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Configure Huwai SamrtAX MT 880/882 for BSNL and MTNL broadband connection

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Huwai Smart AX MT 880/882 ADSL Modems are Type-1 Modem with one USB and one Ethernet Port. This Modems can be used with any DSL broadband connections. The only difference  between BSNL & MTNL configuration is the value of VPI/VCI settings MTNL runs on VPI /VCI=0/32 while BSNL needs VPI/VCI = 0/35 all other settings are remains same.

  • Connect the router to PC through Ethernet cable.
  • Open the browser and type
  • Type user name admin and password admin in login window.

PPPoE Mode (Always ON mode)

huwai mt882-1

  • On the left panel clink on Home-> WAN Settings.
  • Select PPP on WAN type
  • In next line select Connection Type as PPPoE.
  • VPI/VCI- MTNL 0/32, BSNL 0/35
  • Select the Default Route ‘Enabled’.
  • Scroll down the screen and locate User Name and Password fields. Enter the username and password provided by BSNL.
  • Set the Max idle time as desired by you (The Internet session will disconnect if you are not using Internet for duration given here. Keeping less idle time is recommended).
  • Click on ‘Apply’.
  • On left panel select Tools->System Settings. Click on Save & Restart.

Bridge mode

  • Select WAN type RFC2684Bridged
  • VPI/VCI- MTNL 0/32, BSNL 0/35
  • Click Apply
  • Make PPPoE Dialer on your Operating system
  • Making PPPoE dialer in windows XP for bridge mode

  • Control panel > Network connections
  • Click on create a new connection(left top) or click file then new connection click next
  • Select connect to the internet and click next
  • Select setup connection manually and click next
  • Select connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password and click next
  • Give ISP name BSNL and click next
  • Enter user name password and confirm password  assigned by BSNL and click next
  • Select add a shortcut and click finish
  • This will create a dialer icon on the desktop.The user can connect/disconnect broadband using the same icon.
The only diff. between BSNL & MTNL configuration is the value of VPI/VCI they are using . MTNL runs on VPI /VCI=0/32 while BSNL needs VPI/VCI = 0/35 all other settings in cpe will remain same ( For internet)

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  • MTNL is a sister concern company of BSNL and comes under Central Govt… The customer base of MTNL is nearly 5.92 million. And from past few years the graph is going down even if the Indian Govt. is spending too much of huge amount to uplift the customer base, but still the graph is going down and the main reason is their “GREAT SERVICES”. The MTNL lineman don’t have enough idea to configure even a modem and to solve a single complaint they take nearly 1 month or more because the don’t have enough workforce and the coverage area is very big. And when you see the MTNL exchange you become shocked to see their exchange, made of HUWIA equipments, and when you see the AIRTEL exchange you will find Ericson equipments just because the cost of HUWAI equipments are nearly half then Ericson.
    Basically they have two type of exchange one is for 256 Kbps and one for above 256Kbps, if you buy plan for above 256 then you may get good response because for that only they use Ericson exchange.
    I don’t know why the Govt. change the plan to get more customer and spend a huge amount in ads, the salary of lineman is nearly 15000/-, I think this is a total waste. Customers are very much frustrated from MTNL. If you visit the MTNL exchange you will find many customers shouting on the Area Manager. MY personal experience with MTNL was pathetic and now I switched to another services provider and now I am very much satisfied.

  • dongre.pradeep.mahadeo

    how to configure mtnl mt 882 router for cctv system

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