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Top Security Tips For WordPress Users

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Summary: You can have a sneak peek at the top security tips to make your WordPress site safe and secure. Use these top security tips and relax. WordPress has indeed revolutionized the manner in which sites are made as well as put all power of web designing into hands of all those who like it. [...]

Best Third Party Commenting System For WordPress Blog

7 comments intensedebate commenting system

Choosing Third Party Commenting system requires a great deal of inspection. Let me clear the air, there are few options to choose from which includes IntenseDebate, Disqus and LiveFyre. People prefer third party commenting system because the extra ordinary features they provide than the default commenting system. But which one should you choose is the [...]

Strategies to Avoid When Using WordPress Popups


For some webmasters popups are out of question at all because they are very irritating to users but when you consider all the advantages popups have, it isn’t that easy to decide you won’t be using them under any circumstances. It is true that popups can be very irritating but fortunately, there are many ways [...]

Vulnerability in Modern Wireless Routers- Brute Force Attack can crack WPS PIN


You might have came across a small button labeled WPS in your WiFi router. WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) is a protocol or optional program designed by Wi-Fi Alliance to make the Wireless setup easy for common users while keeping the essential security. Earlier it was termed as “WiFi- Simple- Config”. The technology was launched in [...]

WordPress Firewall- An essential plugin to protect your WordPress blog

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Hacking- The nightmare of every bloggers. One cannot say his/her website is 100% hack proof. Hackers are smart enough to explore new vulnerabilities to break the locks. The only thing we can do is to close the known loop holes. Few plugins are  available to protect your WordPress installation from attacks. WordPress Firewall is an [...]

The Fun In Starting a BLOG!!

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You all have kids around you. Kids of your brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, neighbours are always there. And pretty obviously, you have seen them grow up slowly, complete school and graduation, find a job, marry and settle down to have their own kids. It is the most satisfying moment for a parent when they see [...]

How to Make a Magazine style Horizontal Sub Nav menu for Thesis theme


Thesis theme is one of the most favored premium themes in terms of customization and SEO. Recently I have made a custom skin for this blog. Efforts are still ON to make it more unique and simple. After the new skin change many friends have asked me about the Navigational menu with Horizontal Sub Navigation. [...]