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Configure Netgear JNR 1010 Wireless N 150 Router for BSNL/MTNL Broadband connections

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One of our readers requested the configuration guide of Netgear JNR 1010 Wireless N 150 Router for his BSNL broadband connection. Netgear JNR 1010 is a budget Wireless N 150 Router costs Rs 1345 in Flipkart. This router features Live parental control, N 150 technology, Guest network access, Four Ethernet ports, CD less easy setup etc.

Remember this is not an ADSL Modem cum router, means you have to use an ADSL Modem along with this router.

Before connecting this router to your existing ADSL broadband modem, you have to change the ADSL routers connection type to BRIDGE MODE (If you are using PPPoE mode , reconfigure your modem and change the same to Bridge Mode). After ADSL modem configuration, remove the Ethernet connection from your computer and connect the same to the Internet port of JNR 1010 router. Connect one of the LAN ports of router to PC using Ethernet cable. See the connection diagram.


Now open your browser and type . In the popup window type username  admin and password – password


Now you will be routed to the default configuration page of JNR 1010 router.



Select the internet tab from the left menu. Change “Does your Internet connection require a login?” settings  to “Yes” as shown



Once you select the option Yes, you will get additional fields to enter the connection details. Use the following

  • Internet Service Provider Encapsulation : PPPoE
  • Login : User id given by your internet service provider (BSNL/MTNL etc)
  • Password  : Internet connection password supplied by your internet service provider
  • Idle Timeout : 0 (Always ON)

Keep all other settings default .

Click “Apply” to save your settings

Click Test button to check the connection status.

Wireless Configuration of JNR 1010

Click Wireless tab on the left menu to go for wireless configuration. Here you can configure SSID, Wireless security options, Wireless channels etc. See the screenshot


If you are facing any configuration issues let us know through comments.

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6 comments… add one
  • Abhijit Bhandari

    How to configure this router on TATA broadband.

    I have a DLink ADSL+AP router in which i have configure TATA Broadband setting IPoE.

    Please suggest !!


  • Sandeep


    I have a internet cable connection which requires login credentials.

    I configured a PPPOE connection in netgear jnr1010, and ip address is set to receive dynamically from ISP,however at-times the IP address is not fetched and in-turn I am not able to connect to the internet.
    please help me and tell me the procedure


    I am using netgear jnr1010 router, how to change date and time. Because it showing 2011 date

  • kishan

    i also have frequent disconnection issue with jnr1010v2 router

  • ajay dixit

    my netgear router is not acquiring the IP address of my MTNL bradband internet though other devices like tablet , cell phone are working fine

  • Debarpan Majumder

    I am having problem in installing my netgear jnr1010 wireless router with my pc. I have a meghbela cable broadband.
    Kindly show me the steps for correctly installing my router.

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