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Dell XPS-18- An All in One light weight Windows 8 PC

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Dell comes with an new Windows 8 PC- XPS-18 which doubles as a big screen tablet too. You can detach the big 18.4 inches touch screen (resolution of with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels) from the device and can be used as a standalone Windows 8 tablet !!


XPS-18 Weighs less than 5 Pounds (~2.2 Kg) and priced around US$899. It will be available in market in April 16. Considering the weight and size, XPS-18 can’t be taken as a good portable device, but it’s a right choice for the desktop lovers with limited mobility.

Users have different options to select the hardware configuration. The base model of XPS-18 comes with Intel Pentium 2117U processor . i3, i5 and i7 options are also available. You can go for either 4GB or 8GB RAM, 320 to 500 GB hard disk, 8:1 card reader and Intel HD integrated graphics.

When you detach the screen from power source, the inbuilt battery can give 5 hours of backup. The system has an inbuilt webcam on the screen side and no secondary camera available on the other side. Other features include Wireless Keyboard/Mouse, Two USB 3 ports, Aluminum body, 3.5mm headset socket, SD card slot, Bluetooth, Stereo speakers and Dual microphones.

Similar competitive AiO (All in One) Devices

Very few products are available in this segment. The notable one is Asus Transformer AiO- Which is an 18.5 inch Windows 8 desktop and Android Tablet combo device. The second one is Sony Vaio Tap20, which is a 20 inch touch screen Windows 8 PC. Sony Vaio Tap20 weighs over 10 pounds. In terms of price and portability Dell XPS-18 is a clear winner over Asus Transformer AiO and Sony Vaio Tap20.

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