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Facebook Account Verification spam spreads virally

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A Facebook account verification spam spreads virally on Facebook. Through this spam message people are prompted to click a link to verify their account before September. The message says

Warning: Announcement from Facebook verification team (Actually the word is misspelt as “faceb00k”)- All profiles must be verified before September 2012 to avoid scams and scams under SOPA act. The unverified accounts will be terminated. See the screenshot f this spam message.

facebk account verification scam

By clicking the shortened URL (Most of the spam applications use shortened URLs) you  will be redirected to an Application installation page

friendship fame

Normally all spam applications demands “This app may post on your behalf including status updates photos and more”- means you are giving blanket permission to a third party to use your Facebook account. Once you give permission, the application replicates the same in your Facebook wall  and will tag your friends.

Remember Facebook never post such messages in someone’s wall for verification and they don’t use the third-party URL shortners such as bit.ly .

How to remove the Facebook Account Verification Spam application

If you have accidentally installed this application, immediately remove it. For that go to Facebook application settings page under Account settings. You can go to that page directly by clicking the following link  http://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications. Remove the spam application from the listed apps. Go to your Facebook time line and delete all the posts made by the application.

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  • For me it should be avoided that using face book option for comment posting in blogs. Because some of the hackers are using this technology to steal the users informations.

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