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Fiverr: What can you offer for $5?

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The Fiverr, is a social marketplace for buying and selling services from other users for US $5. In the recent times it has become hugely popular, since its launch.

Now that its the best running site on internet, hovering through out, people are making money within hours and selling their services like hot cakes. What’s best and most creative service you have ever offered other than blogging? The more the creative the better it sells.

The way it works is that, it has a tag that says “I will (blank) for $5“. The blank is the region where you will offer your service. After you complete your sentence, now its called a ‘Gig‘. This Gig asks for various other description and tags. And when your gig is completed and activated, users surf through various other gigs and if your gig is worth for them they will certainly book an order. And people are not worried about $5 as its not much of money. But believe me guys, not many are offering services as its new but, me already on this site, and made $20 within couple of days.


The website was founded by Israeli Internet entrepreneurs Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. The founders of Fiverr realized that 9 to 5 was no longer the obvious career choice for everyone. In a world where working with freelancers; outsourcing projects and working off-site seems natural, people needed a new way to achieve financial independence on their own terms. It was also clear that while most people have skills others can benefit from, people did not have a place to monetize those skills. This lead to the creation of Fiverr. The website was launched on February 2010 and a year after it is hosting more than 500,000 gigs.

Another thing I wanted to share is that, ViperChill have done a case study, where in they wanted to know: whether people are willing to perform the services they offer. And to their astonishment its True. You can check out here.

Now that it got several users on it, many people are being more funny than usual, they are ready to do any thing for $5. Why do you still wait, and think; Remember Every Penny matters when you are earning!

Guest post by Suraj KV. He is a professional blogger who usually blogs at SmartFatBlogger. And websites where you can find with the latest norton 360 renewal coupon and godaddy renewal coupon code.

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  • Thanks for reminding me about Fiverr. I had forgot about it, and right now I have a client that have products that fit this service.

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