Malaysian Airliness Aircraft found- spam spreads in Facebook


A new spam spreads through facebook, which exploits the public interest in the missing Malaysian Airlines aircraft . The post is a thumbnail image of an aircraft  linked  to a spam webpage which  displays a fake "Outdated Adobe flash plugin" message prompts the users to download a malware. The antivirus applications like Norton, Avast etc [...]

How to use your WiFi ADSL Modem cum router as a Wireless access point only


Due  to prolonged serviceability of underground cables, recently I was compelled to change my BSNL broadband connection to WiMax . In WiMax connection the output of CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) is an Ethernet port, which can be directly connected to PC for accessing internet. To share the connection for multiple PCs you have to use [...]

Everything you need to know before purchasing a Solar home inverter system


In Indian scenario if you are planning to install Home Solar energy plant to save your electricity bill, then you are doing a big blunder. It’s better to invest that amount in a good mutual fund or as a long term fixed deposit, you will be able to pay the electricity bill with the return/interest [...]

How to activate Windows 8 Pro When the Product Key is not Accepted

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The release of Windows 8 for general availability on 26 October 2012 signaled to the world that Microsoft was embracing and advancing new technologies. Recognizing the move towards faster systems, stronger security and touch screen technology, Windows 8 builds upon the groundwork laid by previous Windows operating systems to bring a faster, more secure and [...]

Gorilla Glass 3 in Samsung Galaxy S IV- Everything you need to know about Gorilla glass


Gorilla Glass- Glass with the power of Gorilla is the unique product from US glass making company Corning. Primarily Gorilla glass features high strength and scratch resistance without compromising the thickness and transparency. These features make Gorilla glass the perfect choice for gadgets like smart phones, PDAs and tablets. Gorilla Glass was an immediate hit [...]

Twelve Best search technique in Google


More than four million users type what they need in one blank box and simply press the Google Search, probably without knowing the complex system which fetch thousands of results in seconds or even fraction of sections. In this article let’s see how to get the most out of Google by learning few techniques, by [...]

5 Handy Mind Mapping Apps for Chrome Users


We bloggers have a problem, our mind keeps on thinking about SEO and articles 24*7. Ideas can click any time and anywhere but when we really want to write something, a devil "Writer's block" appears. The reason is when we get ideas we generally pen it down in a note pad or keep it in [...]