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Cell Phone Apps Can Help You Quit Smoking

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Kicking the habit of smoking is one of the most difficult to do. As soon as you try to quit all you can think about is the next one. The cravings press on your brain making it impossible to concentrate on anything else besides the comfort of a sweet (deadly, gross, nasty) cancer stick. When and if you do decide to quit, some cell phone apps can support you on your journey. Remember the phone can’t do all the work for you, and it is still going to be a very difficult task. It will be a lot less difficult than getting cancer though.

Quit somoking applications

Smoker Reducer Quit Smoking

If you are not ready to go cold turkey, this may be the app for you. The app gradually cuts back on the amount you smoke a day. It has a schedule for when you should smoke, and increases the amount of time between you smoke each day. This also adds a social networking aspect to quitting by letting your friends and family know your achievements of Facebook.

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This is one of the most nuanced quit smoking apps, because it takes into account your age, how long you have smoked and your motivation to quit smoking then it plans a program for you. It will let you go cold turkey or let you gradually cut back, depending on your individual situation. It will send you messages to motivate you from getting back on the wagon, and you will earn rewards as you go along.

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One of the best parts of quitting smoking, besides the whole living longer thing, is how much money you will save by quitting the deadly habit. This app is pretty simple, it is a banner that shows how much money you’ve saved since when you quit smoking. It does not account for the medical bills you may yourself from later, but caculates how much you saved by no longer purchasing the ever more costly cigarettes.

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Quit Smoking Pro

This app has the same money saving feature that Quitter has, but it also includes a health tracking section. It shows you how your health improves each day that you go without smoking a cigarette. You and your wallet will both become more healthy from quitting smoking. In addition it will show you how much time you have save by not smoking. This app costs 99 cents.

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Quit Now!

This app is free from the Android Market. It lets you know how much time you saved my not sitting around sucking in fumes. In addition it shows you how long since you quit smoking, and how much money you have saved as well.

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  • A new, powerful, mobile-phone based intervention (an app), is now available on all Android smartphone devices as of January 1, 2012 (and will be available on Apple devices in 4-5 months). This app is an intervention of the type that has now been recommended by the Community Preventive Services Task Force appointed by the CDC, and, it is more powerful and more comprehensive than any other commercially available smoking cessation app program available today. This app is called, “Quit Smoking, Start Now,” and you can learn much more about it on the website, http://www.quitsmokingstartnow.com, if you choose to.

    This app is based on existing and emergent psychological theory, brain science research and proven behavioral modification techniques. The app is easy to use, intuitive and even offers a unique “panic-button” feature that the app user can launch any time they feel an urge to smoke at an inappropriate time not signaled by the program itself, or, after they have quit and are in danger of relapsing. The app is based on utilizing and enhancing the smoker’s own willpower and resolve to quit smoking, emphasizing to the quitter that the power to quit resides in their own intentions, that is, in their brain.

  • Many mobile apps have been developed to help smokers quit and, as smartphones continue to gain mobile market share

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