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Difference between PPPoE and bridge mode of ADSL Modem

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internetThere are two ways to configure an ADSL modem for broadband connection. One in PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet) and the another is Bridge mode.

PPPoE Mode

In this mode the modem works as router and the PPPoE session terminates on WAN port of router. The PPPoE client is in built in the modem and allocated by BRAS server gets assigned to WAN port of modem. The Internal network has to use the private IP and for Internet access NATing happens in modem. In PPPoE mode the modem is configured in such a way that the user id and password are stored inside the Modem. Internet connection will be established as you switch on the Modem.

PPPoE Mode

Bridge Mode

In this mode the modem works as transparent Ethernet bridge and therefore you need to run the PPPoE client software ( for login authentication) on your PC/server. WIN XP systems have this feature inbuilt but for other operating systems you need to buy it from market. Some freeware like RASPPPoE, Enternet etc. are also available on the Internet.

bridge mode

Both the modes can be used as per the requirement and application. Here enumerating the main differences

PPPoE mode

  1. User id and password stored inside the Modem.
  2. Multiple PCs can be connected. For example most of the basic ADSL Modems having at least one ADSL port and one USB port. In PPPoE mode, can connect one PC to Ethernet port and one PC to USB port which enable simultaneous internet usage in both the PCs.
  3. PPPoE mode is more secured.
  4. For Torrents download, appropriate ports need to be forwarded.

Bridge Mode

  1. In bridge mode user id and password to be entered in the dialer of computer.
  2. Only single PC can be connected.
  3. For torrents download port forwarding is not required.
  4. Less secured because all the ports are open need good firewall to avoid virus infection.

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  • sachin verma

    how to configure bsnl provided static ip on adsl modem to ubuntu server Operating system
    please do send the soluton.
    sachin verma
    netzone dehradun

    • Which Modem you are using? In PPPoE mode you you can enter the static ip in configuration settings.

  • deepak

    can i use same thing without dialer ?

    • lakshmi

      No u can’t use same for internet at same time

  • Manish

    I have two computers in two locations having a distance of 2kms as appx I have a bsnl landline connection at both the locations with the same.number and one bsnl.I’d and password I want to browse internet at.both the locations at the same time please suggest. Thanks in advance.

  • Pathak

    My wifi is fast in bridge mode, but how to use bridge mode with iPad and where to enter user name and password. Please help

  • Rejoice

    Dear sujith,
    can you explain what is the difference between pppoe and bridge mode in simple words for non it background and please explain which mode should i select for bsnl
    my modem is iball wirless

    • Use PPPoE mode to use WiFi. In PPPoE mode, the router will dial and make connection automatically whenever you switch ON the modem. You need not to setup the dialer in PC. To terminate internet connection just power off the router.

  • L.Srinivas

    Dear Sujith Sir,
    Can I use broadband modem UT300R2U for desktop computer (through USB) and for Laptop (through Wireless LAN) simultaneously. If not possible, please guide me to effectively utilise my modem for both. How can I overcome the situation? Please help me. Thank you.

  • I have netgear WGR 614 router and probably reliance supports bridge mode, is there any way I can configure modem or router to support PPPOE mode.

    Response will be appreciated.

    Mahesh Vyas

  • manojS

    sir,is it possible to run 2 pppoe dialer from 2 different pc on one modem(connected to switch).

  • I have two computers in two locations having a distance of 1kms as appx I have a bsnl landline connection at both the locations with the same.number and one bsnl.I’d and password I want to browse internet at.both the locations at the same time please suggest Sujithsir

    • How it’s possible to have two connection with same number? BSNL broadband connections are port bounded means because each broadband id is specifically tied with the telephone number associated with that, hence it is not possible to use a single broadband account for multiple telephone connections. However with BSNL pre-paid broadband connection, you can have access from multiple locations

  • khan

    how can i forward port in my resdential router 1600 plz help me

  • Marichi

    Dear Sujith sir,
    I want to access my static ip address through internet outside my LAN which is borrowed from BSNL NIB to host website on this static ip address. it is possible in PPPOE mode in BSNL modem.

  • Sina

    Well for me PPPoE is ok even when I download a torrent file.But in PPPoE when I play online games after 1hour or so suddenly modem disconnects and restarts I have no problem when I connect with bridge mode.Not even once.



    I want to change my iball baton modem from bridge mode to pppoe ,
    so for tht pls help me in tht..

  • gauri shanker

    hello sir

    how to configure bsnl(broadband) provide ip on polycom for video conference .?

    • You have to configure your Router in PPPoE mode and connect the Router LAN port to Polycom set. Can you specify your Polycom Model No?

      • gauri shanker

        HELLO SIR


  • gauri shanker

    thanks for your reply sir
    my polycom hdx7000 and my modem is dlink dsl 2730u
    and please show me what settings require on dlink and polycom.

    gauri shanker sharma

  • i want connect two bsnl modem by wify
    how ?

  • binod

    for video conferencing which mode to use ? PPO or bridge
    and how to configure it

  • pullarao

    Dear sujith sir,
    i had a bsnl modem and a static public ip.i am using this static ip for vpn connection.now the problem is vpn is coming but browsing is not coming and the modem is now in pppoe mode.please give me suggestion and help me to fix this issue

  • Aswin Divakar

    I have two modems.so can I connect one modem in PPOE Mode and other in Bridge mode in two different PCs.Will one effect the other?
    Please Reply

  • tarun

    I am new to bsnl broadband connection and I have an old modem named zyxel and I hav purchased a dlink dir600l for wifi and I don’t know how to connect those settings please help me

  • Dhaval

    How to connect my iball-batton router in PPOE connection… because when i try to connect to wifi router in pc than internet connetion lost …
    i try to setup many time but router dosen’t work in this type PPPOE connetion … Please help.. (this PPPOE connetion connet in two pc another location)

  • Chidambaram

    Dear Sujith,
    How do I filter websites through modem configuration. I’m using TERACOM modem (the one by BSNL).

  • Ram

    Hello Sujith

    i ve been using bsnl wifi broadband connection . but i need to switch on my laptop and connect to the internet for other devices to access the wifi and internet . i need to change this settings . what shall i do ? expecting fast reply …. thanks in advance

  • Dr Abu Galib

    I need configuration details for bsnl broadband west bengal. My adsl modem is ASUS DSL-N10S_B.

  • Subham Agarwal

    I have Smartax mt882 modem , belkin N150 wifi router and airtel broadband connection.
    Does my modem supports wifi router.
    Currently I have to insert ethernet cable in my laptop for internet to work.
    Is it possible I can make it a wifi connection.
    Doesmy modem supports it????

  • Avishkar

    I just wanna know how to connect D link Wireless DWR116 Router through BSNL Data One Brod band on WAN port of the Dlink Router,
    Bridge or PPP0E ? please assist Thank You

  • lathan

    Hello..please help me…how to connect WiFi in Bridge Config.
    Actually my modem is configured in bridge mode…so i can’t access the internet through WiFi….
    if i configured in PPPoE mode…modem is not working please assist or help…please

  • sukesh

    what is the advantage of connecting the modem/router in bridge mode?
    secondly i have a TP link router is it really a router or its a modem because this just has a GUI it does has a CLI ideally router should have a CLI mode .
    and if i directly plug in the Ethernet cable coming from ISP and connect to my laptop by giving username and password is that a brigde mode?

  • newaz

    Can i use DDN modem for ADSL broadband internet connection? Please answer.

  • pankaj

    sir i want to know that how to configure modem in bridge mode.
    i have static ip connection in bsnl.

  • Ray

    Can we bridge mode if its setup to PPPOE?

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