is only going to matter for you if you want a fully functional web hosting service for your website.

Here I am going to discuss the cons along with pros of free web hosting.

1. Advertisements

If you go for free hosting get ready to have lots of advertisements on your website. Yeah! Web hosting company that provides with free hosting service will only be able to provide you with it, if it earns something from you. Getting ads on your website is the best way to earn. You can’t stop these ads to be shown over there.

If you are a newbie who just wants to learn how a web hosting service works and what you may require in future for your website then you don’t need to worry about these advertisements on your website. Take it like you are practicing with hosting services you will actually need. Don’t put your most important stuffs on this free hosting space, so that you could do it on your paid space.

2. Support

These free web hosting services may not offer any support services for free clients or if they provide that will be less priority. Keep in mind you are practicing, so make a list of problems that you face during your free web hosting experience and whenever you turn to the paid services ask them if they provide the complete solutions for those problems. Isn’t that a great way to learn?

3.  Hosting Features

When you will run your website on the free hosting servers you will automatically come to know what features you require to treat with your clients & visitors requirements. As you will get fewer features with a free web hosting service this will be a good time for you to know about all the features that you exactly require for your website.

There are so many pit-holes in free hosting services, but still I would prefer to use them to host your non-profit sites or websites that are in their opening stages. If you plan to own a website of personal interest free web hosting will be the best media to explore your interest. You can use it just like social media websites.

About author: Celvin is the blog post writer for Dedicated Server Hosting provider. Company is committed to provide affordable dedicated web servers with very strict measures of security for customer’s data and privacy protection. Techlineinfo guest blogging guidelines here

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  • Cleanly written, I agree with the author. Although free hosting have a lot of limitations, it is the best option for someone to learn. I know a few developers who panic when certain codes do not work due to server settings. If you play with the limited free hosting you would be facing a lot of these issues and will get time to solve them, rather face them in real projects.

    Also there are some free services which do not give text or banner ads, but have limited features and some which gives ads but provide better features. Playing around with a few hosting like these will definitely help web masters understand what to expect from a certain configuration.

  • I am afraid, I must disagree with Celvin. These days hosting is becoming so cheap and we must also understand that buying hosting is an investment, not loss, because we can earn the invested money back through ads and affiliates. What do you say?


  • Hi Amitash,

    I agree with you that hosting has become cheap and people must take it as an investment. I think you are disagreeing with Celvin where he said free hosting can be used to host non profit sites.

    But I still think it is a good option to practice and to learn a few tricks before actually investing for a paid service. I agree with Celvin where he says –

    “Free web hosting is the best option if you believe in learning before taking a big decision for your online business.”

    And say if a student wants to create a few pages about their local club and also test his web development skills, I don’t think he would mind a few ads rather than paying even a small fee 🙂


  • Hi..Amitash and Sumit…Thank! for your involvement over here.
    Hey! Sumit special thanks for getting the point I want to highlight.

    Celvin Toress

  • Celvin, Now I get your point. Thanks Sumit!

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